I Want to Want To

I’m having a bizarre week, knitting-wise. I started out on a bit of a high, having finished the Climbing Vines Pullover in just a touch over 2 weeks’ time (boo-yah). I even started toying with a sock design idea, and was spending all my bedtime reading poring through books like A Fine Fleece (Portland or Staghorn?) or Knitting Vintage Socks (finally my long-stashed Schaeffer Anne can come out of hibernation and be Gentleman’s Stockings) or looking through all the shawl patterns I’ve been stacking up for a year (Norwegian Woods shawl, I’m coming for you.)


But the heavier work days of my week take their inevitable toll, and I always seem to arrive at Thursdays a little less motivated. I want very much to knit things, all things, anything…and yet when I sit down to do it I feel a little restless, resistant, even dare I say it, reluctant. Not the most fun place ever, for a knitter.

It could be related to my fatigue over having had the same socks in my travel-knitting pouch for over a month. I cast these Jaywalkers on in mid-February during my DC trip, and although the first one practically fell off of the needles, the second one has spent much more time tucked away in its bag than actually being knit upon. It’s not their fault, they’re lovely socks and the Lorna’s Laces is my go-to for Jaywalkers. But a month and a half starts to wear on a person.


Or, maybe, just maybe, it’s a colour thing. I’ve spent the last two weeks looking at a whole lot of teal blue, and while that’s been lovely as a first step into spring, I can’t help but notice my most recent yarn acquisitions look a little bit different…


These are a beautiful purple-pink skein from Tanis Fiber Arts, from the Robyn’s Nest March sock club, and two skeins of Lorna’s Laces from Red Bird Knits in the Flamingo Stripe colourway that I’ve been coveting for a while. Purple and pink – I like the sound of that. Now if I can just get the other socks finished first…hmmm…

I hope your Thursday has whatever colour yarn you want. Keep the knitting close by!


  1. I’m feeling you, sista! I’m mere inches away from finishing the last sleeve on my Lady February Sweater and it feels as if it will neeeeever eeeeeeend. I decided to focus on it exclusively since it’s been on my needles since late January. Although I will say that it hasn’t been the main thing I’ve been working on but it is time to be done with it!

  2. knittingdodo · ·

    I can commiserate. I just finished two projects that took me a little over a month to do. It was a scarf and pair of vanilla socks that I’m gifting a married couple in way of thanks. While a month may not seem like a long time to finish two projects, it seemed to me to take forever! And since I didn’t really knit much of anything else in that time, well I got a little bit bored.

    But now they’re done, and I’m a happy camper!

  3. This one I know! Walk away until you do want to. Pack up the Jaywalkers and browse whatever pattern source you wish until something grabs you and sucks you in. If nothing does – walk away. It will grab you again, soon enough. 😉 At least, that’s what works for me.

  4. This happens to me too. I find myself sitting in front of the computer looking at photos of other people’s knitting, and I think to myself “I could go knit right now instead of sitting here” but then I don’t. It’s like I just want to think about knitting but not actually knit. Then the feeling goes away and my mojo comes back. Yours will too, don’t worry.

  5. Yeah, I feel ya on that one. Comes from staring at the same stupid sleeve of my fingering weight sweater for the last month. I can’t tell you how much I don’t want to knit it…

  6. your jaywalkers look great!
    i want to knit another pair for myself, my mom got the last ones!
    the greens are great but, spring is here. 🙂

  7. Clearly your pink/purple genes are asserting themselves.

  8. The sweater looks lovely. Lovely spring colors on both the sweater and the socks.

  9. I’ve been dyeing yarn with Kool-Aid all week, just for fun, and I have to tell ya, pinks and purples are what it’s all about! (And orange. And pale teal. And some ass color I got from mixing “black cherry” with “ice blue raspberry lemonade” – oh, don’t ask).

  10. Just got my March kit from Robyn too! I can’t wait to finish the baby blanket I’m working on so I can play with it.

    BTW, just bought your Viper Pilot sock pattern, do you know how excited I am to find a sock designer with equally large feet?!

  11. The pullover is gorgeous ! I do understand how you feel as I have those “days” too! Hope the weekend will be more productive.

  12. Your sweater is beautiful. I didn’t look at it twice in the magazine but love the way your’s looks! Now I’m going to have to go stash diving and see if I have any yarn that would work.

    I’ve just gone through a bought of lack of knitting mojo. Nothing I was working on really called to me and I didn’t really want to start anything new. I worked my way through it by doing other things like spinning and sewing. Now I’m back to knitting on languishing projects. The great thing about those projects is that some of them are so close to being finished so I will have a FO really soon! I’m actually working on one of your designs, the Brennan Cardigan, that I started back in 2007.

  13. Ahh, but those teal blues, I just want to dive right into them, all watery and beautiful. but yes. I understand. :^)

  14. We are never satisfied it seems. The sweater is lovely, as are all the items in your post.

  15. 2 weeks on the climbing vines?! I doff my cap to your knitting prowess (and wrist strength!!) I think pink is so underrated- I’m sure you’ll doing lovely things with your new yarny accquisitions.

  16. I haven’t much had the energy to knit away lately either…. that crazy work thing keep getting in the way!

  17. Your Climbing Vines is beautiful! This is at the top of my project list. I’ve had a touch of knitting ennui too. I’m close to finishing the body of my Ingenue sweater, but I haven’t felt like working on it lately. So close, and yet so far.

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