Socks on Sunday

Thank you all so much for your comments on my last post. It is wonderful to hear from so many people who want to get into the world of sock knitting – after all, sock knitting has pretty much transformed my own knitting life! With the help of a random number generator, I am pleased to announce the winner of the copy of the Big Book of Socks is….Kathleen! An email has been sent to her and the book will be headed her way.

Speaking of sock yarn, I’m pondering which of my stashed Lorna’s Laces to pull out for my next transit-knitting pair of Jaywalkers. Clearly when I said my next pair was not going to be anywhere in the purple or red or green area, I was on the crack. It’s so hard to choose…


This is how it starts, folks. One day you’re innocently knitting your first pair of socks, and then suddenly you have to start sub-categorizing your yarn stash not just according to yarn weight, but different brands of yarn weight.

Not that you’ll hear me complaining, of course.

It’s gearing up for Thanksgiving time around these parts, or certainly around my house. Technically Canada celebrates Thanksgiving tomorrow but like many our family feasts on the Sunday. If you’re in the ‘top half’ of North America, Happy Thanksgiving! And a happy weekend to all, nonetheless.


  1. The green is so beautiful!

    For Thanksgiving will you have turkey and dressing and cranberries like us Yanks?

  2. They are all delicious. No wonder you can’t decide.

  3. barefootrooster · ·

    lovely. can’t wait to see which colorway you choose!

  4. So no purple, red, or green… what DOES that leave, orange? Royal blue? You’re not giving yourself a whole lot of wiggle room with that one.

    That said, I’d go with the green. It stands out so prominently there!

  5. Happy Thanksgiving! I’d go with the blues on the left, but I always go with blue. πŸ™‚

  6. Happy Thanksgiving!

    I like the blue/red combo 2nd from the left — it seems to leap off the computer screen at me. Of course, the hot pink on the right end seems awfully lovely, too. Hmmmmm…. decisions, decisions. Better you than me. πŸ˜‰

    Just started a pair of mittens — another first! — in a Glenna approved colorway, I’m sure. Mixed stormy blue/turquoise that goes darker and some hints of orange. Should be fun. I think I need shorter DPNs, though….

  7. Just to be different, I say go with the pink on the right! I do love the green, but if you’re trying to go different, go pink – and it is Breast Cancer Awareness month πŸ™‚

  8. Elizabeth L in Apex, NC · ·

    Happy Thanksgiving! (And happy sock-yarn-selection… you can’t go wrong with whichever you choose anyway!)

  9. Kathleen won the sock book! PHOOOOEY! congrats, Kathleen. Can I borrow it sometime?

  10. Use the purple and gray second from right. I’d love to see how it knits up.

  11. GREEN!!! It’s gorgeous and totally you!

  12. It’s funny how a stash of Lorna’s Laces starts, isn’t it? I was putting some away the other day and suddenly realized that I had lots more than I thought I did. It’s like the three jars of baking powder kicking around in the cupboard…I know I’ll need it, so I always have extra.

  13. They’re all so pretty. I’d pick whichever one is calling to me the most. Happy Thanksgiving!

  14. Greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen! I reallyreallyreally want to see that colourway knit up. And they will be gorgeous Jaywalkers.

    Congrats, Kathleen!

  15. ladyoctavia · ·

    πŸ˜€ I like the green or purple.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  16. GinkgoKnits · ·

    I vote for the skein that’s second from the left — the red and grey. It looks like it might pattern beautifully with the chevron stitch.

  17. i say, help global (and foot) warming…GO GREEN!! ‘->

  18. Are you living in my stash? I have all of those colorways. I have a particular fondness for the purple, though. I vote for that one.

  19. It makes me said that you had to go back to work.
    I miss your posts.
    You wrote more when you were enjoying that “off work” part of your life.
    And for the sake of keeping on topic…which colour did you go with? Actually, I’ld like to see a shot of all your Jaywalkers side by side and then we could give you a more balanced and informed opinion.

  20. Wow what is the coulorway of the yarn on the far left? THe blue, purple and green one?

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