Monthly Archives: March 2009

Two for two

In my head, I’ve totally been participating in the NaKnitSweMoDo (or whatever it’s called when you pledge to knit a sweater a month for a year), but so far the 3rd month of the year is coming to an end and I have only finished two sweaters. Oh well. Hope springs eternal, yes? This is […]

As it turns out

As it turns out, getting over some of my knitting ennui was just a matter of perseverence. I sat down yesterday afternoon to finish those month-and-a-half socks, darn it all, and was sewing up the toes by dinner time: These are the ubiquitous Jaywalker pattern, in Lorna’s Laces ‘Devon’, purchased last summer on one of […]

I Want to Want To

I’m having a bizarre week, knitting-wise. I started out on a bit of a high, having finished the Climbing Vines Pullover in just a touch over 2 weeks’ time (boo-yah). I even started toying with a sock design idea, and was spending all my bedtime reading poring through books like A Fine Fleece (Portland or […]

And then

So, no word of a lie, this time yesterday my biggest accomplishments for the week, outside of having only one more workday left to survive, was that I’d won a free drink in Roll up the Rim and that since Saturday I’d found a cumulative total of $0.39 in loose change on the sidewalk. And […]

Sometimes you win

Every year when Roll up the Rim rolls around at Tim Horton’s, there are people who seem to win left right and centre. There are all sorts of people collecting up the donuts and coffees, taking home the cash…The caretaker in my office sat at a sports game a few rows behind a guy who […]


Previously, I had thought that the worst knitterly circumstances one could get into would be to be without knitting altogether. I no longer believe this to be true. The most unfortunate thing for a knitter, is when you settle in for your 45+ minute bus ride at the beginning of your day, remove your knitting […]

Viper Pilots

[Note from later in 2009: This pattern is now available in hard copy from The Purple Purl, in Toronto.] Brace yourselves, because this is pretty much as geek-tastic as my knitting gets. BSG knitters in the house? This is for us. This pattern is something I’ve had on the brain since about, oh, last spring […]

The shape of things to come

The sock pattern I’ve had in the works for a little while now is finally just about ready to go out into the world. If you’ve been by my Ravelry projects page lately, you know what that’s about, but if you haven’t, here’s a quick taste. My pattern testers, bless them, have alternately called this […]


I seem to recall that it was around this time last year that I was clinging to shades of blue and green. I remember I bought a skein of Socks That Rock from Lettuce Knit in those shades, and just sort of carried it around in my bag for a week, in case I needed […]

The Next Sweater

I think one of the unsung benefits of knitting is that it helps you practice decision-making skills. Most of the day in our non-knitting lives we have to make a lot of decisions, often very quickly, many of which we don’t actually have a personal interest in. But when you sit down to choose your […]