Getting the hang of this

About two years ago when I started spindle-spinning, I said I’d gradually save up cash for a wheel, and if I still wanted the wheel when I had the cash, I’d go for it. I think I am ready to say I will become a spinning wheel owner sometime in the near future. I want to be able to make more things like this:



This is my second wheel skein that I did a week ago using Kim‘s Little Gem. Kim was generous enough to give me a few bits of roving to use along with it, and I believe this was some plain corriedale or similar sheepswool. It was lovely to practice with. This is 93g of something Aran-ish or close to it.

Then, this past weekend I hastily finished up a third skein before getting the wheel back to her, using some merino/silk blend. I love me some silk blend in just about any form, so this was certainly no exception. I can definitely tell that the merino part of it added a bit more challenge, but the silk adds strength. Good times had by all, except for when my plying got rushed toward the end. Still, Kim pronounced my efforts as highly successful:



This one is about 70g of something close to a DK-weight. Both skeins are, unsurprisingly, over-twisted, and adding the spinning into the yarn-playing time of my week definitely contributed more arm/wrist strain, which I am now paying for a bit. But yes, me and spinning, I think we can be friends. (Also, plying with a lazy kate was so much easier than with a centre pull ball, I could just about weep.) Thanks so much for the wheel time, Kim, and for the highly skilled but subtle enabling.

Happy Moan-day…make sure the yarn is close by!


  1. barefootrooster · ·

    ooh, this is gorgeous! yes, you need a wheel.

  2. ooh, handspun! I completely agree with you about silk blends, I love silk. your spinning is looking good!!

  3. That blue is gorgeous! Fab spinning.

  4. tinebeest · ·

    Hmmmmmm yummy! You’re falling for the power of spinning like a brick for gravity, too, then?

  5. Oh man, your yarns are beautiful! I am also currently only a spindle-spinner, but I long or the day I will be able to have a wheel in my possession.

  6. Yeah, beautiful spinning!

  7. Yep, you and the wheel are good buddies…you make beautiful yarn! đŸ™‚

  8. Heh :^) Really nice lookin’ yarn you’ve made there! Looks like you’re a natural. I hear you on that plying from a center pull ball, I had the biggest mess ever when I tried that. life is too short for that business (imho)

  9. Oh, lovely. I love the blue yarn, merino-silk is one of my favourites.

  10. Beautiful! How do you get the yarn so smooth? Mine is so fuzzy. I heard from a friend that the fiber I was using will always produce the fuzziness. How is yours prepared? Maybe I am not drafting correctly. By the way, I spin on an Ashford Joy that I love (double treadle).

  11. More lovely yarn! I love a good silk blend too – particularly BFL/Silk.

  12. Isn’t Kim’s loan-a-wheel program great? Nice yarn you’re making there missy.

    And i need to get myself a niddy noddy. It makes the yarn look extra pretty.

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