I never could get the hang of Thursdays

I’ve got WIPs that I wish were FOs by now, lectures and papers I wish were completely written, and about a zillion and one other things I would love to be doing right this very second instead of attempting to pull productive thoughts out of my brain. The downside of work-at-home days includes how much easier it is to procrastinate, but the big upside is that with just a turn of my head, I can just look out the window, or over at some of my yarn, and some days that alone is a good thing.

Back at the New Year I knitted up a few ‘Korknisse’ corks and gave them some resolutionary signage, and two of them live on the windowsill. Observe them with respect, for lo, they are wise.


What do you wish you were knitting right now? A girl can live vicariously. While getting to the non-knitting stuff one step at a time.


  1. I have things on the needles, but I don’t have a “wish” knit right now. It’s time to pick a fun project, and I’m in a doldrums, just trying to crank out what’s already OTN. :sigh:

  2. OMG! I am finally on the hood of a Vivian that I’ve just been working on since Nancy Pelosi was in a pinafore (ok it just seems that way). I wish it was DONE DONE DONE and I could work on pretty much anything else!

  3. I’ve been hijacked by, of all things, dishcloths! [blushes] Yes, it’s true. They go so fast, and are such a great way to work on new techniques, that I’m addicted (currently, to Mason Dixon’s Lobby Dishcloth). Also, I’d like to be finishing the sleeves on the sweet little baby sweater I’m almost done with, so I can start on the next one. Babies, babies, everywhere – hooray!

    But…here I sit. At work. Work frowns on knitting on the clock. Sigh.

    I love your Korknisse corks. They are wise, indeed.

  4. I’ve been heads down on a cabled yoke cardigan for months and the seaming is killing me but I won’t give up and move on to the MANY other projects I am dying to start till this one is FINISHED.

  5. ladyoctavia · ·

    hmmm…. knitting wish list:

    1. Hourglass sweater out of yarn I also wish to be spinning
    2. Secret Garden Shawl
    3. the long neglected MDAN shawl
    4. Ivy League vest…
    5. more lace…

    but I think I’ll have to settle for E.’s Christmas mittens…

  6. I really wish I was knitting the cabled sweater I promised Chris (fiancé) that I would knit him this Fall…

    Also the Sea Silk shawl that is going to match the dress I’m wearing to my friends wedding perfectly! (the wedding is in 2 weeks, the only progress I’ve made on the shawl is to wind 2 skeins of Sea Silk into cakes.)

    Fancy socks. This year I’ve knit a lot of plain socks, I need to kick it up a notch!

    My very own Rendezvous!!!

    And so, so much more!

  7. I’m enjoying what I’m knitting, and doing a couple of test knits for people, but I have a yellow sock that is totally trying to eat my soul! Funny how some knits are like the biggest chores ever….

  8. I’m still working on the Elizabeth Zimmerman “Surprise Baby Jacket”. So far so good but I’m coming up to directions that I have to figure out.

  9. I wish I was knitting the op art baby blanket from knitty…I wish..

  10. I wish I was knitting the Featherweight cardigan and the BOB sweater. I’m stuck finishing 4 baby sweaters for our friends’ kids that are arriving in October. Maybe after that I can get on to what I really want to knit!

  11. Who knew a cork with a sign could be so expressive? I wish I were knitting something that was closer to being finished…

  12. Ohh, I have the same problem with Thursdays! I am faced with the list of things I planned to get done during the week along with the realization that the week is pretty much over…so let the daydreaming commence!

    I wish I could go on a knitting retreat at a cabin by a lake with a fridge full of delicious food (already assembled), with no cell reception and an internet Firewall that would only allow access to Ravelry. Here is what would I would be not only casting on, but completing (clearly in my fantasy I am also the world’s fastest knitting) on this magical retreat:

    1. Girl Friday
    2. Jared Flood’s Cobblestone Pullover
    3. Seascape Stole

    And for the cool nights knitting by the lake, I would be wearing Michelle Wang’s Eternity Scarf.

  13. I wish I was knitting cables! Its that lovely cabley time of year.

  14. I have a number of sweaters (like 4, or more, many from Knitty) that I’d like to dig into that I can’t for some dumb reason. Like, not having the right yarn, and not being able to drop all in one place the $$ it would take to *get* the yarn right now. Also feeling nervous about venturing into color work. There is a great “buffalo plaid” sweater (fairly plain at that) that I want to work up for my husband, but I’m a little scared. How far can you carry floats on the back of your sweater? ‘Cause the blocks seem a little big, but the sweater is knit in the round to the bottom of the armscyes, so bobbins are sort of right out…. And again, the yarn (Linus) is a little spendy for me to go drop $$ on it right now. All in one wad. (The $$ I recently spent on cross-stitch type needlework, now that was easy to spend. Possibly because it was a bit here and a bit there, and not one wad.)

    Also feeling a little apprehensive about taking the next steps in my knitting education and struggling with that mightily. I need to remember that mistakes are OK, we learn from mistakes, and knitting can generally be done over with little to no consequence (unless mohair is involved). So right now I’m sort of treading water with fooling with a hat pattern I got off http://www.knitandtonic.com (Le Slouch), some yarn that may or may not be appropriate (Noro Silk Garden, blue/green/purple colorway), and trying to find appropriate yarn for the mittens I really, really want to start too.

    Given the length of my recent replies, I may need to get my own blog, too. ‘Cause I can post to that in my copious spare time. *rolls eyes* Or I can just keep coming here and a couple of other places to ogle FOs.

  15. P.S. (And then I promise to shut up)

    LOVE the Hitchhiker’s Guide ref! 🙂 And the Firefly ref on your last post. AND the Viper Pilot socks. (which I am SO going to do when I get to sock knitting!) Am delighted to know that I am in no way the only Geek Girl knitter. 🙂

  16. Cabled Eyelet cardigan from last winter’s VK – from the Aran Group – mine will be in brown…

  17. clarabelle · ·

    I’m itching to start the Harry Clarke stole by Kieran Foley. I have the yarn and beads all ready to go. I cannot start until I have two WIPS finished – and yes, I can’t wait for them to be FOs as well!

  18. I’ve just moved towns, started my new job (teaching doesn’t start until 12 Oct, thank the gods!), and really wish I could cast on right here and now for the March of Fibres by Liz Lovick. I will start swatching tomorrow, when I am reunited with my fibry possessions that I was forced to leave behind in Cornwall when I once again became a peripatetic academic in early August.

    At least the new place is in a wonderful location, almost makes up for not being in Cornwall anymore. Almost…

  19. OMG. I love your little cork people..
    (seeing as how I didn’t find you till SS09)

    I’m excited about NoSoKnit tomorrow! I’ll be knitting a sock so I can chat and shop and have a grand time!

  20. I wish I were knitting a sweater. I think it’s been a year since I’ve attempted one (not counting a vest I’ve attempted this spring but didn’t finish due to its not fitting right…)

  21. I’m working on some bears for the Mother Bear Project (which is fun too) and wishing I could start on my Storm Cloud Shawlette in Dream in Color Smooshy (Strange Harvest). Your pink mohair ? looks yummy.

  22. I really want a big, chunky, hooded cabled vest. But I have to finish this damned poncho, and start baby knitting for my sister’s imminent sproglet.

    I love your corks. I may have to borrow that idea for stocking stuffers!

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