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In my last post I mentioned that on Saturday I was, at least for a very brief moment in time, on a blank slate. I was free to cast on new things for myself having finished others, and one of the projects I finished was a second Swallowtail shawl.

I made my first one back in June out of Sea Silk, and it is lovely and drapey and beautiful, but I wanted one that would be bigger and cover more of my shoulders and arms. So, I took the pattern and up-sized it, knitting 19 repeats of the buds instead of the instructed 14. For a while i was expecting I would knit 3 repeats of the lily of the valley instead of the 2 in the pattern, but when I finished the 2 in the pattern I realized that a) it didn’t really need a 3rd repeat, and b) if I only did 2 then I would be done sooner.


I’m quite happy with the result. Betty here is modelling it for me (she is so named after Mad Men‘s Betty Draper…since I’m going to be draping my knitting all over her, yuk yuk yuk I kill me), and doing a fine job. For this second, up-sized Swallowtail I used 1.5 skeins of Tanis Fiber Arts fingering weight in ‘Plum’, which on 4.5mm needles left me with a wingspan of just over 5 feet across. Very pleasant. And check out that lovely lacey point…


It’s true that the nupps get easier the more you do them. I find myself much looser on the nupps this time around than on the first go, and I really do like the way they look. I could even start to enjoy the nupps, dare I say.

I have more shawls that i’d like to cast on…once I get through the 2 pairs of socks, 1 sweater, and 1 pair of gloves that have come on the needles since Saturday morning. Nothing like a little bit of knitting to take the edge off of term starting, no? I thought so.

Happy Wednesday – keep the knitting close by!


  1. I love your Swallowtail. Especially the point! The plum color is perfect for it!

  2. ladyoctavia · ·

    It is beautiful! (now you’ve got me wanting to knit a bigger one…)

  3. That’s pretty enough tpo make me consider lifting my bobble ban!

  4. Your swallowtail is stunning! Although I can’t believe you opted to do more nupps- I still haven’t got over doing them, myself. It’ll be a long while before I sign on to do nupps again! Although I do love my swallowtail so much. I’m sure you’ll get lots of wear out of yours!!

  5. Truly beautiful!

  6. I’ve been traveling with no internet access for a week and look at all the wonderful things I missed on your blog! I LOVE the larger Swallowtail…and although I always gravitate towards blue, I love the purple color you chose!

    Please let me know about the NORO sock yarn…I’ve haven’t tried it yet since I thought the NORO may be a bit “scratchy”. But I absolutely have fallen in love with the merino/mohair combo for socks…and both yarns for $20.00 – what a steal! I’ll have to try to find that somewhere…the socks would be toasty warm and super comfy! Thanks for sharing!!!

  7. Swallowtail is a gorgeous pattern that is vaguely in my queue. Yours is beautiful – a very pretty and feminine colour.

  8. Gorgeous! Inspiring! I really need to get over my fear and just cast on a lace shawl. I mean really. I want to wear something like that. I have such beautiful laceweight in my stash…

  9. lovely shawl, your choice of wool is perfect.

    Note to self – hurry up and finish some WIP’s so I can get some Tanis Fiber Arts wool for a project!

  10. Wow, just amazing. I’m wanting to knit that shawl as well, but it looks so complicated! Really beautiful job!

  11. LOVE your Swallowtail! I’ve knit the larger version once.. with lace weight… I find I rather like the size one ends up with using fingering weight and size US5..or were they US6? lol.
    I’ve gotten to where I enjoy nupps and I love the way they look in certain projects.

  12. I can’t believe I forgot my swallowtail at home on Saturday! I really wanted to show it off. I think I ended up doing the same combination as you here – I did 19 repeats of the first chart, then the rest as written. Mine is a bit wider than yours – I think about 67 inches.

    I love the purple colour. Thats really my idea of a colourway. I have that skein of TFA in the blueberry colourway, and you’re making me think it might need to be a shawl or scarf.

  13. Looks great Glenna! I’ve come to realize that one can never have too many shawls. They’re very practical, because even when you’re not wearing them you can drape them over just about anything and they still look good! I have one on a rocking chair in the living room and one on the end of the day bed right now, and two hanging on hooks by the door… art!

  14. Wow, lovely shawl and perfect point!

    Very beautiful knitting work.

  15. Oh, it looks gorgeous!!

  16. This is simply stunning. I would love to make one for myself, but not sure I could handle it. I really battle to read a pattern!?! Here in South Africa, it’s also not that cool to wear shawls. I think I need to start a new trend!

  17. “Better Draper”…I love it!

  18. At some point I will try and resurrect my swallowtail. I pulled it all out and gave up. Maybe it was the yarn and color? I love the plum. Gorgeous!

  19. Betty looks lovely in her new shawl!

  20. Beautiful shawl! I love the color. And yes, I always start at least three or four projects right before school starts in the fall. It makes me feel as if I will still have time for knitting. Jane

  21. Really really pretty. I’ve had some Alpaca / Silk set aside for this project since forever. You may have just prodded me to cast on already!

  22. OMG! That swallowtail shawl in a think of beauty.

  23. I love your Swallowtail. I might make another one day.

  24. Gorgeous! I think that when I get around to making this, I’ll make your larger version. I love the Betty Draper character. She is so glamorous. I can’t wait to see what she wears next! A perfect namesake for your Betty. 🙂

  25. Looks really beautiful!

  26. Oh, Glenna, that’s gorgeous!

  27. It’s really lovely & the color is gorgeous. I knitted the Swallowtail a couple of years ago & hated the nupps. But I do want to knit another & replace the nupps with beads.

  28. Beautiful! This is simpl gorgeous beyond words.

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