Monthly Archives: May 2009

Hey look, I found knitters

It’s been an odd week. I’ve been getting over annoying allergies (plugged nose then irritated throat leading to cough spasms…mercifully clearing up now), working on miscellaneous thing, feeling ambivalent about my knitting (better now that I’ve finished a pair of socks and can move on to something new), spent the last couple of days in […]


I’ve got enough superstition in me that I hesitated to post this logo on my sidebar, until now. I am going. I am registered. Bring on the sock knitting insanity. BRING ON THE MARKETPLACE. Bring on Portland in August! I am going and so is my Rhinebeck partner in crime Rebecca, and we are filled […]

New Pathways

Yesterday I made good use of my current schedule-less schedule to head into Toronto for Cat Bordhi’s class at Lettuce Knit. She is slotted to teach at the Sock Summit and her full-day ‘New Pathways’ class based on her sock architectures book is one of the ones I was anxious to take. So, when Lettuce […]

Four months later

Back in January, as I embarked on the busiest and arguably my most stressful semester thus far, I started a pair of Sanquhar gloves. Because naturally, when you have lots of stress, the best response is to add a comparable amount of stress to your knitting. As it happens, I got about 75% through them […]

TTC Knitalong: 2009

I was going to post today about another FO I managed to reel in this week (long-forgotten Sanqhuar gloves, anyone), but that will have to wait. It is far more important to announce the return of a fantastic Toronto knitting event – the TTC Knitalong! Registration is now open, so visit the TTC Knitalong blog […]

Book Review: Knitting and Tea

I’ve been remiss in getting back to the book reviews the past few weeks, but now that I’ve gone through a period of post-term sloth, it’s time to get back to the writing and the thoughts-thinking, and what better way to ease into that than with a book review? This one has been on my […]

An interruption

So, as it turns out, knitting half of a fingering-weight fair isle sweater in 10 days will give you a bit of burnout. (Hands up, everyone who’s surprised). By Tuesday morning as I was rounding the final stretch of the first sleeve, my just-one-more-row-itis was waning and my arms said O hai there we are […]

Just one more row

I can stop any time I want. Maybe.