Oh my.

So, okay, so Knit Picks came out with new shades of their Palette fingering weight. So, okay, I might not be biggest fan of some of their other yarns, but Palette sort of owns permanent real estate in my stash, and i’ve done three fair isle sweaters with it now and I love it. So, okay, after a few years of gradual and delightful stashing, I already own an unreasonable amount of this yarn. But artists need a palette and cooks need a pantry and knitters need yarn…And fair isle knitters are totally justified in owning a wide palette for their potential canvas.  (They ARE TOO be quiet back there.) So, okay, so I ordered another dozen balls of it.


But, um. I just wish fingering-weight colour-work knitted up a little faster than the rate at which I seem to stash the supplies.

If my stash comes to eat me in the middle of the night, please know that despite its actions as a result of mistreatment and neglect at my hands, I’ll still want it to go to a good home. Maybe I’ll just go hug it to reassure it that I still love it and I’m definitely going to knit it all really soon. And, uh, right along with dealing with all that stupid real life crud that I am forcing myself back to now that my post-Sock Summit haze has cleared. Real life gets me every time. And maybe also this other sweater, shawl, and two pairs of socks I’m already knitting.

I’d better get busy.


  1. Oh my gosh you’ve got a lot of palette yarn! I’ve got quite a bit of palette in my stash too, I often look at it and think about knitting with it, but it hasn’t amounted to much yet… so far just one pair of beautiful fair aisle mittens. if I ever give up on actually knitting with it I now know a good home to send it to. Not that you really need any more…

  2. Nutella Nutterson · ·

    I contemplated buying one ball of every heather palette, in an effort to find the best colorway for my Autumn Rose. Figured I’d have plenty to make mittens, etc. out of… And then I put them all in my “basket.” 26 colors!

    Maybe next paycheck…

  3. barefootrooster · ·

    um, at least you’re making a list of it all, right? thinking about your stash like a pantry makes perfect sense to me. and nobody shames me into thinking there is too much in my pantry — what if one day i wake up and absolutely must use a special kind of mustard? it is important to have sweetened and unsweetened coconut flakes, as well as flakes in small and medium size pieces…

  4. Ah, palette. I don’t even do that much fair isle and I’ve got some tucked away, too! I’m really curious about their city tweed, now.

  5. Ha – you’re funny – hope you get to it before it gets to you

  6. Only a dozen? Really? Only? :^)
    I love the Palette also, it softens wonderfully after a proper bath. I’ve been known to knit lace shawls with it, wonderful yarn! And those new heathers? yumm.

  7. I’ve been wanting to try that palette yarn. Looks lovely. Glad to hear you like it!

  8. I love seeing your colorwork. Your purchase makes me happy as a blog reader because it means we get to see more in the future.

    I’ve been wanting to knit some colorwork mittens for a while…I might just have to check out the Palette heathers and stock up for winter knitting.

    My husband is an artist, and I always compare my yarn and needles to his paints and brushes when he starts to give me a “look” about the size of my stash (he knows better than to speak of it…he only gives the look).

  9. Oh, real life. My mother pointed out that I started knitting right after I quit smoking, and yet she still can’t wrap her mind around why I have so much sock and sweater yarn stashed away “just in case”.

    I guess you have to be part of it to “get it”. The palette will wait for you, I’m sure.

  10. I fully support your acquisition of more yarn for fairisle knitting. Do you read Feral Knitter. I think she has every single colour of J&S jumper weight. even discontinued ones. Lots of colours anyway. Totally justified.

    Dare I ask how 15 minutes a day of research/writing is going?

  11. If any of it needs a foster home, I’m there for you. I can make those kinds of sacrifices for my friends, yesirree!

  12. Real life. Isn’t it a bummer to have to get back to the reality of the fall semester? I was in the middle of the back to school staff development and so followed Sock Summit on the internet. Thanks for the blog posts. Great mental health even though I wasn’t there in person. I’ve made socks with Palette and was quite happy with the. I am thinking of making a shawl from one of the heather colors so I’m glad to see someone else has also used the yarn for a shawl.

    Nebraska Knitter

  13. I just got the new KP catalog in the mail today and I noticed all the new colors!

    For a fair isle newbie, what do you recommend for a first project? Like a vest maybe? I’m thinking steeks, but I dunno…

  14. Do you find that you’re in yarn acquisition mode even more after coming home from Sock Summit? There’s a lingering effect, I think. I have it!

    Those balls of yarn look like Tribbles!

  15. That photo makes me want to start my own collection of Palette. So many pretty colors! Can’t wait to see what it becomes. 🙂

  16. No need to justify the palette! I myself have fallen victim to its siren song, and am steadily stitching to make use of its beauty (ok, that’s a lie. It’s sitting on my coffee table being beautiful. But I’m knitting with it *in my mind*, so that counts, right?)

  17. woolwallah · ·

    In our LYS, uttering the KP phrase requires a deposit in the swear box. Aside from the colours, is this Palette yarn truly any less pil-prone or more reliable & durable than that company’s other cut-rate offerings…

    Just asking

  18. I would just like to point out that in the event of a catastrophe, I would provide a wonderfully good home to that stash of Palette. I crave a Palette of my own with which to try my hand at Fair Isle knitting. Maybe that’s what I should put on my wishlist for my next birthday present. A Big Palette of Palette. I quite like this idea.

  19. Of course a knitter needs her (color, for Fair Isle) stash, just the way a painter needs different colors of paints. Go ahead — ASK a watercolorist what the difference is between all those greens and WHY they need ALL of them. I dare you. 😉 Or a quilter needs umpteen different shades of every color they ever use, in varying sizes of prints. (I’m not going to dare you to ask a quilter the same question. We fabric junkies are at least as rabid as knitters, and maybe more so. At the very least you’d get chapter and verse on scale and contrast and color theory and…. you’d definitely need a lie down after it.)

    However, I think your stash is more likely to trundle up to you some night after you’ve gone to bed and *whimper* at you than eat you. It is, after all, yarn, and soft and smooshy yarn at that. And they DO look like Tribbles! *grin*

    Dang, it woman! You’re going to make ME want to fondle Palette yarn, and haven’t even *glanced* at Fair Isle yet! Give me time to revel in some less mind-boggling projects first, ok?

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