Just another Jaywalker

I’ve done me a fair number of Jaywalker socks in my time. It’s one of the few patterns I’ve done multiple times. (I could tell you about that winter I knitted five Harry Potter scarves as gifts. Oie.) It works for me because when I take it with me on transit or travel, the monotony of the 2-row repeat is just soothing enough to chill me out but easy enough that my brain can still think thoughts if it wants to. Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock has become my yarn of choice for the Jaywalkers since it’s lightweight enough to work on the 84-sts size I need (keep in mind that this pattern biases quite a bit), the yardage goes for days (did I mention I have Size 11 feet?) and the colourway options are just about endless. This is LL Jaywalker pair #5 for me, which puts me 2 pairs away from one for every day of the week.


I made this pair in the recently-released ‘Rockwell’ colourway, which allows me to cling to favourite shades of blue and purple while stepping a toe in the less familiar orange and olive directions. Perfect. Just another pair of Jaywalkers, yes? Well, take a look at what happens once we get to the feet:


I generally expect a bit of pooling on the feet since the stockinette soles change things up a bit, and I decrease a few extra stitches on the gussets to make things snug, and that changes the stitch count between leg and foot…But dudes, I have never had pooling quite like this. Check out that sock on the right. Completely blue/purple on the top…


And totally orange/green on the bottom. Wild. I can’t get mad at it. I mean, not only did the yarn pool so neatly but it had the courtesy to leave my favourite 2 shades of the 4 on the most visible portion of the sock. Thanks, Rockwell colourway. We can be buds.


And now, I get to start new socks. That’s the best part of finishing socks, am I right?

Happy knitting!


  1. You are more forgiving than I when it comes to pooling. The socks are lovely and in a pair of shoes, who is the wiser?

  2. Those are fantastic! I need to knit me some socks…

  3. that colour pooling reminds my of hypercolour shirts… remember hypercolour?!

  4. I know that we’re all supposed to hate pooling, but I can’t help but love how wild those socks look! I have a pair of BMFA Jaywalkers that did something really similar, they’re funny but I like that about them.

  5. Wow, that’s really neat how the yarn pooled like that! Talk about a happy accident! I love knitting with variegated yarns…….just to watch how the yarn works itself into patterns that weren’t original to the pattern. 🙂

    Your socks really look great….makes me want to start a pair of Jaywalkers.

  6. You have size 11 feet? Wow. I thought my size 9’s were big. I love pooling, so I think these are great. Enjoy.

  7. That’s crazy. I’d rather have the orange on top though. Wonder if you could change that somehow? Anyway — at least it pooled to make the colors you like better break away from the ones you don’t like as much!

  8. I love how the yarn striped on the legs. The pooling wouldn’t bother me either, since it will be covered by shoes. Great colors!

  9. Oh I love the way they look! I’m finishing up sock #2 on my first pair of Jaywalkers – once I understood the pattern, I loved it! I can definitely see making more …

  10. Totally cool socks. Love the colors!

  11. udontno · ·

    Your Jaywalkers are gorgeous.

  12. My feet are the perfect size for virtually every brand of variegated yarn to pool like nobody’s business, but I’ve never seen it go half-and-half like that before. Usually it spirals up the leg, for me.

  13. Yup my Lorna’s Laces did that a bit too! Weird how they only starting doing that on the foot.

  14. Like it was meant! Love the idea of a pair of Jays for every day of the week

  15. these are the most lovely socks! i have never seen socks i wanted to knit until now – the yarn & pattern are a perfect fit!

  16. great socks! I knit a pair for my mother, I should knit one for myself!

  17. Wow. That’s some pooling. But I dig the colorway! Lovely.

    (Also, did I tell you that I have assigned myself a pair of Jaywalkers this summer? I think I am *not* going to knit a tank top this summer, and will instead finish FLS and maybe even the latent Tangled Yoke (!), and then hook myself up with some JWs, inspired by your swimming-pool ones, which I very much admird in February.)

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  19. […] on the foot. Dudes, if I knew, I would tell you. I have no freaking clue. Sometimes it pools in crazy wicked ways, sometimes not at all. It’s all part of the glamorous and exciting world of sock […]

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