Still smaller than New Jersey


I was, admittedly, not going to do a post-Sock Summit stash enhancement post (contented as I was to simply hug my new stashlets and pet them and call them George), but then a few people prodded me about it, and verily I cannot help but want to share a few of the goodies. As the sign above taken from the Red Fish Knitting booth would seem to indicate, my seemingly sizeable stash is still smaller than it could be, and heck, it’s pretty, so why feel guilty, right? Right.

The Sock Summit marketplace was formidable. It was enormous, bigger than I think any of us expected. Most of us made multiple visits and shopped as much as we could, but sadly even the most dedicated among us couldn’t see everything there was to see. There was also the challenge of fitting in the marketplace around other things – for many of us the largest portions of our days were taken up with classes, or volunteer shifts, or seeing some of Portland, or simple meet-and-greet on the spot, and so our shopping had to happen in sort of precision strikes of an hour or so. Still, it was very hard to resist. So many pretty things, so little time.


One of the highlights of Sock Summit was the Dye For Glory competition that preceded the event. Yarn dyers were invited to submit entries in several possible dyeing categories (I think they pretty much covered every possible method of applying colour to yarn, and the entries were all gorgeous). Well, colour me surprised and pleased when Lorna’s Laces entered several colourways – y’all know of my love of knitting Lorna’s Laces Jaywalkers. When I saw the red/grey/purple ‘Vampire Tea Party’ colourway I knew I’d have to have that one. When I found it in person nestled right next to the pleasantly green ‘Ghoul’s Gala’, I snagged that one as well, since green is a shade sadly lacking from my expanding Lorna’s Laces stash. (Now that I am 1.5 pairs away from having a Lorna’s Laces Jaywalker pair for every day of the week, I feel the only option at that point is simply to keep going. Maybe one for every day of the month. Who can tell.)


Blue Moon was, unsurprisingly, a strong presence at Sock Summit and their centrally-placed booth always had people browsing. I had planned to simply get a skein of their special ST-2 colourway (how could I resist all the red/pink/purple shades?), but then saw that they had a sizeable rack of mill ends and snagged two of those as well. And then throughout the weekend I would find myself being drawn back…and get more. I surprise myself to have brought back this small heap of Socks That Rock, two heavyweight, one mediumweight, and four lightweight, mostly mill ends. I think this’ll do me for STR for a while, and will let me skip the lineups at The Fold at Rhinebeck. (Famous last words, or no?)


Speaking of Rhinebeck and gaggles of knitters, one vendor I was very happy to have a look at under milder shopping conditions was Briar Rose. Surely they need little introduction, no? Beautifully dyed skeins in long yardages. They are always popular but even though I’ve seen them at Rhinebeck I’ve never made a purchase there. After a bit of decision-making time I took the plunge at their booth at Sock Summit, and made my way off with a sweater’s worth of their bulky weight in a purple-green combination called ‘sonoma’. Perhaps this will take the edge off of the fine gauge sock knitting I am bound to be doing in the near…well, until the end of time, at this rate. Heh.


Now that I have a spinning wheel and will now have to actually start using it seriously can devote more efforts to developing a fibre stash, I did look out for a few nice bits of roving. These ones followed me home from Becoming Art and Wool Candy – two small Etsy dyers I’m unlikely to come across in person soon – and some absolutely decadently soft Australian merino from Ms. Gusset, an indie Australian dyer who I think is still new and developing her business. I don’t think she’ll have too much trouble, with beautiful things such as these.

There are, admittedly, other bits and pieces from my Sock Summit stash, though many have already been gifted away or are reserved for gift knitting. Another thing I haven’t blogged about too much are the actual projects from the four wonderful classes I took, but I think I will enjoy coming back to these throughout the coming fall. (Oh God. It’s almost fall. Someone help).

Today I’m enjoying a restful and hermity day in air conditioned comfort and allowing myself some time to ponder some design work. I hope your weekend is a good one, and that you have some knitting stash to enjoy!


  1. barefootrooster · ·

    i’m drooling. such lovely acquisitions.

  2. The “Vampire’s Tea Party” colorway is simply delectable! I am in envy of your newly acquired stash enhancement, and am looking forward to seeing them knit up. However long that takes. 🙂 I don’t have much stash of my own to enjoy, but the (admittedly *really* pedestrian) Wool-Ease with which I am currently knitting is a lovely soothing blue/purple with flecks sort of thing. From what I’ve seen of your stash colors, I’m sure you’d approve. 🙂 Just the sort of thing to be working with while battling a nasty chest cold. *sigh*

    (Seriously, really looking forward to the WIPs/FOs that ensue from this batch of purchases. Lovely, lovely yarns! Pet them for me, too, OK?)

  3. Great purchases! And it sounds like you were quite reasonable about the whole process. I’m sure if I had been there I would have brought along an extra suitcase for the purpose of carrying home all the yarn I would have inevitable not been able to resist buying. Can’t wait to see you start spinning and knitting with our fibers.

  4. “Vampire’s Tea Party” is the best – it’s gorgeous and witty.

  5. Beautiful stash. Drooling with envy. Question: Do you ever have problems with pooling or spirals with your Lorna’s Laces? I’m working on Jaywalkers now and they’re pooling like crazy (two colours on one side, two on the other). Any suggestions? It’s my first time with the pattern and Lorna’sLaces. Thanks.

  6. Until your stash hits 6000 pounds, you don’t need to worry!

  7. So beautiful. Thanks for sharing…

    Personally I would call my stash Sasha or Zara or something fierce!

  8. Awesome stash enhancement!!! So many gorgeous yarns, and that roving looks lovely!

  9. Haha, that sign is wonderful.

    I am in *love* with those Lorna’s Laces colourways (and LL sock yarn in general), I can’t wait to see what you do with them!

  10. Nice job on enhancing your stash! The Vampire Tea Party is beautiful! And I can’t wait to see your handspun from your roving. Two thumbs up! 🙂

  11. I do love that Vampire Tea Party! Still fighting the Stash Enhancement virus that seems to be going around, but I’m slipping a bit. I keep trying to say “no” but it’s hard! I already have enough yarn to knit through the next year. Don’t want more than that. Don’t…ummmm….ooh, pretty!

  12. Lovely! Isn’t Chris from Briar Rose the best?

  13. I am experiencing stash envy. I keep reminding myself that I saved a LOT of money by not going to Sock Summit, but I can’t say I’m finding myself very effective.

  14. LOL. It’s always a good feeling to have enough sock yarn on hand for a lifetime of sock knitting! I quite agree.

    DH is frowning. I wonder why.

    It will be great fun watching your beautiful roving turn into yarn too. The pressure’s on, girl.

    Thanks for the wonderful peek at the results of your shopping. We’re green with envy.

  15. I am drooling over here… the yarn (and roving) is just lovely!

  16. Most excellent! As much as I love those glorious yarns, the fibre braids are what has me lusting :^) You are going to have SO much fun with those!

  17. I am so jealous of your purchases! I couldn’t be trusted at a marketplace like the one at Sock Summit. I would go crazy!

  18. Yum, particularly the fibre.

  19. Absolutely gorgeous stuff. I love all that yarn! Jealous!!

  20. Beautiful goodies!

    Hey, if you wear the socks Harry Potter style–different color on each foot–you’ll be oh-so-cool with the Potterheads!

  21. All your new stashlets are beautiful!

    (Btw, I love “stashlets”, and might have to infringe on your creative intellectual property rights by incorporating it into my everyday knit speech.)

  22. Nice Haul! I love Briar Rose–glad you took the plunge.

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