What comes of not having a plan

Exhaustion is starting to become a theme around these parts. Now that the term is in full swing I’m starting to feel it, and even though in a couple of weeks I know I’ll start to turn that corner when the end is near and I get a burst of energy back, right now it seems to be enough just to make it to dinner time. So it is both enjoyable and odd that I would add another layer of travel exhaustion onto all of this by hauling myself off to a weekend wool festival.

The reason I bring this up is that today I got home in time enough to photograph my Rhinebeck purchases (daylight hours are starting to diminish), and dudes….some of this stuff I only have vague memories of buying it. And then I remembered that my Saturday at Rhinebeck was sort of this odd plan-less mixture of relaxation (from being with all the knitters and the wool) and fatigue (from the work-travel cocktail), and not only that but guys…I had no plan whatsoever when I went to Rhinebeck this year. None. I think the extent of my plan was “I like yarn and will buy some.” Usually I say to myself “I will look for a sweater’s worth of something in worsted” or “must definitely stop by this particular booth,” but this year by the time I realized I should have done that, it was mid-afternoon and my tote bag was already half-full and I was sort of adrift on impulse. Next year I will go with a plan.

Not that I came home with crap, mind you. Oh no. I may have picked up bits and bobs of things that I didn’t fully understand at the time (like the armload of A Touch of Twist in this post, which is beautiful but I swear I have no idea what I am going to do with it), but mostly I think I chose wisely.


As, for example, with these 3 Into The Whirled braids. I know that once I finally get back into a spinning routine, these will be so much fun to try out. They are, from bottom to top, merino, merino/silk/bamboo, and polwarth. And the colours are beautiful and how can you go wrong with awesome colour?

Also, for the first time this year I finally made it into the Brooks Farm booth. (Note to self: get there earlier next year). This was the point in the day when I was trying to find a sweater yarn, but then flamed out and decided “you know, Glenna, maybe you should shoot for hat and mitts.” (The temperatures may have had something to do with this thought). So after some decision-making, I got 3 skeins of Solana, which is a worsted-weight superwash that comes in their usual awesome Brooks Farm colours.


I also remembered the sock yarns. I remembered to go by the Holiday Yarns booth, because I got a skein of their Flock Sock last year and quite liked it, so I grabbed a skein in ‘Orange You Glad’ to break out of my colour norms, and also a Kitri kit (not pictured). The red and the blue yarns there are J Knits sock yarn, from the Seaport Yarns booth, because I remembered at the end of the day that I’m currently on the lookout for red and blue sock yarns (for a design project currently in its conceptual stage…soon…soon…)


But you know, I think my favourite purchase from the day were these 2 skeins of sock yarn (fingering weight, in the teal, and sport weight in the lilac) from Steam Valley Fibers.


It’s a vendor I haven’t purchased from before, and you know, those 10 minutes or so that I spent looking at all the colours and pondering which ones to get, and chatting with the other knitters who were looking at the same yarn, and then paying and inquiring briefly about the yarn with the vendors themselves…those were a pretty good 10 minutes. One of the challenges at Rhinebeck is the crowds and the patience and the wanting to get to the yarn that you want, and you know, the Steam Valley Fibers booth wasn’t stressful at all. It wasn’t empty by any means, but it was still good to get into and get out of and the yarns were beautiful. I like these 2 skeins.

So even though I wish I’d been a bit more organized about my purchasing, I’m happy that I grabbed several things I’ve not tried before, and as a result I have expanded my toolbox stash a bit more. I’ve got some things that I’m glad to try out or see what comes of them, even if they don’t have specific plans attached.

And you know…looking at all the yarn now, I gotta say, it’s pretty restorative. I like yarn. And it’s nice to look at and know that it’ll become something, some time in the future.

Knit on, my blogland friends!


  1. So much pretty yarn (and fiber)!

  2. Ooooooh! Aaaaaaaaaaah! Mmmmmmmmmmm!


  3. I think you were in a yarn trance. Now you’ve woken up, and it was all a dream…except for that evidence, right there. Pretty stuff!

  4. Sigh. Beautiful.

    I like yarn, too 🙂

  5. I just found your blog, and have been really enjoying going back through past posts. Beautiful things you knit and fun pictures too! I felt a vicarious thrill at your account of Rhinebeck, which I’ve never been to (but some day…)–it was fun following you around! Looking forward to reading more…

  6. Anne/Annimol · ·

    Nice haul!

  7. Christine · ·

    I have a skein that purple yarn (or at least very close to it) from Steam Valley. It just happened to catch my eye as we walked past the stall. My friend laughed because I made actual “grabby hands” as I reached for it.

    I can’t wait to knit with it.

  8. Oooh great finds!

  9. kateohkatie · ·

    I like yarn as well 🙂 Great finds! Can’t wait to see what you come up with for the red and blue sock yarns 🙂

  10. So.Much. Gorgeous. Yarn……

  11. That’s a pretty nice haul. I love Brooks Farm. I made a sweater out of their Four Play and loved knitting with it. I’ll enjoy wearing it this winter. When you feel exhausted and overwhelmed, just take a little time to sit and pet your beautiful yarn. 🙂

  12. Maybe it was the weather? I don’t know. I went with a PLAN. I had a list, even. With projects and yardage amounts and even pictures so I would remember which project was which. And I put down all the vendors I wanted to make sure I went to and their buildings, and and and. And I had a BUDGET.

    Yeah. You hear that laughter? That’s because I spent my budget and HALF AS MUCH AGAIN.

    But I wouldn’t give a single skein back, so there. (Briar Rose where where I fell down go boom, in case you’re wondering, and it was all downhill from there.)

  13. I think you did a great job shopping –especially in a work-travel funk! And I agree the sock yarn is to die for!

  14. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm, yarn! 😀 Very pretty — nice choices. The roving/twists make me want to spin, especially the green and blue one.

    Re: work/travel funk. Please to remember we are heading into the Dark Time up here. Internal clocks winding down and all that. Probably a factor. But now you have new bright yarn to bring sunshine into your home on grey, cloudy days! Hopefully it will help.

    Be good to yourself. Pet the yarn. And your students appreciate you, even if they don’t know it yet. 😉

  15. You did choose some nice purchases. I think a buying plan does make it easier, I tend to be in a right dither without one!

  16. Ooh, looks like fun. One of these years I’m going to get to Rhinebeck…

  17. Elizabeth · ·

    I was sorry not to run into you – this was my first time, so I was quite overwhelmed. The Into the Whirled makes me think you spent time being enabled by Molly! I also fell for Kitri.

  18. Gorgeous yarn and beautiful fibre. I’m always too restrained at fibre festivals!

  19. And what a great interview!!! Absolutely terrific.

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