Only one way to go from here


Stay tuned.


  1. barefootrooster · ·

    eeeeee! holding my breath.

  2. girlunravelled · ·

    so close!!! so close!!!

  3. OMG, I think I’ll wait to see how it goes for you before I cut the steek in my laptop cover….

  4. Oh god. Now I need a drink.

  5. oooohh, the excitement!

  6. oh my! I’m holding my breath too.

  7. I have a nervous knot in my stomach!

  8. Gorgeous colors. I don’t think I will have the guts to do it. Good luck.

  9. Eeeek!! I can’t look!

  10. You are brave!

  11. Yikey! Go for it!

  12. Can I open my eyes yet?

  13. Hey! Warn a gal before you scare the poop out of her!!! I squeeked when your blog opened and DH wants to know whats up?

  14. Oh my lord, I get a squitchey tummy just looking at it. Can’t watch! Can’t watch! Let me know when it’s over!

  15. ACK! You’re a better woman than I for trying steeks! Can I breathe yet?

  16. I’m on pins and needles over here! Yikes.

  17. ::sucks in horrified breath:: YIKES!

  18. Wait, when were you knitting a sweater? Last I remember are socks…

  19. Bad. Ass!

    My gauge issues continue but hot damn, I am very impressed.

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