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One of the most gratifying and reaffirming experiences a knitting designer can have is to have a design accepted for publication. It means that someone else has looked at my work and said, “Yes, this is good work. Other people will want to make this.” I had this feeling a couple of months ago, when I had a sock pattern accepted for publication in Knotions, for the Winter 2009 issue. Right about now was when I had expected to be able to tell you all about it, when the Winter 2009 would be previewed and then announced soon after. As it happens…this will not come to be.

As it happens, the Fall 2009 issue was the last for Knotions – Jodi made the announcement on Saturday, and it was very much the right decision for her. Magazines, even online magazines, cannot simply fall out of the sky and materialize out of thin air, and I know Jodi’s decision to discontinue Knotions must have been weighed very very deeply and carefully. There is an emotional and energetic cost to doing our knitting work, and this needs to be made sustainable just as much as the material costs do. I have nothing but empathy for her and I know she’ll be able to move forward with her knitting life in new and exciting ways.

As for me, I am left with the question of what to do with my little sock pattern. I know that if it had been published, I would have received compensation for it. On the other hand, if it had been published, it would also have been available to knitters for free. I could also hang onto it for a bit longer and try to submit it for consideration somewhere else.


I have had it in the works for several months and most of all I want it to be out in the world where other people can knit it. After a bit of my own debate, I have decided that I will move forward with the pattern as a sale item. If I believe my work has value, and if I believe my efforts over the weeks and months of developing the pattern were also valuable and worthwhile, then I have to believe it is worthwhile to ask for material value in return. (And heck, many of you may look at the pattern and say, “pfft, that’s ugly. I don’t want to make that.” And then you’ve just saved yourself a couple of bucks!)

It’s a hard choice to make and I hope that this one will also be good. The other designers who would have had patterns in the same issue will have to make the same choice for themselves, and they may well choose differently – and that is fine, too.

So, I present to you here a first glimpse at 14 Karat, my latest sock design. Full details and download information will follow soon and I’ll be very excited to finally tell you all about it. I think the socks are awful purty, and am just so glad to put them out into the world for all to see.


  1. Pretty socks, and awesome picture — I love that the foliage is a variation on the color of the socks! THAT had to take some scouting around to find.

    Congratulations on (almost) getting published, and good on you for deciding to make this a compensated project/pattern. As a professional seamstress/dressmaker/alterationist/costumer, I can tell you this: people really do appreciate more what they have to pay for. And your designs are worth it.

    Yaaay for Glenna! 🙂

  2. kateohkatie · ·

    BEAUTIFUL design, and a gorgeous photo! It’s modeled beautifully 🙂

  3. Those socks are fabulous Glenna! Can’t wait to see in on Ravelry!

  4. It really is a lovely design, and one I would purchase.

  5. They’re lovely! I’m glad you’ve decided to make them available.

  6. congratulations, it’s a lovely design. i’m sad to see knotions go, but i understand her reasons.

  7. Gorgeous as always!!

  8. They are purty. And a good pattern is worth $.

  9. Can’t wait to buy this pattern! I think it’ll definitely be worth every penny.

  10. tinebeest · ·

    Good on you for asking some money: it is a fab pattern, and it saves us time from figuring out how to align things nicely. And indeed, you should value your time and skill. Knitting and designing are too often undervalued.

    Although I am far from a capitalist, I believe that if you put a pattern out there, it will quickly become aparent if you’re asking too much for too little- and those knitters who say “I don’t want to pay for a sock pattern” should just go ahead and calculate all the stuff on their own, thus not taking part in the market process. That’s the choice the knitter has to make.

    Oh, and I like those shoes. I need some like that to show off my socks!

  11. they are stunning socks!! So pretty. I’m sure lots of people will be happy to buy this sock pattern!!

  12. wheresmytea · ·

    Sorry to hear about the last-minute letdown, and also sorry to hear about Knotions folding. But the pattern is lovely! I hope you do find a good way to share it with the knitting community in print!

  13. clarabelle · ·

    Your socks are most definitely purty, Glenna, and you are quite right to put the pattern up for sale. Heck, they might even look good on my thick ankles! X

  14. Those socks are stunning! You definitely deserve to be paid for your hard work.

  15. These are gorgeous! Shall I send my money now for a copy of the pattern? I think I have the perfect yarn in stash 🙂

  16. They are lovely!

    (which reminds me that I need to get moving on my BSG ones… which are languishing at me from across the room…)

  17. So pretty! I will gladly pay for this pattern! And since 2010 will be my “Year of Socks”, the timing is perfect for planning ahead. 🙂

  18. Those are really sweet! Sorry that it didn’t work out with Knotions, but I think you’re making a good choice as the next step.

  19. As I get deeper and deeper into this design thing I am gaining a new appreciation for how much effort goes into these patterns that I knit up without a second thought. I think you have a smashing design and I can’t wait to tackle it.

  20. Joyce Cone · ·

    Way to go, they are lovely, and you do deserve to be compensated for them. Pattern writing is not an easy job.
    Can’t wait to see them go up for purchase. Thanks so much for your blog, I check in daily and really enjoy it.

  21. I totally support your decision to charge for your sock design, which is beautiful and totally worth paying for! Can’t wait to knit it up myself!

  22. The wonderful thing about the commercial world is it makes “value” very black and white. How fun to put something out there and see how far it will fly. My hat’s off to both you and Jodi for taking the leap!

  23. Good decision!!!

  24. rebekahsyarn · ·

    All patterns are worth money as it is a lot of energy that goes into it.

    Not charging is undervaluing yourself. So charge away.

    Although I don’t hardly ever knit socks.

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