Change of pace

The last few days have been pretty slow around these parts, involving a fair amount of knitting, sitting, DVDs (X-Files renaissance ahoy), and the occasional excursion into the outside world for provisions or moderate socialization. Now that the term is ending I can actually have a proper few days of leisurely sloth, before returning to attempts to Think Thoughts or Write Things.

Knowing I’d have a few hours-long chunks of time for knitting, I brought Autumn Rose with me this week to the cat-sitting, in order to give it a solid start. I’d hoped by now to be past the first full repeat of the main motif, but still I think it’s taking shape quite well.


This is a slight variation on the last swatch I did – I wanted the garnet heather (dark red) more prominent and I think this is going to work quite well. The combination has a very rich look overall and I’m pleased with the balance of bright and muted tones. Now…to just keep on knitting. These are long rows and lots of colours, and I’ll be adding 2-3 inches of length to the body before I’m done, so I’m expecting this to keep me busy for the next little while.

On the cat-sitting front, things are going rather well at cat pace. Boy do these cats have me marked. As soon as food hour approaches Greedo wraps himself around my ankles and moans at me, hoping for that ever elusive morsel of wet food (I have strong willpower though, and the opposable thumbs necessary to open cans, so hah). And as soon as I look like I might be sitting down and creating a lap, Somerset hovers in wait. (She has overwhelming powers of extreme cuteness, though, so there my willpower fails.)


I have also learned that Greedo is not deterred by competition from laptops.


Tomorrow their regular humans will be back, though, so I’ll have to go back to non-cat-hair-covered knitting. How will I manage?

Happy Wednesday, folks!


  1. Looks good, and congrats on surviving the term – you deserve the knitting and Xfiles time … (you know, I still haven’t watched the movie, I’m apparently still saving it to watch with you and M.)

    The sweater is looking great, can’t wait to see it with a few more inches!

  2. haha, they are both so cute! One of my little cats is a lap addict as well- if you’re sitting, she has to be on you, no matter what. The autumn rose is looking very pretty- the extra garnet is a good choice!

  3. Beautiful colors on the sweater — I very much like the extra splash of dark garnet. (I’m a sucker for purple and green and purple and red anyway. 🙂 And the little calico looks almost *exactly* like my brown tabby girl does, face-wise. She also hovers similarly, especially on the computer desk when I look like I’ll be sitting there for a while.

    Enjoy the break and the DVDs!

  4. I’ve learned to knit with a cat on my lap. It’s like a layer cake: lap, afghan, cat, knitting. Those are very cute guests you have!

  5. Oh noes! You are totally going to lap me. I haven’t even swatched yet. 🙂

  6. Cats are pretty fantastic, even if they expect you to live your life around their needs.

  7. My two dogs are exactly the same… unscared of laptops and waiting for laps to sit on.

    Love the Autumn Rose… yummy! 🙂

    Have fun with your knitting hours.

  8. It looks SO gorgeous! Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  9. I love the color combo of your Autumn Rose. It’s going to be beautiful. The kitties are adorable. 🙂

  10. Your Autumn Rose is so very beautiful, has me whimpering just a bit and so very inspired!

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