Even if it’s bold italic.

At the moment, I am:

1. Trying very hard not to get a cold.

2. Waiting for an opportune moment in daylight hours in order to allow me to photograph the big long tube scarf which, as it turns out, did come to an end. And not a moment too soon, too, since the weather seems to have bought a clue now that December is here, and the chill in the air has arrived.

3. Grading a lot of papers.

4. Very behind in responding to emails. (Mea culpa, internets, please forgive me…)

5. Knitting a beaded lace shawl, and preparing to worship at Sivia Harding’s awesomeness the next time I see her.

6. Getting far too much amusement out of Lady Gaga parodies of font types. (Well okay, just the one):

Okay Wednesday, let’s you and me get through this day together. We can do it.


  1. That is one sexy font!

  2. Hello Glenna! It’s Alice. It was great to run into you, however briefly, at the Purple Purl. Some day, perhaps, it will not be the awkward “I met you once, hi again” greeting.

    Anyway, my Ravelry ID is the very Welsh “morfudd” and my erstwhile knitting blog is http://woolnest.wordpress.com, but it’s not very impressive at the moment. I blame coursework, wedding planning, and a wrist injury.

  3. I {heart} sexy nerds!

  4. haha, that was SO awesome!! good luck fighting your cold. I recommend ginseng, it works really well when you feel it starting to arrive, but need to head it off at the pass.

  5. Terry McKee · ·

    I came upon this site while searching for a pattern for knitted cat booties or mittens for my daughter’s cat — her request! I love the beautiful blue and black cat mittens and am tempted to try them in human hand size, not cat paw size. I’d love to see an image of the striped tube scarf, since I just bought some opal sock wool and am debating how to use it. As for knitting while traveling, the simpler and smaller the better, if I don’t want to end up tearing it out — scarves and shawls on circular needles are perfect! Glad I discovered the site. I’m ready for some knitting inspiration and for the sanity effect too.

  6. that video is hysterical, especially for a font junkie like me! i have downloaded over 1,000 fonts! LOL

    can’t wait to see the latest scarf!

  7. Oh yeah ;^D!!!!!
    Waving magic wand in your direction, hopefully warding off pesky cold viruses or at least if it gets you that it be very mild :^)

  8. oh dear. that is exactly what i needed to help me get through wednesday. (check this font its san serif.) love it.

  9. Ok, that video is just wonderful. The geeks shall absolutely inherit the earth.

  10. I’m glad I’m not the only one lovin’ some hot geek action! šŸ™‚ I personally think the redhead with the beard/mustache was particularly yummy.

    I think I may be working too hard…

    I find that vitamin C with zinc taken in fairly large doses right at the start of a cold helps lessen the symptoms. I still have a cold for about a week or so, but I feel significantly less rotten overall. I think a hot bath, hot ginger tea, any other remedies you find helpful, and an early night are in order. Take care of yourself — you folks in academia get exposed to all sorts of nasties through the students.

    Love, Laurie

    P.S. do I get smacked if I go all “feminist theory” on y’all and point out that the fact that the guys look really silly doing typical female music video moves should be telling us something about those moves? ‘Cause if I will, I won’t bring it up. šŸ˜‰

  11. I would never smack anybody for going ‘feminist’! šŸ˜‰

    The Vitamin C is always a daily thing for me so now I am just doubling up and crossing fingers! Why does this always happen when I’m already crazy busy?

  12. Oh, good! Don’t want to be dour and humourless! šŸ˜‰ I really did find the video to be just hilarious; that one thing just struck me really hard.

    As for C/zinc — I’m talking about several times your usual dosage and also adding a good dose of zinc on top of that. I generally take C every day too — being self employed, my sick leave is pretty non-existent. And shows go on whether I’ve done the work or not, so….. I get elderberry and zinc lozenges at the co-op, and just chew them right up. Sour, but better than letting them dissolve the way the bottle says to. Yeeeeeesh! šŸ˜›

    Feel better soon. I’m sending snoodges and snorgles to you from all my kitties. šŸ™‚

  13. Oh, and that video was, in fact, the only thing that got me through this past Wednesday.

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