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This is about exactly my state of mind this week. I have remembered that the only problem with having a break is that the re-entry to the real world is more of a crash-landing than a gentle refresher. I’ve been going pretty well straight since Sunday, and next week I get to be rewarded with […]

It’s the hardest part

Not the knitting, not the bobbles, not the psychological stamina of getting through all the seaming and then remembering to still knit the sash…nope. The hardest part is waiting for the danged thing to dry so you can sew the buttons on already and call it a day. Aran-weight wool sure is warm and toasty […]

What’s in your Altoids tin?

I know that I am not the only knitter who carries a mini knitting kit inside an empty Altoids tin. How do I know this? Because there is an entire discussion thread on Ravelry and now – wait for it – a Ravelry group dedicated to this pursuit. I don’t think knitting minutiae gets more […]

Dee Cee: The Second Part

I’m back again in the land north of the longest unconflicted border in the world, to discover that a) it is snowing, b) apparently the house next door has now had the same water problems as we did a few days ago and our little street is going to go down like dominoes, and c) […]

Dee Cee: The First Part

You’re all on notice. Even those of you who have never heard of DC are on notice. How could you all let me go to DC when there was an exhibit featuring Obama and Lincoln’s faces drawn out of cupcakes, and nobody told me? Woe! I could have been there at the Smithsonian, admiring and […]


It’s not a mistake – the water is back at home, my teaching is done for a whole week, and I get to escape to DC for 4 days. IKEA, you really do know how I feel…Now just insert “time off YAY” for “sale” and we’re all good 😉 Liz, Elspeth, Jessie –  START THE […]

How not to have a knitting day

So after a frazzled week I was all planning a concerted effort today during my at-home day to finish up the main knitting on my Blackberry Cardigan (what I am calling my execution of the Blooming Cardigan, since the yarn colourway is called blackberry). Except what ended up happening is that I got up and […]

Knitting as Lifeline, part 9,261

Things to do while procrastinating on mountain of grading and lecture-writing which has not gotten smaller nor is likely to get any smaller between now until the end of time: 1. Celebrate completion of Charade socks. Congratulate self on perfect fit, pleasant bright colours, and lovely stitch execution. Ignore annoying pooling of Cherry Tree Hill […]

Things to do when your life isn’t exciting enough

If you thought just plain knitting in public was subversive and hilarious, clearly you’re still thinking like a person who wears pants. I’d thought knitting in public was awesome, but I see now the error of my mistake. We should be pantsless. I know a group did this in Toronto as well as New York […]

Silent Poetry Reading

For the last few years bloggers out there have been doing the Silent Poetry Reading in honour of St. Brigid, patron saint of poetry, on February 2nd, and every year I forget about it until it is too late. I am all too distracted by the Groundhog Day association (apparently 3 of the key North […]