A Toronto sort of afternoon

Yesterday I made the bold move of actually going out into the outside world for the majority of my day, although don’t get me wrong the hibernation way of life is starting to become very easy to keep up. A little too easy, one might say. That is the point when you re-emerge and start with familiar and comforting things. So naturally, I met up with Kim and we went off in search of cupcakes and yarn shops.


We first made the streetcar trek all the way to the eastern end of Queen St, in search of the bakery Life is Sweet. I’d done some reading up and discovered this cafe has the biggest cupcake raves in the city, and Kim confirmed that review. And let me just say it was worth every minute of the trip. These cupcakes are fantastic. I bought a chocolate-chocolate and an earl grey-orange.


We took our cupcakes down the street to the Naked Sheep, where I picked up the new Spring Interweave Knits. (I’ve decided if there are at least 3 items in an issue I could see making, I will buy it lest I be stuck without the chance later on, and this issue passes that test!) I ate my chocolate cupcake one then, and feel no shame in admitting I ate the earl grey orange one later on in the evening after I got back.


I regret nothing.


We stopped briefly at the Purple Purl where I snagged more of the Alpaca With A Twist from its spot on the sale rack (I mean how could you not), and then chit-chatted the ride down Queen St. with the Lettuce Knit stitch night as final stop. Kim was wearing a beautiful ‘Elsewhere’ cardigan and working on a Liesel which, in her head at least, she is totally going to have finished by Saturday. (It can be done, Kim! Keep hope alive!)


I made some more progress on my 2nd Gentleman’s sock which has seen too infrequent work the last couple of weeks. And when I came back the cats were happy to harass me for one last evening.

Thanks for the fun hibernation/non-hibernation this week, TO, let’s do it again sometime.


  1. ladyoctavia · ·

    Yum those look good. I’ll have to remember them for my trip back to defend.

  2. Oh so yummy. Maybe I should bake today.

  3. OMG earl grey orange cupcake…

    Yay for more Alpaca with a Twist! That will make such a dee-luxe project.

  4. Sounds very nice, indeed! Mmm… cupcakes. 🙂

  5. Is it just me or do you only knit blue socks? lol

    Funny thing about me is that I am obsessed witht eh color green but most of my sock stash isn’t …go figure.

    Oh, I didn’t comment the other day on the start of your fair-isle sweater (st brigid I think?) but its absolutley gorgeous and I love it. You’re my fair-isle knitting hero!

  6. ah, what a perfect day!! I’m now obsessed with the idea of early grey and orange cupcakes, they sound amazing….

  7. Argh! The only night I don’t go to knitting at Lettuce! I am going to have to check out that cupcake place though…

  8. so sad to have missed you two!!!! sounds like a terrific day!


  9. What a fabulous outing. When is the cupcake craze going to hit the U.S. Midwest? We are always eons behind everyone else!

  10. i wish i could get back to toronto to see all of these yarn stores i didn’t appreciate when i lived there!!

  11. Yum! Cupcakes and knitting – I can’t imagine a better outing. I’m hoping to come to Toronto in the fall, so I’ll have to check out the cupcake place. 🙂

  12. That’s one of the best way to spend tha day – cupcakes & knitting. I love it!

  13. You’ve inspired me to plan my own Toronto day with a good friend who fancies herself a cupcake expert… thanks!

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