You and me could write a bad romance

Over the last couple of weeks I have had time to come to a few conclusions.

1. When a single human being is required to shoulder all course teaching and grading responsibilities all by her lonesome, it is impossible to be pedagogically sound and temporally efficient all at the same time. Next term, my exams and assignments are going to be reduced by at least 25% in length. I can’t do it all, man, not if it means practically absenting myself from the rest of the world for weeks at a time.


2. Matching your winter scarf to your winter coat is pretty damned satisfying.

3. I am helpless in the face of pop music earworms. (Latest evidence procured after succumbing once again to Lady Gaga’s latest.)


4. I don’t know why I never wore slouchy berets before. Now that I have one I am wearing it all the time, and wonder if it may actually be the secret lynchpin of the fashionable handknits wardrobe, in manner of skinny jeans/tall boots combo for the stylish urban woman or similar.

5. In fact, if you combine #3 and #4 and walk down the street in your co-ordinating possibly more stylish than you stylish hand-knits, you can come pretty darned close to feeling like you are strutting a runway, instead of walking down your regular sidewalk past the blue bins that just got emptied by the trash collectors.


6. To arrive at December 21st and have no baked cookies in the house is practically a crime against the season. I am going to rectify this shortly.

7. It comforts me to no end to know, after my last post, that many of you are also in the gift knitting denial and/or grieving phases. It means I am in good company. But then, you knew that, right?

I thought so.


  1. Wow so coordinated in the hat/gloves/scarf/coat department!!! They look amazing 🙂 I especially like that lovely heathery plum shade of the beret and gloves.

  2. barefootrooster · ·

    Work it, Glenna. (And happy baking. I’ve got peanut brittle cooling right now!)

  3. Strut your stuff! Wish I were so coordinated.

    Caramel brownies in the oven…

  4. Boy, do I love that hat and scarf combo. I’ve made a zillion scarves, but very few hats. I think a slouchy beret is in my future. After, of course, I finish the Christmas knitting…

  5. Latté fudge. Cookies next. I hope. Your outfit rocks!

  6. “it is impossible to be pedagogically sound and temporally efficient all at the same time”

    Thank you for that. I struggle with the latter all the time (right now is particularly bad) and the reminder that it is an offshoot of the former helped me stop beating myself up about it.

    Wishing you a good break, happy knitting and festive libations!

  7. Very stylin’ hat and scarf! I’m gonna have to look that beret pattern up. Right after I finish the *second* “Le slouch” — in #%$%$ moss stitch no less — because I **LOST** my first one. *loud sigh* I hope whoever found it really, REALLY appreciates it.

    That scarf rocks too, but I’ve told you that already. 😉 I’m thinking of restyling my obligatory first garter stitch scarf (made in Noro Silk Garden, ’cause I’ve just always had good taste) into a Magic Striping Noro Silk Garden scarf. Sometime this spring, ’cause right now I still need it, y’know?

    Many cookies already made here; oatmeal scotchies and molasses cookies being baked tonight, I think. But lest you think I’m on top of things, I’ll point out my very patient tree standing there naked in the living room except for the lights and the treeskirt. Poor thing. 😦 Must dress that some time soon here. Like tonight. I multi-task a LOT at Christmas time.

    Rock the skinny jeans and boots like the rockstar you are, Glenna! And happy Solstice! After tonight, the sun starts coming back, one small increment at a time.

  8. You are such a stylish knitter. I try, and luckily it often works out by accident because aparently I knit everything in my favorite shade of blue! You may not be gifting exclusively hand-knit gifts this Christmas, but at least you will be looking good!

  9. I am now so inspired to drop all my current projects so I can knit a beret and matching scarf like yours!

  10. Your outfit looks absolutely terrific. I hear you on the slouchy berets — I think one of mine is getting more wear than my ten other hats combined so far this winter 😉

  11. Hmmm … maybe if I start now I can get some gift knitting done for Christmas 2010. It’s a thought!! Like the idea of coordinating beret / scarf gift sets.

  12. I like your look! All you handknit items look wonderful and they are all coordinating. I’ll need to try a slouchy beret. I’m not sure I’ll look good in it but I should still give it a try. Thanks for the inspiration.

  13. Pedagogy be damned. Knit on.

  14. I am now sitting on a mountain of kourambiedes* (well, not literally) to be distributed to various teachers and friends. On to the raspberry-pecan thumbprints!

    I did manage to buy some yarn yesterday for a matching hat and mitten project. Not as chic as yours, I’m afraid…
    *Greek butter cookies

  15. You look cool.

    Work it.

  16. Nice accessorising 🙂

  17. I have been following your blog (came across it via Ravelry, what else?) for awhile – always enjoy it! I just noticed your name is Glenna. I actually have a sister named Glenna! How unusual is that? I love your striped scarf and I’m now inspired to knit one on 16″ circulars, using up my odd balls (ok, if I used them all the scarf would stretch around the equator!) of stash. Keep up the clever writing and knitting. Oh, I have no cookies, either and don’t plan to rectify that. In the interest of good health, we are snacking on hummus, pita and the occasional small bit of dark chocolate…but I do miss the smell of those darn cookies! Have a happy holiday. Kathy

  18. Oooo Stacy and Clinton on “What Not To Wear” would be totally impressed! They always say, it doesn’t have to match it just has to go and does your ensemble ever “go”! How fun to see FO’s in action and together “in the wild”!

  19. yeah thanks for the Lady Gaga earworm AGAIN. I thought I had successfully eradicated it last week.

  20. Okay, now I have thirteen more exams to grade and an almost irresistible urge to knit slouchy berets.

  21. I sympathize with you when it comes to grading papers. I recently retired from teaching literacy skills at the high school level where the paper trail was never ending.
    Your new scarf and beret is very fashionable. After the holidays I should start a beret and scarf.
    Happy cookie making, Gita

  22. Hey! I recognize those shoes!

  23. I so loved this one! You’ve even put me in the mood to knit a slouchy beret, even though I’m none to sure how it would look with short hair and there’s no way in . . . um. . . never mind. Let’s just say this body will not be wedged into skinny jeans any time soon.

    Maybe I’ll do one for my skinny long haired daughters. (sigh)

  24. I made that beret too and I wear it all the time! It’s so chic! And Merrilymarylee — it looks FINE with short hair. Knit one for yourself!

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