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First off, it has dawned on me that I may be heading back into a teal/blue colour jag, as witnessed by both my spinning and the knitting that is about to go back on the needles. I’m going to try to head this off at the pass and cast on something that is not teal, but since I know Chante always manages to catch me on these things, with her steel-trap powers of colour jag observation, I thought I’d better fess up right up front. If you’re anti-teal (though why would you be? it’s so bright yet soothing…) I promise I”ll try not to make it a habit for too long.

Second, I have some show and tell and a question. Back in July when I was in Toronto one week, I met up with Kim and we perused Romni Wools while they were having their summer sale. The summer sale is not to be trifled with. All their yarn goes on 20% off, and the store is huge. If you haven’t trained beforehand, you could really hurt yourself.

I managed to exercise some self-restraint, but even for a person who “wasn’t going to buy anything” (because at this point I was “trying not to buy much before Sock Summit” hahahahahhah), even coming away with a few skeins is a lot. BUT, one of said skeins popped back up in my memory this week and I pulled it out to get ready for the weekend. I’ve got a little bit of car-knitting time in view, and no current sock project in the travel bag, so this seemed like a good bet.


This is a skein of Fleece Artist merino sock yarn, put together with matching yardage of a matching colour of kid mohair/nylon. The idea (I think) is for you knit the two strands together, and since the mohair/nylon is quite sturdy as well as being as soft as kittens, you get a very colourful, soft, decadent, but practical pair of socks. Sign me up. I remember back in May when I was taking Cat Bordhi’s class at Lettuce Knit, the store had just gotten some of this in stock and Cat saw it, saw that it was regularly priced at only $20, and said something like “buy them all right now before they realize what a great deal this is!”

So anyhoo, fast forward to now, when I’m ready to break this kit out and do some soothing stockinette sock knitting with it, and I wind up the merino half and after struggling to find the ends of the mohair/nylon I manage to wind that up too despite the fact that it resembles a matted bundle of cobwebs…


…and that is when I remember that I have managed to never once in my life knit with a brushed mohair/nylon blend like this. Not once.

So my question for you, dear knitting internets, is if you were about to go knit with this stuff and want to save yourself as much agony as possible in the face of clingy grabby mohair….Would you pull that ball from the centre, or the outside?


  1. Outside, for sure. I occasionally get awful snarls from a center-pull ball even when I’m not using velcro yarn. Pulling from the outside will at least minimize the chances of Maniac Magee-style impossible knots until the end.

  2. Another vote for outside. My last center pull of normal sock yarn (75% wool / 25% nylon) developed a very nasty tangle that never did get resolved. (Though I was able to work around it.)

  3. Inside for sure. I have made those exact same socks a few times and one rolling ball of yarn makes for some funny knitting positions.

  4. girlunravelled · ·

    you know me and how much i love center pull balls of yarn.

    that said, with velcro yarn like this, stick it in a ziplock bag so it doesn’t go for a side trip and pull from the outside. i shudder to think of the yarn vomit a center pull ball of mohair could produce.

  5. I have not really knit with mohair yet so I have no advice (also I am a heathen and I roll all of my yarn by hand into the old fashioned balls that I keep in a bowl, bag, or “yarn bra”, stretching be damned), but man oh man is that going to be a cozy, toasty pair of socks; my feet envy yours. Wonder if I can find this kit at the Fair… I’m thinking a baby sweater from this combo in pond-scum green could be really funny, AND warm for a December baby… 🙂

  6. I think that I’d pull the yarn from the outside also as I’ve pulled many a large clump when pulling from the inside. With mohair yarn, I can just imagine the size of the tangle. Good luck with your choice. I can just imagine the softness of the socks. Gita

  7. kateohkatie · ·

    Outside. The way it goes on is the way it should come off, IMNSHO.

  8. Outside. I take a ziploc bag that I have placed a grommet in the side of so the yarn will go smoothly through. That way the yarn won’t catch in the zipper portion and the bag is even more securely shut to protect the prettiness.

  9. Centre, while keeping it inside a ziploc bag – I haven’t had a problem with mohairy stuff yet when I do this…

  10. I vote for outside too. I think you’ll have less chance of sticky tangles. Yours are going to be some cozy feet! 🙂

  11. Wow the ball on the left, looks plain scary…hope it treats you kindly. Sending good thoughts your way.

  12. Ye gods! I cannot imagine coaxing that bundle of fibers into a ball, let alone trying to pull it from the inside!

    That is all. I have nothing further of any use to contribute. 😉

  13. Definitely outside for the mohair. If you got one of those super cool yarn bowls from Jennie the Potter at Sock Summit, it would be ideal for keeping the unwieldy mohair more wieldy.

  14. I’ve always gone with the middle of the ball and don’t remember any real trauma. The knitting always goes o.k., it’s that darned frogging that causes me grief. A trick I did hear about though, (can’t say as I’ve tried it) is to put the mohair in the freezer before you tink/rip; it supposedly stiffens the fibres so that they aren’t able to grap each other so much and separate more easily.

  15. “grap”!?! It was supposed to be “grab”. Oy.

  16. Hmm…I think I would wind both balls together into one, and pull from the inside. It *might* make things easier…or it could lead to a terrible mess. Good luck! 🙂

  17. Sarah B.–
    You may have just inspired me to make cool things for knitters — see-through bags with a protected zipper and installed grommet. I have a snap/grommet press that works like a *charm*, and lots of leftover clear vinyl from a project that never happened. Hmmmmm… 😀

  18. Lol. I was going to make a (tiny) comment when you posted the Rendevous pattern but I let it go becasue you probably designed it when you were deep in the depths of your blue period. I was thisclose to commenting when I saw the fiber but I rationalized that fiber doesn’t count as yarn until its spun so I let that one go also.

    I’m convinced that you are no longer going through a “blue phase” but have now become a lover of the color blue…and you know what? Its OK! I’m addicted to the color green (there I said it). I love the color green and I have a gallon size zip lock bag full of green sock yarn at home to prove it. I guess it was wishful thinking that you might move along from the blue and learn to love green. I hope you and Blue have a happy life together.

    Teal is a nice compromise though 🙂

    BTW, my vote is for the outside. I can just picture pulling up sticky knots from the center.

  19. Definitely the outside.

  20. What’s wrong with a blue fetish? I have a green fetish right now and I am forcing myself to move on. But…just when I thought I was out…it pulls me back in.

    Oh, and I vote for the outside.

  21. Outside. If that baby collapses because you pulled from the inside, you will NEVER untangle it. Not worth the risk, IMHO.

  22. And now I know what your tweet was about!

    Outside, although you’ve already decided to go with that.

    And blue is my favorite color; I knit lots of it. No guilt.

  23. I am just getting over the fact that you were able to use a ball winder on the mohair. I would not have been brave enough to try.

    That said, I would knit from the outside, but you know already what a coward I am!

  24. Definitely outside. Mohair actually is velcro. You’ll end up with a big snarl if it goes from the inside.

    Can’t wait to see the socks!

  25. Definitely on the outside, I had a disastrous experience with that kind of yarn pulled from the center….it always becomes a detangling project rivaling the knitting in the time it takes to complete.

  26. What they said. You do not want to know how I learned this.

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