I survived the Great Cascade 220 Crush of ’09

If, after five straight days of family visiting, eating, Christmas gifts, eating, sitting around, visiting friends, and more eating, you are ever wondering how you are ever going to make the re-entry into the non-slothful regular outside world, well. A Boxing Day yarn shop sale will pretty much do that for you in a hurry. Lisa put out the Bat signal for me a few days ago, inviting me along with some of the local gaggle of Toronto knitters to hit the sale and then do lunch afterwards. How does one say no to that, I ask you?

Although I’m familiar to Toronto’s esteemed Romni Wools (and I suspect much of the knitting world is, by this point…it’s pretty darned big), I have never yet been to their Boxing Day sale, so this was quite an experience. I arrived around 10:30 am, and the shopping was already in full swing. 25% off is serious business, man.



I didn’t really go in with much of a plan other than “I want some Noro Silk Garden to knit one of those striped scarves and maybe something for a sweater.” The Romni Boxing Day sale is probably not the most opportune moment to casually decide to look for a few balls of Silk Garden, but there were still a few skeins to scoop up and I did so. The Cascade 220 heathers (7 skeins of dark turquoise) lept into my hands thanks to the helpful efforts of the knitters who actually managed to get within a few feet of the shelf. I thank them, though I know not their names as I was too high on wool fumes to remember to ask. Thank you, dear knitters who were in that knot down in the back by the worsteds.


By the time I was on a second circuit of the shop I realized I had bumped into the back end of the check-out line (by now mid-way through the shop) and decided to stay there. When I eventually emerged to the street, planning to wait it out in the cafe next door (a fruitless plan as it turns out every other knitter in Romni was like-minded), I ran into other Lisa who was doing the same waiting. We ventured down the street and sat with hot beverages and knitted and eventually gathered the rest of the group one or two at a time, and then a delicious pub lunch and yarn-score-comparison ensued.


And that was a good Romni Boxing Day sale day. Craziness man, but good.

I came back and promptly spent the rest of the afternoon getting my suitcase together, as tomorrow I head off to that other great North American knitterly town, New York City. (Well okay, it has other things going for it besides knitting.) I will be spending a few days there over New Year’s and I am pretty sure that my lodger/tour guide Rebecca has planned out an entire schedule for us so I hope to have some more exciting blogging from NYC later in the week. I am looking forward to a brief escape before heading back to the treadmill of another new term starting in (eek! don’t look too close!) one more week. Fingers crossed for safe and timely travels.

Happy knitting, and catch you in a few days from the Big Apple!


  1. Wow! That’s a very crowded store. I wish I had gone to some sort of yarn sale πŸ™‚

  2. Have a wonderful time here in NYC – are you going to visit Brooklyn too? Lots of good yarn over here…

  3. Yep…know what you mean. When will the eating stop?! I’ve had the “OK, this is the day I pull it back together” chat with myself about four times now, but I visited the lonely pumpkin roll once more last night! Thank goodness for the Knit Las Vegas yarn sale tomorrow!! Happy New Year! Here’s to new resolutions to stay away from pumpkin rolls for a whole year!

  4. Here, it’s always the Super Bowl Sales! (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Super_Bowl)

  5. Wow, that sale sounds fantastic! Your plan sounds much like mine would have been going in — I usually go with “Oh, I’ll just see what they have….” as a plan. *rolls eyes*

    Have a good/safe trip to New York! And happy new year!

  6. Hey, I was there too! Maybe an hour later than you, or so? I even took a similar picture of the line. And also left with Cascade 220 (superwash, 5 skeins, heathered brown).

    Was my third Romni boxing day sale, I think. I am a crazy person.

  7. Ah, yarn sales are so fun! And the high can stay with you for a long time. My biggest high was from a LYS going out of business sale where everything was 50% off. That stayed with me for about two years and ruined any other sale that was less than 30% off for me.

    Happy New Year! Have a great time in NY!

  8. Hello!
    I really like your blog! However, I must ask you, when you knitted the Koolhaas Hat a few years ago (very lovely colour I must say!), how was the pattern for the first and second round after cast on? I’ve just started on the hat but it seems like it’s something wrong with the first ten rounds, I think there is a purl missing πŸ™‚ It says *k1, p1, k1 and then continue like that. But this doesn’t make it even with the sts, and it makes it weird when I start on the actual hat pattern. Could you please help me?
    Thank you and have a great end of the year 2009!

  9. Totally jealous of both the Boxing Day sale AND your trip to NYC.

    Have a great one!! πŸ˜€

  10. Wow that looks like fun!!!! Mad fun, but still πŸ˜‰

    Have a great time in NYC – looking forward to seeing what you get up to πŸ™‚

  11. elizabeth · ·

    thankyou for your blog I lov reading blogs and since I dont have LYS and the nearest good one is about 75k away i trya nd stay good not but I had to work boxing day so didnt get nay yarn but not big sellers in summer her anyway but still lovreading about everyones trips and knitting.at the moemtn 8pm and 38C so too hot and have spent part of the day tring to frog lace silk haze not fiunny still more rows to go oh well wont be longand iz will be able to pick it up again

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