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The first thing I have to say is this; If you go back and comment on my last post and are not a Canadian, then I’ll put your name into a hat to win a free copy of the Canadian Living December 2009 issue with my Mulled Wine Mitts in them. Comment and tell me where you’re from and what your favourite thing to knit for winter is. 3 winners will be chosen. That’s right, 3! Share the warmth, baby. Comments accepted until Saturday morning at 10 am EST.

(If you’re not in Canada your only recourse is to phone up your – possibly long-lost – friends and relations here to the North and bribe them to send you a copy of the magazine, as the knitting pattern in it is currently available only in that print copy. If and when this changes I’ll let you know. But seriously folks, the cover price for the whole magazine is only $4. It’s worth it for the shortbread recipes alone.)

The second thing I have to say is…Okay, so remember back in September when I said I was going to have a few designs to talk about in the next couple of months? Well lo and behold I’ve already managed to reveal 4 of them, but I have at least one more to tell you about, which is sort-of-new-but-not-really. (I promise to the highest stashly heavens that I’ll return to regular blogging posts soon and this won’t just be an all pattern-reveals-all-the-time, I swear…It is too bizarre how these things coalesce some times…)

So anyhow…Remember back in the summer when I knitted my pair of Wicked knee-highs? Well, as it turns out, so did Michelle from the Sweet Sheep, who dyed the yarn that I used for them. She chatted me up at Sock Summit and was all, “sooo, wanna sell me the pattern and I could totally kit that up so other people could knit it?” And I was all, “absitively, but you know what else we need…we need another colourway.”

And since the first colourway of purple, green, black, is now known as ‘Wicked’, well…I’ll give you three guesses about the second one, and the first two guesses don’t count.


This, my friends, is the ‘Yellow Brick Road’ colourway. Michelle is currently furiously dye-ing away yarn for both of these colourways (there may be a third one in the works…go on, I dare you to guess). And, if you go on over to her blog right now you could win one of these sock kits for free if you leave a comment over there, too. I mean, who could pass up the chance for a free knitting kit, I ask you?


Sweet Sheep Tight Twist

I just love these, I really do. Michelle dyes a wonderful fingering weight – it is a unique base yarn, sort of in between Louet Gems and Socks That Rock, if I were to describe it – and her colours have a very nice mottled quality that really work well knitted up in stripes.

When the kits are available for official pre-order both Michelle and I will be sure to make the announcement. They will have sizing instructions for shaping to fit legs of 12-17 inches in calf circumference, and tips on how to achieve the best fit for your leg. And best of all, they’ll have all 3 awesome colours that you need.


So, that’s plenty of me for another day, I’d say. Go on over and see if you can win yourself a free knee sock kit! And have an awesome Wednesday.


  1. Love ’em! Congrats all around!

  2. Since you’ve said that there will be a third color combination, my mind has been going over the possibilities….Emerald City? Ruby Slippers? Somewhere Over the Rainbow? Field of Poppies? With the Wizard of Oz as a theme, the possibilities are endless.

  3. They are just wonderful socks! I love the colours.

  4. Oooo, I vote for Poppies! ๐Ÿ˜€

    So, if we already commented in the other thread, and want to be included in the drawing, do we have to go back?

    *races off like a shot, ’cause wrist warmers AND shortbread recipes = WIN*

  5. kateohkatie · ·

    Ooooh wantie!

    (Yes, I’ve gone Veruca :-P)

  6. KmlSeattle · ·

    I’m guessing Ruby Slippers!
    These socks rock! Knee socks seem a little daunting as I’ve only ever made one pair of socks and they don’t even fit that well!
    Great shoes, by the way!

  7. Oh, the socks! Wicked is my fave colorway, though. Congrats!

  8. Mmmm, Field of Poppies, Ruby Slippers… Lollipop Kids? lol ;^)

  9. Awesome socks! Very awesome sauce.
    And, for the record, pattern revealing is totally good blogging – no need to feel bad for deviating for it!

  10. These socks are so awesome! I can’t wait to see what the third version will be. I think I would smile every time I wore them!

  11. These are lovely and such happy colours.

    Go you!! Getting more patterns out there.

  12. That little contest of yours is a downright awesome idea. I will refrain, as my Canadian Goods Supplier is supplying my entire knitting group with copies (and that reminds me, I need to ask her to bring me some creamy dill chips while she’s at it…) so I will let other people lacking in Canadian Goods Suppliers take advantage of your awesome idea.

    Also, now I am being earwormed by Munchkins reciting “Follow the yellow brick road” over and over. Thanks.

  13. And you have the shoes to go with them, too. So cute.

  14. Hmmmm….Wicked and Yellow Brick Road….it’s either gotta be the Emerald City or Glenna the Good Witch!

    Love the socks! Will have to get the kits.

  15. Ruby slippers! I hope that’s it. I’m actually reading Wicked right now after seeing the Broadway Musical this summer. Yeah for Wizard of Oz!!!!

  16. Wonderful! You are not helping my addictive personality at all – but I’m sure enjoying life these days!!

  17. Great socks! I had totally loved your purple, green black, ones. Awesome!!!!

  18. That colorway is super fun. I love the contrast. Very tempting… I’m going over to her site!

  19. I love the socks, and congrats on being published in Canadian Living! I love those mitts, and will need to ‘borrow’ my mom’s copy for a short while ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. Oh they are so cute! I’ve entered into your little competition, though even as I type this I realise I did it wrong, hmm I’ll be back there in a sec to fix that.

    Meanwhile here there appears to be no end to your cleverness, love these they are soooo cute.

    And I did indeedy love every sec of my hols ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. How gorgeous are those stripey socks?!! I love the name. Great job!!

  22. my first guess of emerald city was taken. next guess of ruby slippers was taken also. such clever commenters you have! ;D

    i’ll try Tin Man.

    2 shades of gray with a thin black stripe, or maybe gray, black & red (because he needed a heart). oh, the possibilities are endless!! i’m excited and can’t wait to see!

  23. Love them!! Absolutely nifty!!

  24. Love them! (but Wicked’s my favorite!)

  25. The socks are so bold. It’s great!

  26. spectacular!!!

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