Serious Winter

Despite the fact that I tallied up several sweaters in 2008 and several of these are already in constant rotation in my wardrobe this winter, I just need to keep on knitting more. We’re in the third week of -It’s Too Cold to Be Cheerful Celsius and I’ve got sweater quantities of yarn in the stash that need some serious attention. Also, since casting off my Twist cardigan in November all I’ve been working on are socks and small things for gifts, so it’s definitely time to get back to sweaters.

I wasn’t paying too much attention to this Winter’s Interweave Knits, until I flipped through and realized that the Blooming Cardigan pattern was a perfect gauge match for the Wild Apple Hill Farm 100% wool that I purchased more of at Rhinebeck this past October. So once I cleared the deck of a few projects this January, on this went to the needles.


The colour here is a bit greyer than reality, but the shade is a lovely heathery mix of purple and brown. Overall I’m hoping the finished cardigan will be a versatile piece that I could dress up or down, but I don’t mind admitting that my brain has more sweaters on the brain and I hope I can finish this piece quickly. The nosegay pattern is keeping it interesting for me since I have somehow managed to go over 4 years without knitting any bobbles, until now. Score one for learning a bit of new technique.

In an effort to add some psychological speed, I knitted the sleeves (all stockinette) first, and then cast on for the body all in one piece. This does make individual rows a little slower to progress, but in the long run I think it’ll be worth it. I’m looking forward to wearing it!

What sweater(s) are on your list this winter?


  1. I did a top down yoke cardigan–it’s my first sweater and I’ve decided I need to knit about a billion more of these. It is certainly too cold to be cheerful!

  2. ladyoctavia · ·

    I have to confess to being kind of pathetic in the sweater department, I knit very few and wear even less (most of my sweaters have in fact been gifts and only one of the ones I made for me do I wear… and it is more of a coat…). Your sweater out-put amazes me!

    I’d like to knit Halycon, but I think the first sweater I get to will be the Hour Glass Sweater … after I spin some wool for it… which means after I finish all the fine (lace and sock) spinning I’m doing now… maybe I’ll try to make my own Cash Iroha… could be fun… but maybe not without a drum carder…

    (In the perfect knitting world I would also knit: Astoria, the Autumn Rose Pullover, and Vivian)

  3. How are the bobbles? I haven’t knitted any yet but keep thinking I’d like to. It looks like beautiful yarn. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished product!

  4. I’m currently working on the Notre Dame de Grace sweater (Interweave Summer ’07) and am about to start the Owls sweater (from It’s nowhere near as cold in DC as it is in ON, but still cold enough that warm woolens are in demand!

  5. I love the Blooming Cardigan – it’ll be lovely in that purple.

  6. I made the buttony sweater from ravelry which is a top down asymmetric style, but I have to go back and make the sleeves a little longer and make the body ribbing shorter. I get too impatient with sweaters and then they end up short!

  7. I actually just started knitting one of yours – Basic Black! I haven’t made very many sweaters so far, but I plan to change that this year.

  8. You know, I dismissed that cardi at first, but I think it’s just a little too oversized on the model or something, b/c it’s actually quite nice! I’m finishing up a cabled jacket for myself, and I want to do something warm and cozy. Because Madison is pretty darn cold right now, too!

  9. I’m in the middle of the February Lady right now. Mmm raglans.

  10. I find jumpers are too hot for our climate, so I prefer cardigans. You can whip them on and off without messing up your hair, or have them half undone. I have to finish my Stargate cardigan and then I’m making another one with dog paw prints all over it!!! Your cardigan is gorgeous, I love your bobbles!

  11. I love the yarn you’re using – looks like it must just feel nice to work with. And I’m glad you’re enjoying the bobbles – while I was glad to learn how to do them a while back, I have to admit, they got old fast for me –

    and I’ve actually got so many sweaters I want to make, I’m not making any – brain overload…

  12. Oh well there is just too many sweaters in the works at our house to name them all. Stop by and check out the list…of yet to complete.

  13. It’s looking great! I have a long sweater wish list for 09, inspired by the frigid temperatures here in Chicago. These are the top contenders:

    – Loppem
    – Button Me Up, by Laura Chau
    – Ariosa Wrap Cardi

  14. I’m loving the colour of your new sweater.

    Funny how the cold weather has me thinking of knitting sweaters again. I picked up my Must Have Cardi that I started last March. Here’s hoping I actually finish it while it’s still cold and not in the middle of August.

  15. You’re such a prolific sweater knitter – hoping some of that will rub off on me this year.

    Current obsessions – Francis Revisited, Assemblage and Forecast

  16. Elizabeth L in Apex, NC · ·

    Your sweater is Very pretty! I am currently (1) finishing a felted vest for my dad, (2) dragging myself back to a EZ tomten for my mom, and (3) swatching for a baby jacket for my pregnant friend.

  17. That sweater looks lovely!
    I’ve had bad luck with sweaters. The first few I made didn’t fit right (it didn’t help that I was losing weight at the time too). This weekend I vowed to get back on the sweater bandwagon after hearing from several people that the Central Park Hoodie was the most successful sweater they knit. I’m apprehensive, though.

  18. I love the color, and the pattern is beautiful, too. Since moving to Texas, I haven’t made many sweaters, but I’m currently making EZ’s Aran cardigan for my son, who lives north of Chicago. It’s nice to be doing something big again, with a couple of pairs of socks on the needles for when I want faster results.

  19. That’s going to be beautiful. I love the color. I recently cast on Ingenue by Wendy Bernard. I’d also like to make Rogue, Wisteria, Ribbi Cardi, Ariosa Wrap Cardigan, and, and, and…

  20. Yum! I love that wonderful purple! I never seem to come across a good rich purple, but that one is lovely.

    Right now I am working on a Twist of my very own. So far I am loving it. That’s probably the reason it’s knitting up so quickly. I tend to give away all my sweaters, so hopefully this one will end up staying in my closet.

  21. I love to knit sweaters. They are my favourite – as well as hats. But I don’t wear many of the ‘next to the skin’ type of sweaters. I find them too hot. So, cardis and sweater jackets are my fave. I am waiting for a creative idea to hit me – soon, I hope.

  22. I wish I could decide on a sweater to start! I’ve been in a bit of a lull. Possibly Kingscot from the latest Twist Collective issue…

  23. The colors look lovely and I can’t wait to see how it turns out. The sweaters I have queued up are all for my kids so far. Nothing for me yet 🙂

  24. clarabelle · ·

    I’m currently completely into knitting sweaters and cardies (rather than lace); so I’m totally ‘with you’!

    My faves atm are rather ‘unstructured’ patterns: Minimalist Cardigan and Wrapped-About are two I have on the needles. Others I have queued, which I want to cast on for asap, are Coraline and Kingscot.

    Off to check out the Blooming cardie pattern: your yarn colour is lovely – a bit indigo-ish?

  25. That looks like a very nice start. I just swatched and then started Sylvi from Twist Collective today. I’m so excited!

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