The minute sort of festive knitting crazy

Hello again, little corks.


Time to come out of hiding for the season. I wonder if I’ll knit you some more new friends this year? Only time will tell…


  1. What a coincidence, I was decorating this morning and thinking about your little cork friends and wondering whether they would be out and about this Christmas!

  2. You should make them some friends. Maybe in handspun like these:


    the more the merrier!

  3. ladyoctavia · ·

    You know it is Christmas when….

  4. GinkgoKnits · ·

    I saw your tweets in the side bar and had to reply about stealing the colorful clips off the papers.

    When I was a student, I’d often use colorful, fun paperclips because I thought it might cheer up the grader and give me a tiny bit of good will. No miracles were expected — just that if the grader was tired and was waffling about the plus or minus sign for the grade, the clip could inspire a little push to the higher grade. Of course, this probably worked best in classes dominated by boys who could never remember to staple their work nor number their pages.

  5. Yeah Christmas Cork Time!

    Some of those Corkinese are French, you know — but as my father (WWII vet) used to say, “They make lousy soldiers.”

    Holiday Greetings to a Knitting Inspiration!

  6. Haha, they’re reproducing! Those little knome-like korkinesse are too cute. Now if I could only find some corks . . .

  7. What an awesome collection you have! Maybe I’ll make some on the airplane headed to Christmas with the ‘rents (in Florida. Envy me) so that whenever a cork is liberated I can dress it immediately! ;^)

  8. Oh, I love your xmas corks! 🙂 We are wine drinking family. I think I’m inspried to dress up a few of my own.

  9. Okay, please don’t grade my post for typos. Note to self: check spelling/typos before hitting ‘submit comment’. Check. 😉

  10. I had to Google this, since I’d never heard of korkinisse before. Too cute! I have a bunch of corks kicking around (I like to keep the ones from particularly tasty bottles, so I can remember what to buy next time). Maybe I should festive them up a bit!

  11. […] The minute sort of festive knitting crazy Hello again, little corks. […]

  12. I think they’re so cute! I hope they do make a reappearance!!!

  13. Are you concerned your little army of Korknisse are going to get up to no good in the night or while you’re out at work during the day?

  14. Oh my gosh! That is pretty much the best thing I’ve seen all day.

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