This is about exactly my state of mind this week. I have remembered that the only problem with having a break is that the re-entry to the real world is more of a crash-landing than a gentle refresher. I’ve been going pretty well straight since Sunday, and next week I get to be rewarded with – wait for it! – more of the same! Oie vey, how many more weeks until the end of term? How many more lectures to write and assignments to grade? Let’s hope I make it.

All of this makes knitting ever so much more appealing, and I keep trying to remind myself not to forget about the Small Projects. I love sweaters (and am admittedly mentally admonishing myself for getting to the end of February with only one completed sweater…there are currently at least 5 in my head and I’d figured I’d at least have started one of them by now past the swatching stage), but the small stuff really does have the instant gratification going for it.

On my weekend in DC (now so distant at almost 2 weeks away…::sob::), I started and finished a Koolhaas hat, with the Tanis Fiber Arts ‘Green Label’ aran weight purchased a few weeks ago, and lo, it is good. There’s a sister skein of this deliciously bright, stubbornly cheerful, pink ‘Royal Flush’ colour that only needs me to turn it into mittens and I’ll have a nice set to round out the end of winter.

Either the bright shade is resisting photographic stability, or it’s mimicking my general state of mind, because out of two photo sessions half the pictures came out a bit fuzzy.


Hmmm, well that’s not quite right. Perhaps from the top…


Almost but not quite. Perhaps an outdoors shot from the side?


That’s a bit better. I have to give my props to Jared Flood for a brilliant pattern. I worked all the cable twists without a cable needle which made everything quite speedy, and completed most of it while sacked out on Liz‘s couch watching DVDs and gearing up for sightseeing, so you know that means it’s a good pattern if I could do it on minimal brain cells. (Mental note: good current criteria for knitting. Hmm…)

The yarn itself is lovely, quite sturdy, superwash, and beautifully dyed. If I could manage the cash I’d stock up a sweater’s worth, but I think the standout Tanis Fiber Arts colours make it a great candidate for small accessories. Next step…mittens? Time will tell.

Here’s looking forward to the weekend for some quality yarn time and battery-recharging. I do have to get buttons on the Blooming Cardigan (attempt #1 has turned out not quite up to snuff. I can do better!), and I am inching towards finishing up a sock design project that I’ve had under wraps for far too long and I am just twitching, waiting to share it with all of you.

Weekend soon. Soooooon….


  1. Tanis is dying my March 2009 Sock Club – she rocks. There’s a few spots left if you’re interested one ๐Ÿ™‚ I drool over her yarn. It’s deliciously yummy!

  2. I’ve made two of those hats. The first I royally screwed up, but I blamed it on being pregnant and therefore half insane. The second I made right after my daughter was born, and I was still half-crazy and sleep-deprived, but it turned out all right. Yours is lovely!

  3. Gorgeous Koolhaas! I’ve not knit that … yet.. huh. (shaking my head in a bit of wonder…)

  4. oooh, i’m twitching too! i LOVE your patterns.
    a little birdie told me i’m going to go ape for the next sock pattern ๐Ÿ™‚

    blackberry looks fabulous. i did bobbles ONCE, and i’ve sworn off of them completely… or thought i did… blackberry is awfully tempting.

  5. super cute hat!!

  6. I am with you! I juggle a part-time job with another part-time job as a professor…this is a rough part of the semester and is partly why I think I have renewed my interest in knitting. Also…love that hat! Here’s to a restful weekend!

  7. ladyoctavia · ·

    I’ve been meaning to knit another Koolhaus… but I should probably knit from stash rather than buy more yarn right now…but sooo pretty!

    Seriously, your sweater out put is not natural…

    (ohhh! Is that the sock?! Will it be soon?!)

  8. You’re so right about the Small Projects! I’ve farted around today on Ravelry, just to find something semi-instant that I can knit out of my stash (a consequence of knitting lots of lace atm…). Despite being spoilt for choice, I just can’t find anything…

    I think your Koolhaas looks brilliant (just ‘faved’ it)!

  9. Your Koolhaaas looks great. I haven’t done that pattern either – one of only a few, I expect, on the planet that haven’t.

  10. Very pretty hat! I hope your having a nice weekend and getting some r & r with your knitting. ๐Ÿ™‚

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