I thank you all so much for the lovely comments on the ’14 Karat’ socks – I’ve had them finished for so long and it makes me very glad to finally show them off. Thank you, again, for the compliments!

In the mean time, I’m about finished with a few other things and looking ahead to starting some new things. Tomorrow morning I head to the ‘big city’ for a class with Fiona Ellis at The Naked Sheep, and am hoping it will inspire me for some new projects.

I’ve also been trying to take the camera out every so often. At the moment this means more urban autumn photos, but hey, you have to start somewhere, right? I’ll leave you with a few pretty shots before bidding you a fond weekend – knit something awesome this weekend, okay? Okay.






  1. Beautiful pictures! You really have a great eye!

  2. Beautiful photos. And lucky you to take a Fiona Ellis class.

  3. Gorgeous photos Glenna!

  4. Your “urban autumn” looks simply lovely. We had rain this whole week and now the trees are mostly naked and things are soggy. *sigh* So it is therapeutic (Really!!!) to see lovely pictures of crisp leaves in pretty fall colors and old buildings. 🙂

    Happy weekend! Enjoy your Hallowe’en and your class.

  5. JennaKate · ·

    The photo of the four different colored leaves just makes my heart sing! You captured autumn right there. Thanks for sharing! I really enjoy your blog!

  6. Your pictures are stunning. Some people just have an inate feel for photography — i.e. you!

  7. Great pictures! I really love the third one.

  8. Lovely photos! Makes me itch to go snap a few myself, but as it’s the middle of the work day, my boss would likely frown upon that. Hrm…

  9. Oo, all of your autumn photos make me happy. And disappointed that it’s still in the 80s here.

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