Now I can be in 2009

It gives me a great deal of reassurance to know that Kelly is still obsessively knitting Christmas gnomes, because I only just finished the last of my Christmas gift-knitting. Le-voila, a finished pair of Cat Mittens, the first FO of 2009 and the second-last thing I cast on in 2008:


Pattern: Cat Mittens (scroll down)
Yarn: Drops Alpaca in black and pale blue
Needles: 2.75mm Clover bamboo DPNs
Modifications: None.

Notes: The concept itself is brilliant, and it should come as no surprise these are headed towards P, aka Miss Beatrice the Cat’s mummy. You’ve got to be a cat lover to love these, and I think they will be well-receved.

This pattern is extremely well charted, so all you really have to do is cast on the required sts and then follow it along. I think one of the reasons I dragged my heels on finishing this is because of the need to follow the chart, though – it wasn’t something I could just memorize and take with me in my head, and that’s something I’ve gotten used to doing. But it is quite clearly written, and if you’ve gotten the hang of basic stranded colour-work, you should be fine. Just 2 colours needed, and you could probably grab some solid colour sock yarn sitting around and make these up nicely.

My only real concern with this pattern is that there is no explicit gauge measurement listed. The designer does tell you the anticipated mitten circumference for a certain needle size, but a stitch/row gauge would be helpful. After finishing these I found them running on the small side (bad for me but fine for the intended recipient, her hands are smaller), and after perusing Ravelry I found the same thing was true for many others who had done the pattern. So, if I were to do these again I would definitely go up a needle size and use a slightly squishier, floofy sock yarn like Dream in Color or STR. I see many on Ravelry have used Shi Bui Sock which seems about right. Or perhaps even a DK or sport-weight for extra sturdiness. The Drops Alpaca worked all right for this size but I think is ultimately too thin for anything larger, given how fiddly parts of the mitten are.

I’ve got about 22g of each colour left now, so perhaps there will be some alpaca Endpaper Mitts or similar in my future. In any case I’m just glad to have these done so I can move on to something new! I have just been itching to cast on a sweater after doing nothing but mitts and socks and bitty things for the last month and a half.

Finally, on the crazy update – the Sanqhuar gloves are still awesome, and Glove #1 is completely finished. I love it. Finishing it has given me renewed momentum and I have cast on for #2 immediately.


Bring on the cold. Knitters can take it.


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  2. Beautiful mittens!
    (I started squirrel mittens a year ago and got too spooked by the colourwork to continue – but I shall!)

  3. WOW! I love the kitty mitts, and your glove is stunning. All hail Glenna, warmer of hands.

  4. Glenna, Your glove is outstanding! I tried gloves once, but got very frustrated with the fingers. And they were only in one colour! I can’t imagine doing the fingers that you hae done. Congrats.

  5. Them kool kat mitts r da bomb!

  6. Wow, those are gorgeous! I am jealous of your friend.

  7. Wow, I love the glove! They will be amazing when they’re all done. And the mittens are so cute 🙂 I wish I were comfortable doing colourwork…

  8. Ooo, kitty gloves! If I ever get any better at knitting, I will want to make those. I’m still on scarves and having trouble changing yarn for stripes without making it look like crap. LOL!

  9. I only just began my obsessive gnome knitting last week because the yarn I ordered three weeks before Christmas decided to take several lengthy side trips before actually arriving at my house. But now that I finally have it I plan to knit gnomes at least through Valentine’s Day. And then it’s on to the snowmen, of course.

  10. Those cat mittens are too adorable! I’ve had them on my queue for a while now, but have been afraid of all that chart-reading. Thanks for the tips re: yarn/needles!

  11. OMG… I love the kitty mitts. Heee!

    On a side note, I want to say something about your photos. They all seem blue in tint, like you have the white balance set to tungsten. I dunno but I thought I’d say something in case you want to check out your settings? They seem to have been that way for a while. Maybe that’s what you want and I’m being a turd for saying something. Ok… I’ll be quiet now.

    As I was saying before I decided to be rude is that the mitts (and the glove) totally rawk!


  12. I didn’t notice the paws at first – they are too cute!

  13. I love the cat mittens! They’re awesome! 🙂

  14. Excellent post thank you for the info

  15. And here I thought I was alone in my addiction !

    Notify me -please- if sanity ever becomes attainable…

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