I’m not a yarn addict, I’m a yarn enthusiast.

This is one of the winningest things I have seen on television in a good long while. How do I know? I had to put down my knitting while I was watching, that’s why. Sign me up for Glee.

(Note to self: Glee may only be suitable for stockinette or garter stitch. Productivity may be affected.)


  1. Umm, yeah, my hs glee club was nothin’ like that!

  2. girlunravelled · ·

    yeah, after i skipped a row, i had to frog it 2 more times!!!! it takes a LOT to get me to not pay attention to my knitting, but Glee succeeded!

    yay, great tv again!!!

  3. My kids just made me replay this, like, 5 times. Fun!

  4. KmlSeattle · ·

    I also got hooked on one single episode! And the fact that the hs glee club was doing Amy Winehouse, made it even better!

  5. My life is so boring…

  6. barefootrooster · ·

    um, agreed. i watched the pilot last week!

  7. I recorded it last night to watch this weekend – I knew it would be funny because some of the cast members have been in Christopher Guest’s movies – A Mighty Wind, Best in Show – now I can’t wait!

  8. Quite frankly, anything that combines TV and musical theatre is going to at least get a temporary free pass in my books. I’m totally stoked for this show to start airing more episodes.

  9. Although the whole American high school thing is totally different to the way school is here, I have watched enough ‘high school’ TV (Buffy, where are you Buffy??) to know how things work!! We saw the episode as a sneak preview a month or so ago and I loved it. Can’t wait to see the whole series, though I fear it will be ’boutique’ here and move to odd and late hours. Thank goodness for DVRs!!!

  10. Love Glee!! I haven’t tried to knit during it yet, so thanks for the warning.

  11. Julia in KW · ·

    I KNOW! We loved it! I admit to being so surprized, but at the end, my husband and I turned to each other with big smiles…this looks like must see TV!

  12. My husband laughed the entire way through the Rehab song. Our daughter was in a show choir back in elementary days and I think he was channeling it. Luckily I was on a single color round on the Bohus hat I was knitting!

  13. Well I for one am glad that I am not the only one absolutely smitten by this show! I am so excited about it that I plan to do absolutely nothing while watching it, except watch it.

  14. I’m going to cross my fingers that the BBC decides to show this.

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