Knitting as Lifeline, part 9,261

Things to do while procrastinating on mountain of grading and lecture-writing which has not gotten smaller nor is likely to get any smaller between now until the end of time:

1. Celebrate completion of Charade socks.


Congratulate self on perfect fit, pleasant bright colours, and lovely stitch execution. Ignore annoying pooling of Cherry Tree Hill at gusset.


2. Celebrate socks as first Finished Object in three weeks. (Bless me knitting goddess, for I have sinned, it has been three weeks since my last Finished Object). Contemplate other remaining projects and their states of 3/4 done-ness and ponder how fast it is reasonable to assume they will reach state of 100% done-ness.

3. Dump stash onto floor (subsection: Mission Falls 1824 wool). Mourn loss of Cloth & Clay LYS whose closing provided much of said stash.


4. Immediately start planning two sweaters, one scarf, and multiple hats. Ponder how many could be completed before Saturday departure for DC trip. Reduce plans to one scarf and one hat.

5. Ponder how soon is too soon to start planning Rhinebeck Sweater for 2009.

6. Recall Blackberry Cardigan still in state of 3/4 done-ness and curse self for not finishing old projects faster, in order to accommodate various whims and newfound stash affairs.

7. Finally face fact that starting five new projects will not, in fact, have side effect of getting any Real Work done. Grudgingly return to desk.

8. Keep ball of yarn nearby for clutching purposes. Just in case.

How’s your Monday?


  1. wiscjennyann · ·

    I feel you! It’s a terrible cycle– work makes me stressed out, I knit to relieve some of the stress, work doesn’t get done, work makes me stressed out… etc.

    But YAY Charades! I knit my first pair of Charades last spring and OMG do I love them! For some reason they just fit perfectly! (And I *know* that it’s not because I am an expert craftsperson, who carefully calculates what gauge/style/etc will make the perfect fit… must be the pattern.) Love it!

    Happy Monday!

  2. I can either keep up with the housework, schoolwork, laundry, cooking, errands, pets, etc. and be certifiably nuts or I can knit. I chose KNITTING.

    Great socks! I don’t consider that tiny bit of cherry a “pool.”

  3. tinebeest · ·

    My monday? Soaked in rain while getting the groceries, watching demolition of the sunken boat outside our house, and some boring work. But for once it’s moving in the right direction. And I finished 2 moebii (or moebiuses?) over the weekend. Lovely things. Love the socks, btw.

  4. barefootrooster · ·

    eek. i could prep for seminar so that i get the most out of a discussion of a book i really enjoy/find useful — but because i’ve read and discussed said book before (though in an entirely different context) it is more likely that i will play with my spindle and eat leftover cake. argh, monday. gorgeous socks, hooray for stash playing.

  5. As Mondays go, mine’s not bad! But I have to decide if I’m going to accept a bunch of accompanying requests I received over the weekend. A bit of extra cash never hurts, but there’s all the music to learn and extra babysitting hours to cover, too. And loss of knitting time!

  6. We’re planning a road trip in our Airstream from Vancouver down to Joshua Tree, CA and all I can think about is what knitting I’m going to take. Forget what campgrounds we’re going to stay at and what things we want to see, I’m worried about having enough yarn and what knitting shops I may be able to convince my partner to stop at! That’s my Monday!

  7. My Monday was full of gross icky paperwork but now is full of giggles. Thanks!

  8. Cool socksies and fab stash. Love the procrastination. 🙂

    My Monday was full of doing not much t all. The weather is wet and cold and the dogs have been mopey all day, so I thought I’d join them.

  9. Love the socks, they’re beautiful.

  10. Love your socks. Bright colours can do wonders for the spirit.

  11. (Bless me knitting goddess, for I have sinned, it has been three weeks since my last Finished Object).

    I think she may have more of a problem with #6:Recall Blackberry Cardigan still in state of 3/4 done-ness and curse self for not finishing old projects faster, in order to accommodate various whims and newfound stash affairs.

    My Monday? Completely useless; should have just stayed in bed.

  12. Love the socks, and the stash colors! Maybe finish Blackberry Cardigan and a hat before DC? I’m currently going back and forth between an Aran cardigan for my son (EZ’s pattern, so first steeks – yikes!) and a pair of socks for hubby. But with the semester well underway, I’m not making much progress on either, or on any of the ninety gazillion thisclosetodone projects! Oh, well, at least my car is out of the shop, and they cleaned her inside and out!

  13. It’s good to have yarn nearby just in case you should need to grab on to something…. I’m wondering if yarn fumes would also make work less stressful. Hmmm….

  14. Nice socks, and pooling at the gusset makes me slightly crazy, too. I keep telling myself, “they’re only socks,” but they’re socks with a big blob right on the front of my ankle!

  15. Man O’MAN, gorgeous socks, you had me at the socks but DUDE, the Mission Falls… that’s an honourable whack of Mission Falls!

  16. My Monday, as today, my Tuesday, is filled with laundry during which I am also washing hand knits and trying to make myself feel like I’m having a knitting day because the knits are near and I am blocking them when wet but truth be told I’m actually wading through piles of dirty socks and underwear, towels, bedding and gym clothes! I feel your pain!

  17. Gorgeous socks! My advice, keep the stash out on the floor and roll around in it every once in awhile to get re-energized. 🙂

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