In New York, quickly

1. After a self-shortened but tiring work week I made it yesterday afternoon to New York City, in happy anticipation of Rhinebeck this weekend. Very excited about Rhinebeck. Less excited about the pouring rain of yesterday.

2. But apparently Southern Ontario is already getting snow, and I am conflicted about whether I prefer the rain.

3. I am still so indecisive that I wound up not one but two colourways of my Lorna’s Laces (the Jimmy’s Journey and Vera) to choose for my next pair of Jaywalkers.

4. And then bought more at Knitty City anyway. (Valentine and Montrose. Mmmm, Lorna’s Laces)


5. Also arrived yesterday in time to finally pay a visit to the Guggenheim museum.

6. Fun fact: Did you know the Guggenheim is closed on Thursdays?

7. However, the Metropolitan Museum of Art is not closed, is just down the street from the Guggenheim, and has a cool Vermeer exhibit and newly re-opened American Wing, where you can finally go see that cool Tiffany glass window and all the neato sculptures.



8. I finished Cassidy in time to bring along for Rhinebeck backup, which may have been better foresight than I realized since it’s made with Ultra Alpaca and reports are calling for actual snow on Saturday. But it still wants buttons and a proper photographing.


9. So I spent a couple of frantic days of knitting time before I left making up a Slouchy Copy Cat beret so that I would have a Rhinebeck hand-knit that I could actually show off on the outside of my coat.

10. But it turns out Rebecca’s kitty liked it too so I haven’t been able to photograph it properly yet either.


11. Am now frantically trying to finish a scarf to match. Some would say folly, I would say “ambitious.”

12. Will now commence attempt to insert self fully into knitting world and forget this “real world” everyone talks about. Rhinebeck, here I come!


  1. Have an awesome time! Gorgeous sweater, even in low light.

  2. The weather looks like it’s going to be dismal. I’ve packed handknits galore for the weekend. I hope to run into you!

  3. Ambition is what fuels a knitter’s life! Me, I cast on a pair of mittens this morning that I want to wear at Rhinebeck tomorrow. It can be done…I think.

  4. Ambitious, insane…it’s all the same! And I would certainly do the same thing. Love the sweater and the cat. Have a marvelous time. I envy you the weather. Here in Colorado (home of the infamous Balloon Boy) summer has returned. So much for MY completed sweater, hat, and socks!

  5. Have a great time! And your knitting is as always GORGEOUS. I can tell I want to knit a hat just like that even with a cat perched on top. 😀

  6. Too bad about Guggenheim. It’s like Murphy’s Law- when you want to go, you can’t!

    (Here’s a little addendum to fun fact #7)
    Good thing it wasn’t Monday–The Met is closed that day 😉

    Even though it was “quickly”……at least you made it to the Met!

  7. Love the hoodie, and the Lorna’s laces! cats are so awesome- they know that you want to photograph (or block, or knit…) something and they get right up on it.

    have fun at Rhinebeck!

  8. Living vicariously through your experiences…. le sigh. Met and Rhinebeck both.

    Minnesota already HAD snow. Snow last Saturday that didn’t stay past mid-day (but showed the people so enthusiastic about outdoor stadiums the folly of their ways), and snow Sunday/Monday that STAYED through the day Tuesday. I am not ready for this yet. I want my Indian Summer, dammit!

    Had to rip back mittens I was working on — started with the wrong size. I apparently have the hands of a 10 year old. We’ll see how the next iteration works….

    Enjoy all the sheepy and wooly goodness! The sweater looks great and the kitty looks comfy. 🙂

  9. The cat likes the copy cat beret? Too funny! Have a great weekend, even if it snows. We’ll want pictures and blog update, of course…

  10. You go girl. Done before dinner. That’s my motto.

  11. Number 10 made me laugh outloud.

  12. Excellent hat – I have faith.

  13. Aren’t the Tiffany windows magnificent? I love going to the Met.

    Have a wonderful time at Rhinebeck — can’t wait to hear all about it.

  14. Have a great time! I so wish I could be there. Since I can’t, have enough fun for me too! I can’t wait to hear all of the details. That kitty knows a good thing when she/he see one. 😉

    It’s Saturday, so you’re there having fun right this very minute. 🙂

  15. Sounds like fun, and I’m with you on the forget the real life thing

  16. I said, “Wow! that’s fantastic!” out loud when I saw the Cassidy sweater. I can’t wait to see the final photos.

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