12 of 12: June 2009

It’s been a long darned time since I’ve done a 12 of 12 post! Lately I seem to either forget about it altogether, or the 12th falls on a day when I am doing absolutely nothing that involves leaving the house or doing interesting photographable things. But this time, I remembered! In case you don’t know, the 12 of 12 is the brainchild of blogger and writer Chad Darnell, and involves taking 12 photos of your day on the 12th of the month. Let’s get posting!


8:00am – Ahh, I love the sound of construction work in the morning, don’t you? Oh wait, maybe not. This is the view from the front window, where they have been re-doing the front walk and the walls surrounding the driveway (so that they will be actual walls and no longer crumbling stacks of bricks). Anyway, these dudes show up around 7am every morning, it’s actually pretty impressive.


10:30 am – Off for a run, finally. Thank goodness for new Stash and Burn podcast! Sometimes new listening is the only motivation I have. And those mornings are starting to get warmer faster…


12:30pm – En route to the bus station to catch the bus to Toronto. PS – those Lexie Barnes bags sure do hold a lot of stuff.


2:45pm – Hello Toronto kitty cats! I am here for the weekend. Here is Somerset, demonstrating with excellent technique what all cats do best. Napping.


4:00pm – At the Eaton Centre for a shopping excursion with my friend S. Here I am in the change room at RW & Co, with the approximately eleventy gazillion tees and blouses which I tried on, none of which fit me properly (thank you, this season’s cap sleeves that do not go with my shoulders, boooo…), and the khaki dress that I did decide to get. But what do I wear i with, is my question now.


5:00pm – In the change room at Smart Set (clothes even more disappointing), where the wall is delightfully arranged with instructional images and hooks.


6:00pm – The view up from the food court. You have got to love those Canada geese sculptures.


6:30pm – Traffic goes by at Union Station.


7:30pm – At dinner, I try to do the self-portrait thing but clearly I need a bit more practice at this. Must practice my smile into camera, I think.


10:00pm – Back, and Shakespeare in Love on the tee vee.


“Hello, my name is Greedo. I claim this armrest for all of catdom.”


“Hello, my name is Somerset. I claim your lap for me me me all me.”

And, that’s my 12 of 12. Enjoy your Saturday! And don’t forget today is Worldwide Knit in Public Day – get out there with your yarn and knitting needles and start the revolution. Happy knitting!


  1. Ah, I love 12 of 12!! That khaki dress looks awesome on you, by the way!

  2. Oh, how I hate shopping! I hate just about everything that is in style, or everything’s too expensive, or nothing fits right…sigh. Still, it looks like you had a fun day!

  3. tinebeest · ·

    Run, Glenna, run! And enjoy being on the road (neat shoes, btw!) while not on the injury bench. *sniff* (still off with a naughty micro tear to some tiny muscle that connects to pretty much every single bone in the foot as far as I understand). Oh, and as always: cat pics are good pics😀

  4. Yay!

    I haven’t listened to the new S&B yet–I save it for extra-long afternoons at work. Go you, with the running!

  5. Sadly, I will not *be* in public today, or I would attempt to knit something out there in the public. 😦 But I can live vicariously through you! At least for the next 24 or so hours before I get to go on vacation.

    I’m intrigued by the 12/12 thing. Assuming I ever get a blog, I may have to do that. Of course much of it would consist of “STILL in the studio — does it look like I’ve made any progress? I didn’t think so. Drat.” 😉

    Enjoy visiting with kitties — that Somerset looks like a *complete* charmer!


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