I think swatch #3 might be the one. If this isn’t the final combination for Autumn Rose, then it is sure as heck darned close.


This final one uses only 10 shades total instead of 11 – I’m being hampered by the limited KP Palette range in that there are very few options in the dark red area (I would have preferred a 3rd reddish/brownish shade in the middle of the cross-hatching panel, but went with the dark heathered purple instead), but I think this is as good as I’m going to get.

So now I’ll just let that sit there for a week or so while I ponder and finish up a couple of other projects, and then cast on when I’m down to a satisfactory level of indecision.

It’s good to be fair-isling again.


  1. jjphotoftw · ·

    All the swatches are great, but I think this one really nails it! Great color choices šŸ™‚

  2. Ooh! Love.

    Also, I am starting the sleeve of a sweater of my own design and have to polish off some lace. Is that a good enough handicap? šŸ™‚

  3. Fair isling again. Words that make me dizzy. I wish I had your stamina for fair isling. But then, if I had stamina to do my own knitting in general that might help…

  4. My 3yo just said “I don’t like that.” But don’t take it personally; he’s into disagreeing these days! *I* happen to think it’s gorgeous!!

  5. Marjorie · ·

    WOW! The colours really glow – great stained glass look. Please start soon as I’m looking forward to the larger piece take shape.

  6. Yes, this is the best, it’s Beautiful!

  7. knittinglikecrazy · ·

    I love that combo!

  8. Just wanting to clarify: I was sitting here blog-surfing with my 3yo on my lap, and when I saw your swatch, I said “Ooooh, I like that a lot!” and because he is three and likes to be contrary for no particular reason, he said “I don’t like it, actually!” but I promise it really has nothing to do with that gorgeous fair isle you’ve been knitting and everything to do with his toddler attitude šŸ™‚

  9. Beautiful swatch! Love the colors.

  10. You are right, it does look like a beam of light is illuminating the centre!! When I was little I used to think those sunbeams that came out between the clouds were god talking: like in The Ten Commandments!!

  11. It looks lovely to me.

  12. Nice!! I think if you let it marinate for a week or so, you’ll know for sure if those are “the” colors for you.

    I think they will be quite pretty!

  13. hfrank007 · ·

    Oooh I like this one, very rich. Inspiring to see this. I have several FI projects I’ve put on hold but may have to get out. I CAN’T STAND to swatch and rarely do so for small items such as socks, hats and mittens. But for this? Good call.

  14. uberwren · ·

    Looks like a winner, though I agree about the dark red/brown. Would probably have added a lot. Regardless it looks great as is, and is truly impressive! I don’t think color work is EVER something I intend to tackle, unless I get tired of socks someday.

  15. Oooh, that looks lovely. You have a lot of patience for trying out the other options, where I would probably dive right in. I think the beautiful result is probably worth the effort though. I look forward to seeing the sweater!

  16. Simply perfect and I love the colorway that you’ve chosen!

  17. Not that you’ll care about my opinion, since you don’t know me from the crazy lady on the bus šŸ˜‰ but I think it’s really pretty. The fact that I have a weakness for purple and green together has nothing to do with it whatsoever. Nope. Nothing. šŸ˜‰

    To explain who I am: I originally skated over here from the Yarn Harlot’s place to check out the Viper Pilot socks since I am a big sci-fi geek. (*Love* them!) I’m a baby knitter, not so much a baby in any other way other than maybe needles (like, the doctor’s office kind), and so am in awe not only of your projects, but in the *types* of projects you are tackling. Hopefully, one day, I’ll be playing with the big girls. Until then, I lurk and drool and wishfully buy patterns. šŸ™‚

    Laurie in Minneapolis, MN, USA

  18. SO pretty! It’s going to be a phenomenal sweater.

  19. You have me almost motivated to return to my poor languishing Autumn Rose.

  20. This newest swatch is so lovely! I have a question – and this will show how little I know about FI knitting. Can you get another (non Knit Picks) yarn to fill in that color you’re wanting? Or, is it best to keep all the yarns of one manufacturer (?).

    In any case, this swatch is beautiful. But then, I said that about your other swatches, didn’t I?

  21. Julie VN · ·

    I love the colors you chose. I’m just starting to fair isle and I’m already thinking of creating my own pattern and colorway. Ah the arrogance of the beginner!

  22. Ooh very pretty!

  23. rosebel · ·

    beautiful colour combo!

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