I seem to recall that it was around this time last year that I was clinging to shades of blue and green. I remember I bought a skein of Socks That Rock from Lettuce Knit in those shades, and just sort of carried it around in my bag for a week, in case I needed to look at it. (If this is wrong, then I don’t ever want to be right).

There is something about the gradual process of March and digging one’s self out of the winter slog that flicks a sort of teal-shaded switch in my brain. I don’t think there is a better testament to the value of knitting than March. Around here there is the promise of spring down the road, the promise of growing things yet to come, but half-melted piles of snow are still lingering in shady corners and the grass is still matted and damp and trying to remember that it can grow, so if you want colour you had better get the knitting on it.

To wit:


If there is a downside to Dream in Color yarn, I don’t want to know about it. The colours are gorgeous and the yardage goes for days and I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to know that I’m knitting a sweater that I won’t have to wait a day to let air-dry before I can wear it after washing.

Round about early February I was browsing on Robyn’s store and looking at her sales and something snapped. I grabbed up 5 skeins of Classy in Blue Lagoon (and okay fine 3 in Midnight Derby, shut up it’ll make a great fall vest), and it has been sitting there for a month waiting ever so patiently. It has been waiting, as it turns out, to be turned into the Climbing Vines Pullover. I’ve only been knitting this since Saturday but I’m almost done both sleeves and plan to start in on the body tonight. March will see a finished sweater if I have anything to say about it. The dark purple Mission Falls will have to wait a bit longer to be assembled into Bonnie, but I think it’s okay with that. Dark purple yarn is friendly that way.

And now if you’ll excuse me, I have to arrange my Dream in Color in a place where I can see it from my desk. You understand about that, right?

Happy Moan-day. Keep the knitting close by!


  1. Oh, I love the subtle color variations! And I bet it is as soft as it looks! I think it’s time to finish up all my UFOs so I can justify buying some Dream in Color!

  2. Mmmmm, so.very.pretty. Thanks for the link to Robyn’s, spent a delightful bit of time looking at all the goodies.

  3. Gorgeous colour – I’m definitely with you on the ‘teal’ thing, but any time of the year suits me fine! I haven’t had my greedy mitts on Dream in Color yarn before, but I will do soon, I hope.

  4. I’ve been bitten by the green bug myself! And for the same reason. March in Wisconsin is miserable – still cold, still snowy, but with a couple nice days here and there to tease you into thinking spring is here even though it’s not (quite). Every time I look at yarn, I’m drawn to the greens and ignore the darks (even though dark colors look good on me) and it’s because all the dirty brown outside is just getting to me!
    I’ve yet to try Dream in Color anything…maybe when I make a dent in the current stash (hah, that’ll be a while) I’ll let myself try some!

  5. I loved knitting my February Lady with DIC Classy.

    Here are the downsides (you may ignore them, if you’d like): excess dye: my needles turned blue! And yes, you may put it in the dryer, but it made mine fuzzy. I’d just wait and let it air dry. It stretches like crazy when wet, but I’m told that it does bounce back as it dries!

  6. I’m a dream in colour virgin too, but I think I NEED to get some.

    The teal is a gorgeous colourway.

  7. Glenna, you are SO cute. I really like your blogging style, and you always make me smile and remember why I like knitters so much. (dark purple yarn is friendly that way… snarf…)

  8. Mmmm… I love blue greens! That’s going to be a gorgeous sweater. I’ve only knit a baby sweater from DIC Classy, and I loved it. Hate the name “Classy,” though.

  9. That is an absolutely gorgeous melange of colours!! I now look forward to seeing your jumper!!!

  10. Lovely color & I am sure the sweater will look great. I am also a great fan of DIC – the colors & the softness of the yarn.

  11. So funny – I have the same colour of DIC out on my desk, by my computer, just to remind me that there will be spring… sometime

    looks even more gorgeous knitted up…

  12. I totally heart that colorway.

    I dunno about the “where you can see it from your desk” comment tho. I currently have 1 pair of finished socks, plus the leftover yarns, plus the new pair of socks and their yarn, and another skein of sock yarn, just because, which are ON my desk. You can pet them when they are closer. Just sayin.

  13. So pretty – I love the colours!

  14. My Smooshy socks? My faves.

  15. I totally understand. Dream in color yarn is like crack for knitters.

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