At the expense of other hobbies

I think all my knitting has kept me inside and not spending enough time at the movie theatres. I might have seen about half a dozen films in 2008…and possibly only 1 or 2 clipped in this lovely little vid (how did I miss Wall-E? Yikes!)

Enjoy this little cinema treat today.

It’s a blustery one out there around these parts, and the real world must go on. Have your knitting close!


  1. Wall E was the only one i saw! It was good.

  2. ManOman, I want the ‘list’ of all those movies! I have seen some but watching that just makes me want to shuck everything, settle in with knitting and WATCH. 98% of them. :^)
    Gracie loves Wall E, I just want to see it! ;^)

  3. Thanks for posting that – I really enjoyed watching it! So many great films, makes me want to see all the ones I missed.

    I did sit next to Daniel Craig in the theatre recently though, which made up (SO made up!) for not doing much else cultural…

  4. Wait – staying inside and knitting is a bad thing? Hee hee.

    I loved the movie glimpse. (I vaguely remember movies nights – we had those back before kids). I can’t wait to rent a few of these and see if we can sneak them in between Disney Princess appearances.

  5. OH, MOVIES. This makes me think that I liked 2008 in movies more than I thought. Or maybe it’s just the montageyness that I’m responding to? I do love me some montages.

    Did I tell you how very much I loved Australia? It may not be your cup of tea–possibly too silly and un-self-aware?–but I did love it. A LOT. If you can dig Baz Luhrmann’s supreme lack of irony about himself or anyone else (I don’t know that we’ve discussed this, ever), it might be worth checking out. It reminded me of the lack of hugely romantic movies in my life, and how sad that is.

    More things:

    1) I liked but didn’t love Quantum of Solace, but: Damn, Daniel Craig. (Also, did you see him on TDS the other night? Three-piece suit! He is not for real.)

    2) I don’t know if I can see Wendy and Lucy. I’m sure it’s excellent and that Michelle Williams is mind-blowing, but it might just be too sad.

    3) I really, really love Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

    Man, this has nothing to do with knitting, and also we should talk, because clearly there are conversations to be had.

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