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I thank you all so much for the lovely comments on the ’14 Karat’ socks – I’ve had them finished for so long and it makes me very glad to finally show them off. Thank you, again, for the compliments! In the mean time, I’m about finished with a few other things and looking ahead […]

14 Karat

Here they are, folks, my latest sock pattern here at Knitting to Stay Sane and, if I may say, some darned pretty ones at that. I’ve had these done up for a few months now and it gives me great pleasure to finally set them out into the world to seek their fortune be knitted […]

Forward motion

One of the most gratifying and reaffirming experiences a knitting designer can have is to have a design accepted for publication. It means that someone else has looked at my work and said, “Yes, this is good work. Other people will want to make this.” I had this feeling a couple of months ago, when […]

Don’t just sit there, learn something

I like taking pictures. I always try to have photos in my blog posts, and feel a bit odd whenever I have a text-only post up here. When knitting and yarn and things related to those form about 95% of your subject matter, it’s hard not to include pictures. And I don’t think my photos […]


So you know sometimes one evening when you have to find that second skein of yarn for the pair of socks you’re working on, so that you can finish the first one on the bus and then take the second skein with you as a sort of security blanket, and then you go to your […]

What comes of not having a plan

Exhaustion is starting to become a theme around these parts. Now that the term is in full swing I’m starting to feel it, and even though in a couple of weeks I know I’ll start to turn that corner when the end is near and I get a burst of energy back, right now it […]

If you can find a group of people

Here I sit this morning, enjoying some of Manhattan’s fine caffeine and free wireless, pondering the happenings of the weekend, regretting my return to the real world, envying all these stylish New York women who breeze around elegantly in their wool coats and tall boots and brilliant handbags and wondering what sort of effort it […]

So far so good.

The yarn-ish part of Rhinebeck is now complete. But thankfully the people part of Rhinebeck is still going. Totally jazzed to be hanging with Elspeth and her peeps for dinner tonight. More tomorrow!

In New York, quickly

1. After a self-shortened but tiring work week I made it yesterday afternoon to New York City, in happy anticipation of Rhinebeck this weekend. Very excited about Rhinebeck. Less excited about the pouring rain of yesterday. 2. But apparently Southern Ontario is already getting snow, and I am conflicted about whether I prefer the rain. […]

Socks on Sunday

Thank you all so much for your comments on my last post. It is wonderful to hear from so many people who want to get into the world of sock knitting – after all, sock knitting has pretty much transformed my own knitting life! With the help of a random number generator, I am pleased […]