Monthly Archives: April 2009

A Toronto sort of afternoon

Yesterday I made the bold move of actually going out into the outside world for the majority of my day, although don’t get me wrong the hibernation way of life is starting to become very easy to keep up. A little too easy, one might say. That is the point when you re-emerge and start […]

Change of pace

The last few days have been pretty slow around these parts, involving a fair amount of knitting, sitting, DVDs (X-Files renaissance ahoy), and the occasional excursion into the outside world for provisions or moderate socialization. Now that the term is ending I can actually have a proper few days of leisurely sloth, before returning to […]

That was good

Yesterday was the Toronto ‘Knitter’s Frolic’, the annual weekend event organized by the Downtown Knit Collective. It is probably one of the biggest crimes of my knitting existence that I never actually went to this event while I was a resident of Toronto. But now, I see the fun and it was a good 2nd […]


It’s fun to have a sister who goes off to NYC and comes back with knitterly treats. (I checked, she did get some for herself, too). And some special Lindors… Now my problem is what to do with 500 yards of DK-weight emerald green silk…But as problems go, I would say that’s a pretty awesome […]


I think swatch #3 might be the one. If this isn’t the final combination for Autumn Rose, then it is sure as heck darned close. This final one uses only 10 shades total instead of 11 – I’m being hampered by the limited KP Palette range in that there are very few options in the […]

Trusting the Process

Swatching is a bit part of knitting (and getting knitting right), and as such is a constant and necessary task. In fact, if I were to make my list of Times When Swatching Is Necessary, Nay, Imperative, I’d start with: 1. When you’re knitting with a yarn or stitch pattern that is new to you […]

Meanest knitter in the West

That Glenna C, I hear she’s ruthless. I heard she ripped up a sock once, just to watch it unravel. “It just wasn’t fitting right,” she claimed. “I shouldn’t have removed all those stitches at the start. I have size 11 feet and all that ribbing was coming out pretty darned snug on the 2mms.” […]

I’m so glad I’m a knitter

Because if I wasn’t a knitter, I’d never have discovered or been able to keep re-discovering how awesome it is to turn a messy pile of string into a beautifully blocked lace shawl. (Oyster Bay is finished, the Tanis Fiber Arts fingering weight is absolutely delicious, and the whole works is waiting to dry and […]

The trouble with Monday

…is that it is not the weekend. Knitting-wise, I had a pretty decent Sunday. I went into Toronto with Martha and met up with Lisa, Martina, and her friend Nichole for high tea at the Knit Cafe. We compared our current knitting, fantasy knitting (in my head I will have 3 shawls and 4 socks […]

Socks, socks, socks / Stash, stash, stash

Dear blog readers, it has been 29 days since my last yarn purchase. In this season of winter sales and new spring yarns it’s been hard to resist, but a knitter’s gotta do what a knitter’s gotta do – especially with the DKC Knitter’s Frolic coming up at the end of April. There’ll be plenty […]