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Well folks, my bloggable knitting has slowed down this week as I work on not-yet-bloggable things, which is good for the creativity but sadly not so much for the blog. However, as I am in Toronto again this week on a kitty-cat stint, I can at least offer pictures of adorable felines.


As you can see, Somerset is extremely concerned about my knitting.When she buries her head in a pillow like that, this really means “use more Malabrigo”. Makes sense to me!

Still, this week has not been without wisdom, no no. Taking time out from my usual are-you-sure-a-30-yr-old-should-be-this-invested-in-teen-media Buffy the Vampire Slayer DVDs, I have been sucked into the soap opera-esque world of Smallville. To wit, I have concluded the following:

1. I need to start cultivating a super-awesome secret identity. Everyone else appears to have one.

2. In accordance with #1, must also cultivate a practiced ambiguous pensive thousand-yard stare. Those seem to come in handy a lot.

3. Also in accordance with #1, must decide whether I want to be a secret super-hero saving the day, or an intrepid news reporter saving the day. These appear to be the only available options.

4. It would really help me out if I could just start up a relationship with one of the many billionaires in town. Doesn’t seem too hard to do as long as I have shiny lipstick and vaguely helpless tenacity. (Note to self: try to get the billionaire whose secret identity is for good, not the one who is secretly evil).

5. Power plays and blackmail are excellent default positions.

6. My everyday wardrobe is not nearly fashion-plate enough. Wonder if television characters have secret budget-conscious stores they don’t mention.

7. Fainting always means pregnancy. (Duh).

8. It’s a good thing I now own a cell phone because even characters in the DC universe can’t seem to survive without technology nowadays. (Tsk, how did they ever fight crime without it?)

9. My life needs better lighting and a dramatic soundtrack following me around.

10. There appears to be a dire lack of knitwear in Kansas. Don’t Kryptonian farmboys ever get cold at night?

How’s your week going, my dear blog-land friends? Would it be improved by crime-fighting superheroes? I’ll let you know how to make it happen as soon as I figure it out myself.


  1. 😀 what a giggle!

    I’m a huge Buffy and Smallville fan, to my chagrin.

    I’m opting for the secret super-hero saving the day, personally. 🙂

  2. tinebeest · ·

    I could do with a seagull fighting hero, who wards off the obnoxious couple nesting on our roof. (another 3 weeks and the chicks should fledge, hopefully not ending up on our balcony this year)

  3. nestra · ·

    I think I’m saving myself for some kind of alien identity – hopefully the conflicted ex-Peacekeeper type a la Farscape

  4. […] time out from my usual are-you-sure-a-30-yr-old-should-be-this-invested-in-teen-media Buffy the Vampire Slayer DVDs, I have been sucked into the soap opera-esque world of Smallville. To wit, I have concluded the following: … […]

  5. #9. Obviously.

  6. udontno · ·

    I love your cat.

  7. bsveum · ·

    I’m pretty sure anything could be improved with crime-fighting super heroes. Especially with obnoxious bosses at work. That’s kind of like a crime, right? : )

  8. Too funny! I’m watching Smallville, too. And love Buffy. Have since I was 15 or so, and it hasn’t changed now that I’m almost 30. So no worries!

    Love your list, btw.

  9. I could use a superhero who does all my chores and errands and then leaves me alone.

    OR! Maybe I could be a superhero who has the power to create more time at will. 30-hour days, anyone?

  10. My.Dead.Basil · ·

    At some point in your life, you need to be possessed by a demon/Satan/some sort of witchcraft, which will make you wear heavy eyeliner and turn you into a sluttier version of yourself. Of course once you’re back to your normal self, you will remember nothing.

  11. Somerset is a cutie. I agree, I’d love to have a secret identity. I already feel I’ve got a good soundtrack- after all, what’s an ipod if not your own personal soundtrack?! Must work on fashion plate-ness, though. so far I default into jeans and a top. which is never quite outfit-y enough for tv.

  12. Speaking of secret identities I have your Alias DVD’s ! Since you are in Toronto this seems most excellent to have you two reunite! I will bring them into Lettuce Knit tomorrow and you can stop by and pick them up sometime! Or we could hangout. Which would be cool. What ever works, let me know!

  13. Re: #9

    *Everyone’s* life needs better lighting. Especially those of us in the entire northern HALF of North America in, oh, say… *December*. 😉

    In other news….kitties! 🙂 And, Buffy just kicks butt no matter what age you are. I may seriously need to invest in the DVDs for myself. (I just love the way Joss writes dialogue. And we already have Firefly and I think *2* versions of Serenity. 🙂

  14. Some people might think that all that Smallville has got to you – hope the cats keep you grounded – and your Swallowtail shawl is beautiful

  15. hilaryusfun · ·

    Much better lighting. And Angel, frankly.

    Though this 30 something got so distracted by Buffy she had to restart sodding boottees 3 sodding times…

  16. Kitty!

  17. gretchen · ·

    As a Kansas mom, I can tell you it’s pretty hard to explain to my sons that knitwear can be fashionable. One son will submit to hats and the other has actually asked for a scarf. Sweaters seem to be completely out. Maybe my superpower could be mind manipulation!

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