Stranded again

On Saturday afternoon I was merrily engaged in another Advanced Level Knitting Technique: In-Transit Stranded Colour-work. (Because really, if you’re not working up a colour-work hat while crammed onto a commuter bus sailing down the highway towards the big city, I just don’t think you’re as committed to this whole “knitting” thing as you should be.)


I please myself to say I executed most of the crown shaping on that bus ride without any dropped stitches (though sadly my cute dragonfly stitch marker was the casualty…It was clearly the sacrifice the knitting fates were looking for and I had lost it by the end of the ride). But of course, this being colour-work and all, my eyes were pretty well glued to the knitting and I totally missed out on the degree of weirded-out glances I undoubtedly received.

This is the Beaumont tam, from Jared Flood’s recently released Made in Brooklyn booklet. It is a beautiful pattern and relatively quick to execute as colour-work projects go. And though this was the first time I’d worked with the project-specified yarn, Classic Elite Fresco, I doubt it will be the last. It’s soft, the colour selection is great, and it’s got bunny in it (10% angora/30% baby alpaca/60% wool), and I will definitely need one of these hats for myself somewhere down the road.


Because yes, this hat is no longer in my hands but lives with the fabulous ladies of the Purple Purl. The last time I was in the shop, Miko somehow managed to walk me over to the Fresco and hold me in thrall long enough to convince me to knit them up a Beaumont, and I left the shop with the ribbing already on the needles and a vague sense that I had somehow gotten myself hosed.

But naturally, I say this with love, because sample knitting is a very rare thing for me (aka “what do you mean I have to do all this knitting and time and don’t even get to KEEP IT FOR ME ME ME ALL ME” sort of knitting), but it’s very easy to do when you love the home that the knitting is going to. I’m just so super happy that the Purple Purl is about to turn Two Years Old. It feels like they’ve been around a whole lot longer than that, and I hope they never leave. Even though it takes me an hour and a half to get there, they are the store that feels most like my Local Yarn Shop.


Do you have a beloved Local Yarn Shop? What fabulous things have happened at your LYS lately?

Have a fantabulous Sunday evening, and hopefully a manageable Monday ahead!


  1. So pretty! I love the color combination and the slight angora halo.

    Hmmm… I don’t really have an LYS that really feels like home. I do quite like Nina here in Chicago and Chix with Stix in Forest Park, IL.

  2. What a beautiful hat, from the colors to the pattern – it’s perfect. I am fairly new to knitting (I taught myself less than a year ago) but one day I hope to make it to this technique level. I am sad to say that I don’t live near a LYS, so I am stuck with Michaels, but maybe one day…..

  3. Golly Glenna, That is some way fabu-knitting, an exquisite beret, and of course you’re sample knitting – you’re the tops. Me…still on a three year slog-of-a-log-cabin…

    Thanks for the blog!

  4. ladyoctavia · ·

    The hat is lovely! (Do you have plans to do a general review of Jared Flood’s book?)

    I MISS THE PURL!!!! 😥

    It is still my favourite LYS even though I don’t live anywhere near it any more.

    And sample knitting is pretty cool, if you ask me.

  5. Ooooh that’s so pretty!! I love the BT booklet. I need to make a hat or 2 out of it and maybe a shawl. I dunno. It seems that all my plans for Christmas knits are turning into socks. My mom just requested a pair of cherry red, and tan/brown socks for Christmas. Guess I don’t get to make her that cowl I was going to make. *sigh*

    Love the glittens btw!

  6. I agree about the LYS feel – although there are a few much closer to me, I find the Purl so friendly and comfortable I don’t mind the drive – or finding parking

    the hat is lovely – the yarn just looks soft and bunny-like…

  7. I just LOVE that pattern (along with everything else in that BT booklet), and I even have a couple skeins of fresco in the stash that are just the right colors.

    My favorite LYS (and I’m lucky to have several to choose from) is the one where they know me by name and talk to my kids.

  8. That is a beautiful hat!!! I am still learning alot of the basics, but I look forward to trying colorwork soon.

  9. Gorgeous hat!! There are at least 3 yarn stores between me and the Purl but it’s still my LYS in my heart. Jen and Miko have created a wonderful home for knitters. I’ll make sure to look for your hat next time I’m there.

  10. You crack me up!! I’m so impressed that you made a lovely hat AND got off at the right stop! And obviously now you’ll have to buy TWO replacement dragonfly markers! lol And, I too, love the glittens – maybe then I’ll even use my iPod!

  11. I still consider The Purl my LYS. I so wish I could get there by bus. I guess it would have to be a *magic* bus for me to get there in any amount of time. I mean, I would need an airplane. Sigh!

    I’ve also fallen to Miko’s “glamoring” and have knit several samples for them so I know exactly what you’re feeling. It is definitely hard to say no.

    Beautiful work (natch) and I love the yarn!

  12. I’ll stay uncommitted I think but that’s a lovely hat!

  13. Love that color combo! Glad your transit knitting adventure went off smoothly, aside from the loss of your stitch marker.

  14. tinebeest · ·

    Manageable monday: well, I managed to find my students at the freshers’ lunch!
    LYS: there are 3 I consider “local” to me in Cornwall: the Wool Basket in Falmouth is great for a quick fix, or basics; I still have to see the likes of the collection at Truro Fabrics (in Truro, obviously) anywhere near me; and then there is Knitwits in Penzance, who also own Cornish Organic, and stock a wide variety of other lovely yarns. Getting there is a bit more of a journey with public transport but it is worth it. Oxford is less of a yarnie place, still finding out about it…

  15. I love visiting the Purl and getting to visit your samples! Its like spotting a celebrity out in public!

  16. Lovely hat!

    We’re lucky with our LYSes in Van…there are two that I particularly love: Baaad Anna’s (which just opened up down the street from me…eep!) and Three Bags Full. And there are a handful of others that lack the atmosphere, but still carry some good stuff.

  17. Beautiful hat! And it’s very impressive that you didn’t drop any stitches on the bus. Too bad you lost your dragonfly stitch marker.

    I’m lucky to have several great LYSs here in Southern California. None of them are close enough for me to actually go hang out and knit on a whim, but I do visit them frequently. 🙂

  18. I don’t have a LYS, but if you live near Blacksburg, VA, visit MOSAIC. What beautiful yarn! Even locally made stuff.

    Your sample is just beautiful!

  19. The hat is fabulous — I’m not sure I could have parted with it!

    We have two LYSs in Madison and at least three more in the suburbs. I can’t pick a favorite, though; they hall have their strong points.

  20. that hat is stunning!! I try not to buy awesome stitch markers that often- I lose them all over the place….

  21. Northmoon · ·

    Purple Purl is my LYS, and a fine welcoming place it is!!

    So I can go in and fondle your beautiful sample hat in person.

    It looks so lovely that it may even fufill the purpose of a sample – convince me that I must immediately purchase the materials and cast on one for myself.

  22. Well, really…. can’t you work out a deal whereby you get the knitted thing *back* after they are done displaying it? Unless they do something totally noble and donate the knitted things/auction them off for charity. ‘Cause then asking for it back would be rather crass.

    I guess I never thought about how those samples in the knit shops get knitted. I may have thought that the employees were given incentive (like, say, free or really, really cheap yarn) for knitting them up. I know that there are incentive programs for the stitchers at fabric shops.

    Don’t really have a LYS of my own yet, although there are apparently many in the Twin Cities area (Minneapolis/St. Paul Minnesota). The one I go (Zandy’s Yarn, Etc.) to most frequently is across the street from the yoga studio where I teach dance on Saturdays — it’s really convenient to just stop by there after class, and they carry a selection of needlework supplies also. VERY nice women in that shop. Good for a chat up or to help one make decisions regarding alternate color for the linen background for one’s latest stitching obsession. For which one still needs a number of flosses. (They are on back order. *sigh*) But…I dunno. They are relatively far from my house, and they don’t seem to encourage random drop in knitting or gatherings so much as classes. And I’m not going to say that their selection is bad — it isn’t — it’s just rather limited, due to it being a small shop. Nice selection of needles, though, and the extra embroidery/Hardanger supplies are a bonus.

    I am hoping to attend an open studio night at a much closer shop (The Fiber Studio) at the end of this month. They do seem to be more spinner/felter focused, but have all sorts of stuff in the shop. I guess. I haven’t been there yet, and should do that sometime. 😀 I have a gift certificate to Depth of Field which I really need to use, but figure I should have some patterns with me to narrow my focus a bit. I have random stash already, and my mom would probably appreciate me using her gift to get something I can actively use. 😉

    Going back to lurking and hoping other Minneapolis/St. Paul knitters chime in with suggestions….

  23. So are you telling me I need to start knitting during my commute? I’m pretty sure that’s illegal in this County.

  24. Sadly, I don’t really have a LYS. There’s two shops in my city that carry yarn, but they should switch. Store no. 1 has a good stock, many interesting and luxurious yarns, but the owner is snooty and everything is overpriced. Store no. 2 is a very, very basic store with many acrylics but the owner is very sweet and willing to cut you a lot of deals. If they could switch owner, that would be great!

    I buy most of my yarn online because so many yarn shops charge e.g. Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn at LEAST double of what I would pay for it online. As a student, I can’t afford to always support local yarn stores.

    So I envy many of you Americans and Canadians for your awesome yarn stores. If I ever come to Canada… well, there may be reports of a tiny Danish woman living in the cellar of the Purple Purl and skeins of yarn disappearing mysteriously. *cough*

  25. rebekahsyarn · ·

    Oh its gorgeous!

  26. Wow – I love that hat! I am a fan of the color purple so this really caught my eye. I hope to one day advance to that skill level. I am just getting comfortable enough to add stripes to my hats. LOL I only started knitting in late 2009.

    Best wishes!

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