Two by two, knits of blue

The thing about coming to that elusive ‘blank slate’ of knitting is that it doesn’t usually last very long. Between last Saturday morning and Monday morning I had cast on no fewer than 4 new projects, two of which were indeed quite blue, as I suspected. (The other two are not entirely blue, and shall appear in this blog in due course.) I think there is something about this deep shade of turquoise that I find extremely comforting. I seem to gravitate towards it in the late winter/early spring, but heck, maybe it’s time for blue to have an autumn turn as well.


This is the beginnings of a new sweater, one which I’ve been wanting to cast on for months and months, but since my sweater-knitting pace this year seems to be not only glacial but exponentially so, it’s taken me forever to getting around to starting it. I love this yarn and can’t wait to have it finished to wear in the fall. It may be a backup Rhinebeck sweater, even.

The pattern is Bonne Marie Burns’ totally cute Cassidy cardigan, yarn is Berroco Ultra Alpaca (one of my top favourite yarns for sure) in Oceanic Mix which I bought back in February on a sale and which has been incredibly patient with me. (This much can be said of my stash – I could clothe myself many days over with knits from it, but I do know how to rock a yarn sale). After 9 days I thought for sure I would have been over the sleeves and into the body by now, but then again my internal knitter clock has always been a bit impatient with my actual real world clock. And besides, the sweater’s doing a little better than my other knit of blue:


These are the Fleece Artist socks of much pondering, with the double-stranding of Merino sock and Angel Hair mohair/silk/nylon. I am enjoying knitting them but sadly they have been pushed not only to transit knitting but second-tier transit knitting, and this is also 9 days’ worth of effort. I will say, though, that I think these are going to turn out very nicely for house socks, but possibly not so much for daily practical wear – I believe they are going to be incredibly warm, thanks to that grabby mohair.

And the blue spinning, that is coming along nicely as well. In my next post, though, I am going to do my darnedest to show you one of the not-blue things. I love it and am just itching to show you all, but it’s not quite done yet. Soon. With that, it’s time to put the knitting clock away and look at the real world one again. Stupid real world. It’s a harsh place, I tells ya.

May your Monday be as painless as possible! Happy knitting tonight.


  1. Your blue knits look beautiful. With such lovely knits who needs any other color? really! πŸ™‚

    I especially like the sock, it reminds me very much of a lovely Hand Maiden Casbah I knitted awhile ago.

  2. Are you using a cable needle with Cassidy or are you one of those really smart knitters who can laugh at a cable needle and those of us too clumsy to go it alone?

  3. Your Cassidy is going to be sooo pretty in blue. πŸ™‚ Both projects will brighten up any cold winter day.

  4. that cardi is going to be SO pretty!! love the blended yarn blue socks- I’ve been knitting with mohair lately, and I love it. grabby and all.

  5. I would have no problem if every single thing you knit from today until the end of time were blue. It’s my favorite colour ever.

  6. Oh those socks look and sound fabulous – whatever colour they are!

  7. Dear Glenna:
    Please see your finished project list just to the right of this comment. *Ahem* Not too shabby, really. Also please note that compared to myself (FO for 2009: one top down basic sweater, a few dish cloths, and 2 (?) hats for general charity purposes) you are the Road Runner of knitters. So, no — you may NOT get down on yourself for not finishing more stuff already this year. Besides, the Autumn Rose sweater so *rocked* that you can coast on that for a LOOOOOONG while….

    Love and kisses,
    Newbie in MN

    I like blue. It’s my happy color. πŸ™‚ and that sweater is going to be gorgeous. However, am I the only one who doesn’t like hooded cardigans? I keep seeing patterns I like, only they have a hood, so I’m forced to wonder what would happen if you knitted the sweater without it — just how big of a pain in the neck (quit literally!) would that be. Not looking for an answer, really, just wondering out loud.

  8. As if I haven’t been craving Serenity or Firefly episodes enough.

  9. I love the color of the yarn!

  10. Despite the creepy undertones of your blog post title (yes, I had “Two by two…hands of blue” running through my head all day), your blue knits look great! If those are the colours you love, don’t fight it – why would you want to knit with something you don’t love? Although I am biased because blue and teal are my favourites too.

  11. P.S. did y’all see the Dr. Horrible sketch on the Emmy’s last night? It’s posted on YouTube if you missed it…

  12. Lovely, soothing blues πŸ™‚

  13. I just got your post title. That is what I believe the kids refer to as “hella creepy.” Aaaah River!

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