The things we do for yarn

Seriously, folks, no wonder people look at knitters funny. As if knitting clothes from scratch isn’t good enough, no no, we have to go make the process even longer and harder. We have to go and make the yarn, too.

I began early forays into spinning a year or two ago thanks to Kate‘s tutelage with the spindle, and enjoyed it enough to want eventually to try a wheel. After chatting with Kim on my Toronto stint lat month, she offered to let me try out one of her wheels next time, so yesterday she made good and came by with her Majacraft Little Gem and gave me a pretty awesome starter lesson. (Including such wisdom as, “Glenna stop helping the twist with your fingers. That’s what the whole SPINNING WHEEL IS FOR.”)


I’m grateful to have had some practice with the spindle first, because I understand already about things like drafting and pre-drafting, and can tell that regardless of spinning mechanism, I am picking up right where I left off at the spindle and am coming out with alternating stringy-floss bits and consistent bits and slubby chunky bits. This little guy (gal?) above is my first skein from Kim’s lesson yesterday (cue “ootchie cootchie coo”), and I’ll take it. Fine first foray. After spending a bit of time today, and disbelievingly watching the time tick by so quickly, I have a second bobbin that looks like this:


Oh don’t let that surface image fool you, there are plenty of kinked-up over-twisted bits hiding under there. But still, I am heartened that I do not seem to be producing the worst crap ever, and am glad to have another day or two to play with this before heading back to Hamilton. My current challenges include: figuring out how to draft the proper and consistent amount of fiber through my fingers; consistently treadling in the forwards direction; getting used to the idea that getting better takes “a lot of practice” and “time”, or some such nonsense. Doesn’t the spinning wheel know I am impatient? Harumph.

So yes, things continue apace, and I am getting in more rows on Autumn Rose as well. Hanging out with the cats has been enjoyable this week and it is nice down time. Daytime hours make me largely second fiddle to sunbeams, but then come the evening Greedo and Somerset are very much, “hi we’re just going to sit all over you until you feed us bedtime snack. You’re okay with that, right? PURR.” It is, as you can see, a very very hard life being a cat.


And finally, I have caved. I am on Twitter: GlennaKnits (GlennaC was already taken, curiously enough). I reached a point where it seemed like absolutely everyone in the universe was on Twitter except me, so I’m going to check it out. I can’t tell yet if my ‘tweets’ are witty enough to follow regularly, but if you’d like to follow me please do. I’ll give it a few days before deciding if I want to include the feed on my blog. More ways to blather on the internets, right?

Until next time, when I may or may not have developed a Repetitive Spinning Injury. One can only hope.


  1. barefootrooster · ·

    oooh! spinning! having spent 3 hours at my (quite new) wheel this morning, i am so excited for you. i’m totally addicted. your spinning looks lovely, can’t wait to see more!

  2. Yes, being a housecat must be a very hard life indeed. I have that thought at least once a day!

    The spinning’s looking great!

  3. tinebeest · ·

    Absolutely PMSL at the spinner’s wisdom 😀

    Why, indeed, do we think we need to do everything from scratch? In my case, just in case my worst case scenario nightmare of impending doom of capitalist society translates into reality and I still want warm jumpers and socks. No spinning wheel until the PhD is submitted- so I’d better make a move, that banking crisis last autumn was a close call… 😉

  4. Yeah!! Look at your wonderful yarn!

  5. You may be a little too good at this a little too quickly. We will NOT be comparing first and second skeins! 😉

  6. Looks like you have done well in your spinning. I have also started spindle spinning & hope to use the wheel one day.

  7. I’m not inclined to be charitable seeing as you handed me my arse in a very public forum so please know this is the honest truth: that is some very nice spinning you’ve got going on there. 🙂

  8. Heh, Elspeth just totally cracked me up!
    That’s a fine first skein of yarn you’ve spun… and welcome, dear Glenna, to the dark side :^)
    I love to spin and the wheel was just easier for me to pick up, it’s crazy entertaining too. Just you wait until you get a handpainted roving in your hands!
    That would make me the last person in the universe not on Twitter :^)

  9. Moggle · ·

    Beautiful first wheelspun. You will make progress very quickly but I always say to beginners that if it looks like yarn you’re doing well! Majacrafts are lovely wheels.

  10. I chuckled at your comment about deciding to add to the whole process by spinning. I haven’t succumbed to this, but I’m not ruling it out altogether. 🙂

  11. I laughed ready your entry ~ yes, we knitters are quite the unique breed. I’m just now getting my feet wet in spinning, much to hubby’s dismay. Happy knitting & spinning.

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