It must be yarn o’clock

Is it wrong that this morning I spent so much time wandering through Ravelry and thinking about what socks I’d like to make and all the fun yarn I have that I could make socks with, that I was halfway through a session of winding yarn before it occurred to me that I hadn’t even had breakfast yet?

Well, if winding yarn is wrong, then I don’t want to be right.


But I have since fixed the lack of breakfast. Also, in answer to my decision-making needs on Tuesday…I started some Charades. I love them, along with the Cherry Tree Hill Supersock I’ve been hoarding.


The colours are fun, and the pattern is fun, and I am surrounded by other fun yarns and other fun patterns and I would like to knit them and all of their sock yarn kin all day, but somehow I think that might be a problem for my to-do list. We shall see.

Carry on.


  1. kateohkatie · ·

    Beautiful basket of yarns! I can’t imagine a better way to spend a morning 🙂

  2. You could wind my yarn– Its tedious for me without a swift… I have those socks in my queue– of course you beat me to them.

  3. Hey I started singing,

    “Baby you could wind my yarn, Yes I’m gonna be a star. Baby, you can wind my yarn, and Knitting I love you.”

    Um, “beep beep, beep beep yeah.”

  4. all the lovly yarn and the colours are so great I love the way the sock looks already

  5. If only it was always yarn o’clock

  6. We seem to share a blue/purple/pink yarn obsession. Love it! I can’t think of a nicer way to spend the morning than knitting…

  7. Sounds like a perfect morning. Who needs food when we have yarn? If only it really worked that way. sigh.

  8. Cherry Tree Hill yarn wears so well! Worth every penny.

  9. yarn-thirty?

    looks like a perfectly enjoyable morning. 🙂

  10. Ooh, such pretty stacks of yarn! The charade sock is looking great.

  11. I love it! I’ve decided to jump in a do two sweaters… at the same time! Although I will *have* to have a traveling project as sweaters are no fun to lug around so I’ll be knitting a yoga mat bag. Now I’m regretting not casting on any socks as yours are adorable! Maybe I’ll rethink my knit strategy. 😉

  12. I love those gorgeous yarn cakes! Yum!

  13. Yea, I don’t wanna be right either.
    You go, sister-friend!!
    “It’s Yarn O’clock Somewhere!”

  14. My Smooshy Charades are one of my favouritest pairs ever!

  15. I want to knit all my sock yarn now except for there’s the time-space continuum and only one pair of hands.

  16. Lovely yarns, its a great way to work up an appetite for breakfast!

  17. Mmmm mmm mmmm, luscious juicy sock yarns, what a visual treat! So are those socks!

  18. We’ve ALLLLL been there. What was I supposed to do today? Something other than cast on??? Reallllly???
    Almost makes me wish for a snow day…

  19. Yumm! Yarn for breakfast!

  20. Mmmmmm, pretty colors…..

  21. Not wrong, just very common for knitters, I think. 😉 For me, it’s often right before bedtime – “I’ll just check this out, and then I’ll go to bed. I’ll just take a quick look- ooh! That one’s pretty! I wonder what else she made.. What’s that pattern? Awesome! Do I have the yarn for that? No… Huh. What else have people used? Oh that one’s really pretty too!! I wonder what else she made…” and then all of a sudden it’s 1:14 in the morning and your bedtime was half past eleven.

  22. Knit all the socks you want! I have spent most of the day on this computer that I never feel like I get enough time on! So enjoy it while you can! I can’t wait to see the end result!

  23. Ooo, I love Charades! They are my best fitting socks! (Happy New Year!… Errrr… really really late. Maybe I should go with “Happy Chinese New Year!” instead.)

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