I have a white balance?

So Jacquie sauntered by my blog yesterday and said, “hey man, groovy mitts. But your pictures are all blueish, check your white balance, dumbass.”

(Okay so she didn’t say dumbass, she was actually very nice, but even extremely friendly camera tips always remind me that I treat my perfectly serviceable digital camera like a point-and-shoot 35mm and maybe I should actually read a friggin’ manual one of these days. Or maybe I should have taken Jacquie and Michelle’s awesome knitting photography class when they ran it last year in Toronto. So many shoulds, so little time.)

But anyway, who knew? There’s a white balance, right there in the Menu settings. Mine is always set to ‘auto’, but I looked at the options, sure enough there is a ‘daylight’ setting. And my photos tend to be taken in daylight since the big windows by my desk have the best natural light going. So I clicked that little ‘daylight’ setting and lo and behold went from this:


To this:


Same glove, same spot, same time of day, but noticeably less blue. Neato. White balance, you and me, we’re gonna be pals.

Now you could say, “But isn’t this also just an excuse for you to photograph that same finished glove that you already showed us yesterday?” And to that I would say…yes. Yes it is. What can I say, I love my little Sanquhar Glove #1. It just needs its mate and then all will be right with the world.

Happy knitting on this Tuesday!


  1. Beautiful glove!
    I would like to learn a lot more about photographing knitting well, especially this time of year when natural light is such a rare precious thing!

  2. I’m with you, who knew? I still don’t know all of the things my camera can do. Somehow, reading the manual doesn’t sound riveting.

    Your gloves are gorgeous! I like the cat ones too!

  3. Hey, that’s neat! One of my goals for this year is to be a better photographer.

    And I think that glove is so magnificent you can show it as many times as you want 😉

  4. Glove is awesome! Any recommendations for neat patterns or pattern books?

    Lolly Knitting Around blog has quite a bit on photographing – she uses a white box. Her photos are great!

  5. Well done you for finding another excuse to photo a great glove – must check my camera settings

  6. ladyoctavia · ·

    Cool tip!

    And the glove looks even more awesom-er !

  7. Hmmm,
    That’s what those buttons are for. Guess I should read my manual too.

  8. I am glad I am not the only one who doesn’t read manuals!! I am going to look that up in mine now!

  9. I liked the glove the first time, still like it, and must thank you for again teaching me something – who knew??

  10. You are hilarious! Just for laughs, one of the things we taught in the class was getting familiar with your manual. Those things are chock full of nifty tidbits of information.

    And I think any excuse to photograph a favourite knitted item is a good excuse to me!!

  11. ‘White balance’??? oh crap. must try and find that manual.
    Lovely LOVELY glove!

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