Meanest knitter in the West

That Glenna C, I hear she’s ruthless. I heard she ripped up a sock once, just to watch it unravel.


“It just wasn’t fitting right,” she claimed. “I shouldn’t have removed all those stitches at the start. I have size 11 feet and all that ribbing was coming out pretty darned snug on the 2mms.”


The sock’s current whereabouts are unknown.


  1. Hah, I’m thinking ‘that Marianne, mean old thing too’ must’ve been hanging out with Glenna C, a little pile of kinky yarn was ‘singin’ like a canary’. ;^)

  2. I love the Johnny Cash reference!

  3. Go to Reno and see if you find the sock! Yeah, I’m ruthless that way, too. Have you seen Ruth?!

  4. The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Socks (SPCS) would like a word with you, lady.

  5. ladyoctavia · ·

    Sounds like you are just one step behind the send the yarn to line a birds nest crew, who are verging on the set the damn thing on fire bunch (who are very warm what with the handknits and the fire).

  6. birdwoman · ·

    Hee, this is the best frogging post I’ve ever read!

  7. V funny – that poor sock!

  8. poah sock!

  9. Hi,

    I have size 11 feet also, and I’m 6′ tall.

    Love your sock.

  10. DonnaVG · ·

    I made those socks and had to rip out the heel flap 3 times. Gave them to my friend for her birthday. They turned out REALLY beautiful.

    Working on Viper Pilots now and enjoying the experience. Thanks Glenna!

  11. LOL! Not mean at all, you have to be cruel to be kind!

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