Stripe that sucker

The striped knee-high socks are coming along beautifully. I love them. Betcha can’t knit just one stripe…Or even just two or three…


This yarn, as many of you have inquired, is the Sweet Sheep‘s own line of sock yarn. The green is ‘shamrock’, and has been in my stash for almost two years, from a sock club shipment, and the purple is ‘joker’, which came from my purchases at her booth at the Kitchener-Waterloo Knitter’s Fair last September. The black is Malabrigo Sock (in ‘black’), and is truly one of the few black sock yarns I was able to track down.

These stripes have been in my head for quite a while. Ever since I got the ‘shamrock’ green I knew it would be a challenge for me. Discounting yellow, this is probably the colour I am least likely to ever knit with, and I struggled with what to do with it. Michelle even (extremely kindly) offered to over-dye it for me, but in the end when I saw her purple ‘joker’ shade I knew the green had found its destiny: stripes.


Stripes truly are magical, they are the simplest possible way to combine colours and bring visual appeal to your knitting. Plus, they are a little bit addictive. It’s the same sort of ‘just one more row’ syndrome that you often get from fair isle knitting, only without the stranded work. For quite a while I avoided stripes, assuming that they would be boring or too horizontal to ever look good, but I have concluded that, as with many other techniques, it is just a matter of finding the right way to use them. The 4-2-4-2 repeat of the green-black-purple-black really soothes out the electric green shade and makes it look pretty darned cool.

I can’t wait to have the finished pair. Which is good, because my brain is still filling up with all manner of things I want to knit, and I still only have one pair of hands. If anyone finds a way around that problem, be sure t let me know.

Have a great weekend, and keep the knitting close by!


  1. I. love. those. So cool!

  2. Wow! What a fabulous palette. What method do you use to avoid jogs? I really want to work some stripes but I’m still a little sloppy in my technique. Would love to know your secret.

  3. Is the problem that summer is soo short and you want to knit totally different things in the summer and totally different colours (brighter)? I think that is why I have a million things in a million beautiful colours I want to make right now.

  4. I *love* these! And I have a friend who would probably kill for them – she’s a huge Joker fiend, and the purple & green colourway is all she’s been wearing recently.

  5. I love it!

  6. ladyoctavia · ·

    Beetlejuice socks! πŸ˜‰

    Great colour combination those are going to be fun (esp. to wear fully concealed as secret non-conformist teaching socks…)

  7. REALLY cool!
    And I like that green, too πŸ™‚

  8. Those socks look great! The addition of black makes it look so classy. One question came to mind immediately upon seeing your socks: how are you avoiding jogs (aka the bain of my striped knitting)?

  9. Those are awesome!!

  10. These are so great!

  11. Elizabeth · ·

    Those are pretty awesome. That really bright green is one of my favourite colours in general, but I never seem to knit with it. Hmm. Maybe I should do something about that?

  12. Yay for stripes – they are definitely fun to knit

  13. In addition to the jog-avoidance query, what are you doing when changing yarns? Leaving a tail to weave in? Carrying along? Knitting in? It almost seems as if they would create the feel of a seam.

  14. Jessica · ·

    Those have to be the coolest stockings I’ve ever seen – they do have a ‘Joker’ vibe going on but they just scream 80’s to me and that’s awesome!

    Knit on, girl!

  15. LOVE the sock!

  16. Heather Ricco · ·

    I love those socks, very witchy women…and Joker too! I also want to know what technique you used for the stripes, I haven’t tried a stripy pair of socks yet, but those look fun!

  17. Those are dead sexy!

  18. love love love the colors!!!

  19. These are SO COOL! I hope I bump into you at Sock Summit so I can see these in person!

  20. It looks great!

  21. Those stripes are just the best!

  22. Blimey, your knitting is sublime, Glenna! The colours are brilliant together.

    I too love stripes, but what I don’t like is having to juggle two or three balls of yarn at the same time (especially with dpns). Any hints from the Queen of Multi-Balls-of-Yarn-At-The-Same-Time-Knitting?

  23. Love those colors!

  24. Those are some very fabulous stripes! Like several people above, I am wondering what you’re doing about the jog and also about carrying the non-working yarn up the inside.

  25. Love the socks! Do tell how you are handling the jog.

  26. Gorgeous stripes & great colors. I have not tried knitting stripes for socks & you have inspired me. Thanks.

  27. I can’t believe you’ve gotten so far on these already! I am so in love.

  28. I love how the black stripes really make the colors pop. Very cool.

  29. Zing! What amazing colours.

  30. That is an awesome sock, I love the colors!
    Thank you!

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