As it turns out

As it turns out, getting over some of my knitting ennui was just a matter of perseverence. I sat down yesterday afternoon to finish those month-and-a-half socks, darn it all, and was sewing up the toes by dinner time:


These are the ubiquitous Jaywalker pattern, in Lorna’s Laces ‘Devon’, purchased last summer on one of my excursions to Lettuce Knit in Toronto. This makes my fourth pair of Jaywalkers in Lorna’s Laces, and it’s one of my favourite pattern/yarn combinations. I’d like to get a pair for every day of the week, so I’m more than halfway there.


Now all I have to do is make it to the weekend, and then I can start re-energizing some of my next-project daydreams. Sweater? Socks? Perhaps a shawl? Or perhaps all 3…Better give myself time to figure that out.

Happy almost-weekend!


  1. lovely! I am finally working on those long-abandoned jaywalkers I told you about…might even finish one of them soon. then I’ll have to try them in Lornas Laces since yours are always so pretty…

    Happy weekend!

  2. Awesome socks! Jaywalkers for every day of the week sounds like a brilliant idea. I’ve been feeling a little meh about finishing some projects recently, but seeing your lovely FO reminds me that the end is always worth it!

  3. A pair for every day of the week sounds like a lovely aim – happy weekend when it comes :o)

  4. You know I’m sorry I always get my smiles 🙂 wrong :o) 🙂

  5. Gorgeous socks! Congrats on the perserverance!

  6. Those are gorgeous!

  7. Yep, sometimes all it takes is a serious sit down with oneself to get the sock finished! They are Beauties!

  8. Nice job. They look great. I’ll have to give that pattern another go sometime.

  9. Pretty socks – way to stick it out!

  10. ladyoctavia · ·

    Great socks!

    All three!! All three!! Options options everywhere!

  11. Love the socks. And have fun moving onto the next project!

  12. I love the Devon colorway. It’s what I used to make my son’s BSJ in Sportweight.

    Great socks!

  13. Awesome looking socks and I love the color!

  14. Lovely socks & great colors. I do agree that the Jaywalkers is a great pattern!

  15. They are lovely socks in a great colour. Heres to the weekend coming!

  16. I don’t know how you knit those things. I have seen you make them over and over. I’ve tried 3 times and ripped it all three times and now I think I give up. Having said that, socks match the sweater. It’s a great colour.

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