July 1st

Canadians: sarcastically embracing stereotypes for 142 years.

Since it’s Canada Day, I think it would be customary to cast on somethng from the Canadian yarns in my stash. It’s completely a national pride thing, of course and not at all to do with my rampant start-itis.

If you’re in Canada I hope you have some nice chill-out time today, and if not, well I hope you still have some chill-out time, and maybe a beer.

Happy knitting, wherever you are!


  1. girlunravelled · ·

    omg, that video is awesome and now that damn chorus is going to be stuck in my head all day.

    have an awesome Canada Day!!!

  2. Happy Canada Day!

  3. Linda B. · ·

    Great Canadian identity bits! Thanks – and I’ve sent the link to friends!

  4. Hee — very silly. But fun.

    Happy Canada Day!

  5. Happy Canada Day! Wish I could be there to celebrate.

  6. Happy Canada Day!

    Beer and knitting! Works for me.

  7. Happy Canada Day! (and yes, I do want to be Canadian, please :^)

  8. Love the video!!! Thanks.

  9. Fabulous Canadian talent, ingenuity! Catchy tune! Bravo!
    Just made my day eh!

  10. Northmoon · ·

    Great video!!! Happy Canada Day!

  11. Happy Canada Day 🙂

  12. Fantastic video – thanks for sharing! And, happy (belated) Canada Day!

  13. Need. Better. Sound. On computer. Arrrrrgh!

    So I can’t really hear the lyrics at this point, but yeah, I wouldn’t mind being Canadian. Case in point: I was IN Canada on Canada Day, and the most exciting thing that happened in our campground on the holiday was a bocce ball tournament coupled with an evening revel with polite beer drinking and a guy with a guitar (good) and a nice voice. 🙂 (We weren’t invited, but that may be because we are hermit types.) Contrast that with a 4th of July I spent at a municipal campground (which I shall not name so as to protect the city which doesn’t deserve the scorn it would receive) where I was seriously afraid that one of the bottle rockets being set off would set my tent on fire. Loud, well lubed Americans with things that go “bang!”. *shudder* I’ll take the Canadians any day.

    Happy belated Canada Day!

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