Such a charade

So, a while back (well, OK, December), I got a lovely and generous gift from Tanis. She’s started to break out into variegated colourways and asked me if I’d like to try out one of these new sock skeins. I got it in the mail while in the middle of gift-sock knitting before Christmas and had to hold myself back from casting on right away, it was so darned pretty looking.


I’ve been knitting it during stints of transit-knitting into a pair of Charades (Ravelry pattern link – can’t find the original web link, has it gone the way of the wind?). Last winter I knitted myself a pair of Charades with some nice colourful yarn, and then I washed them in the wash as I do with all my socks, and the darned things shrunk on me.

Well, not this time, SUCKERS. These socks will not shrink, I am determined. Also, this ‘Rhythm’ colourway is turning out sort of dressy looking, which helps me in the “get more grown-up-looking hand knit socks” quest. Still, she’s got plenty of crazy fun multi-colours in there, so maybe I’ll have to branch out.

So much yarn, so little time.


  1. They look amazing so far!! what an awesome colourway.

  2. Wow. That’s two colours I’ve seen knit up that I love.

    I’m currently trying to resist Prism, until I master sock knitting (I am having some challenges).

    Just GORGEOUS.

  3. I think that might be the colourway that came home with me from the Purl recently. I think it looks amazing knit up!

  4. Looks great Glenna! You’ll look very grown up indeed sporting those socks. Thanks for making my yarn look so good!

  5. I really like the combination of colours!

  6. I just love Tanis’ yarn. The yarn shop I work in has given Tanis some wholesale work and we can’t wait for her stuff to get in. We didn’t get the sock yarn, yet. Her stuff is just gorgeous!

  7. Debbie Stassin · ·

    I love the colors, absolutely beautiful.

  8. The look great! And better not shrink.

  9. I saw them at the Purl on Thursday. Not sure I’ll be able to resist next visit (today!)

    How lovely!

  10. Very pretty! And very grown up! 🙂

  11. Wow! Your version of “grown up socks” is WAY snazzier than mine. Must fix that! *grin*

    They look awesome. And are a great plug for Tanis’ (punctuation?) work. I have my eye on a couple of skeins of sock yarn in her etsy shop — must move cash around so that I may purchase it some time. It’s more subdued than this color way, though….

  12. That’s such a pretty pattern that I went immediatly to the Ravelry dowload it (note: it’s been updated to correct errors).

    The twisted rib at the top is sort of “meh,” but the rest of the pattern is totally addictive! I’m knitting in STR colorway Carbon Dating, and it really makes the colors pop. Thanks for the link to Charades — I have a feeling this is one I’ll use a lot. Nearly as simple as my usual K3P1, but with a bit of pizzazz.

  13. Those are sooo pretty!!

  14. These are so cute!!

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