As if they could keep the knitters inside anyway

I am having one of those weeks where even though it doesn’t seem like I am doing anything terribly hectic, the knitting is slow to progress. I put in some knitting time every day, but still, it’s one of those weeks.

Transit Knitting FTW

Some days, if I didn’t have a transit project with me, I don’t think I’d knit at all. That morning bus ride is always good for a few rounds on the sock if nothing else. Thanks, sock knitting, for being so portable. (Aside: I think there may be a transit-cabled-aran-knitter inside me screaming to get out. Watch this space for further bulletins as events occur.)

Where’s the last place you knitted, that wasn’t inside your own house? Tell me your stories, knitters. It’s Thursday.

Happy knitting, wherever you do it today.


  1. At my daughters dance class and it too was a portable, colourful sock.

  2. I worked on a hat on the light rail into work.

  3. Yesterday, at The Boy’s karate class. Another mother, who knits and crochets *cough*RedheartQueen*cough* wandered over and asked me point blank, no lead in, to knit a pair of socks for some man who is dying of cancer. I said “no” so damn fast her head spun around, then told her I could point her toward some books so she could knit him a pair. Then the truth comes out: she didn’t know this person directly, didn’t think he would live long enough to see said handknit socks, didn’t even know his name. WTF? And the kicker is that I’ve seen her at the karate studio a billion times over the past 2-1/2 years, and only actually talked to her 2-3 times. What is wrong with people?

    Of course, I’ll be there again Saturday morning, knitting away. ;^D

  4. Jennmoles · ·

    I finished a sock monkey hat at my desk at work on Christmas Eve one year. Don’t tell my boss (who had the day off even though I didn’t!!)

  5. girlunravelled · ·

    everyday, on the subway. somedays, no one glances at me. other days, i get the people who would rest their chin on my shoulder for a better look if they weren’t afraid of me poking them with a DPN.

    mostly accessories get taken with me, but occasionally, the beginnings of a sweater wander on with me. until they get too big to handle.

    and then there is knitting monday nights at starbucks and thursday night at Whole Foods. love those two groups to bits!

  6. I knit all the time at work when the phone’s don’t keep me busy. I am a Police/911 Dispatcher and knitting often gives me a much needed break. I usually pick something simple that I can pick up easily and toss down in a second without fear of losing my place. Definitely not the place for lace or complicated patterns, but I always have a sock/scarf or baby sweater on the go.

    Love your blog Glenna.

  7. I rarely knit outside of my home, but last weekend I had to fly from Wisconsin to LA and back, and thank god for that lace scarf…

  8. I tried to knit at the public library the other day, but my little one wanted my help to play on the computer. Before that, at a synagogue meeting. (Unfortunately, I twisted my row when I joined my round, and ended up having to rip out the entire day’s progress!)

  9. My most recent KIP was on Christmas day when I was at O’Hare airport. I got to my gate early and found 3 women knitting away so I pulled out my knitting too and we talked and knitted until our separate flights were called. A few seats over at the gate there was a Nun (on Christmas?!) knitting away. I love KIP.

  10. Last night at my favorite coffee shop, where a local Ravelry group (and who ever else decides we look like fun) meets for knitting night. Before that it was the lunchroom at work. The same sock both times.

  11. kateohkatie · ·

    That’s me lately. My knitting mojo is sadly absent (will hopefully be working to rectify that this weekend) so the only knitting I’m doing is the lace sock I knit on the train. Only ~20 minutes a day 😦

  12. The last place I knitted that wasn’t my house was in class. I have some pretty boring lecture classes and the teachers post all their lecture notes online so I knit to keep myself focused on what they are saying instead of dozing off!

  13. I squeezed in a few rows of Dashing on the subway this morning. I’ll be working on the Swatch That Would Not Die at knit night tonight–it’s progressing slowly because it requires way too much concentration to be transit-friendly. On the upside, I think I’ll have two-handed fair isle pretty much down by the time I get the full sock pattern. 🙂

  14. Always on the metro to/from work…without a sock or scarf in progress, I would be a much less patient person.

  15. I’ve been knitting on the Tube on my way to work in the mornings, which usually gets me a double-take and then stare from the people around me! I usually work on socks, but right now am working on Thermal from Knitty. 🙂

  16. The last place I knitted that wasn’t in the comfort of my own home was in my car, knitting several rounds of a sock while my son was on the soccer field.

  17. I knit in airports, on the plane, in the doctor’s office, the hairdresser – basically anywhere I have to sit and wait — I try to always keep a portable, mindless knitting project (like a scarf) on the go so I have something to grab to go when I know I’ll be hanging out somewhere.

  18. Inside my own car. But I also knit on the train, in waiting rooms, in coffee cafes and restaurants, at my hairdresser… Just about anywhere. I have home knitting and portable knitting projects going at all times.

  19. ladyoctavia · ·

    Last night at work… before that… (and not at work…) , Chapters…., Steph’s house…, movies…

  20. I love the colors of that sock. I don’t knit in public a lot. The last place I probably did it was on the long train ride home for the Thanksgiving holiday.

  21. I knit on the subway all the time, although people don’t like it when you wield dpns near them, even if you know you won’t stab them (I try to resist the impulse).I prefer something simple and on circs for transit knitting.

  22. Yesterday morning on the bus to work. Always have a sock with me and use the 40 to 50 min. on my second bus to knit. Only time I don’t is if there’s no heat, there’s a cowboy driving and I get motion sick, or I’m too tired. Home sick today, so no bus knitting, but maybe some cozy knitting with a soggy kleenex in my hand. : P

  23. Kiddo’s French horn lesson. Before that, it was her tae kwan do lesson. Gotta love socks for portable “at least I’m getting something accomplished” gratification.

  24. kingshearte · ·

    Work’s been veeeeeeery slow lately, so I’ve been working on a sweater at my desk. I’ve also been knitting at the lighting board for a show I’ve been teching. Very simple lights-up-lights-down show, so I’ve made lots of progress there.

  25. Since I work from home, I don’t get a lot of knitting outside the house time. But I do try and get to the cafe once or twice a week to do a wee bit of knitting in public. Not very exciting but that’s how I’m rolling these days.

  26. barefootrooster · ·

    grad lounge for ten minutes after class, with a fellow grad student knitter. knitted on my lacy baktus. someday i’ll finish it!

  27. Yesterday, and the day before, at work. And for me ‘at work’ means backstage, in the dark, with just blue lights and a flashlight to see by. I was at the intarsia-in-the-round part on my sock, so it probably wasn’t the best project to have with me. I did find and correct a mistake though, and I’m at row 15 of 17 of the chart.

  28. On the train to work! I am also a member of the transit-knitting-only camp on certain weekdays. I gear up to blast through x number of rows on a project when I get home, but inevitably have other things to do or just can’t concentrate. Thank goodness for portable knitting. Mine is currently booties for a baby shower.

  29. Tuesday at Starbucks with my knitting group. Today I’ll be knitting at a hospital while visiting friend. I’m working on a pair of arm warmers for my husband to wear while running.

  30. nicolaknits · ·

    I knit anywhere, but the last time was yesterday morning at the hospital. I volunteer at the ICU desk, checking that visitors are family members and that it’s OK for them to go in to the ICU. I always get a few comments from visitors and staff as they pass through.

  31. I was literally just knitting at work. I am part of a French study group with a few coworkers, including one of the VPs. Today I brought along a shawl which was just a few short rows from the end. I got through most of the bind off while learning about verb agreement. Now if only I had an excuse to finish binding off while at work. My fingers are itching!

  32. I do most of my knitting at work, during lunch, while watching tv on It is the only guaranteed knitting time I have. I depend on it.

  33. At the yarn store for my class.

  34. I always bring my knitting to PMH for my weekly doctor appointments. Always something new. Tomorrow it will be a shawl. Last week it was hubby’s scarf.

  35. I always take my knitting to the doctor’s office. Doesn’t it seem that the wait there is interminable? I keep a scarf of sock project in my car so I always have something to work on if I wind up having to wait somewhere.

  36. I, too, knit on the bus. I usually do this on my afternoon commute rather than in the morning because I get on the bus at 5:35 a.m. and use that time for an extra hour of sleep! And this week, probably Tuesday, was the last time I knit anything (both in the house and out of the house.)

  37. My aunt had a craft night at her house last week, which we now hope to do monthly, and I worked on a hat for my mom. It was pretty swell.

  38. I always knit at my desk at lunch. I pack my lunch almost everyday. Knitting on a sock at lunch restores my sanity for the onslaught to recommence in the afternoon…And of course, I also knit at my Weight Watchers meetings every week…

  39. Oh! I also knit during webinars and trainings at work!

  40. I did some knitting in the hospital a couple of weeks ago when I was in labor! Great distraction until I just really needed to focus.

  41. My husband is a part of the University of Minnesota Alumni Band Association, and most years they get together at the house of one the members (same gal usually hosts — big house) for a New Year’s Eve/Bowl Game party. I was actually able to go this year! (Many years I haven’t been able to go for one reason or another) I brought along my “Le Slouch” hat/beret and worked industriously away. Several interested conversations, and very little teasing. Hey, I was there for food and socializing — there’s a game on? 😉

    The time before that was at Thanksgiving. As noted above, I’m not really a football fan, so I brought a pair of mittens I was working on. Got to chat with my (step)mom and (step)sister and was productive without being pressured/teased about (not) playing the dumb dice game that always comes out. Win! Oh, AND I got to explain DPNs to my (step)brother, with a bit of help from his knitter wife. She found the yarn very pretty. 🙂 (Noro Iro)

    As I do not have a commute, I don’t get to knit on the bus. Honestly, I’ll take the no-commute part! At least I’ve discovered that I can more or less knit while in a moving vehicle — I’ve had motion sickness my whole life, and it gets *really* boring on long trips. I nap in bad positions a lot. Knitting will help that.

    Now I just need to get started on my husband’s Buffalo Plaid pullover. The beginning is an easy enough rib, but then we get to *color work* — =:O First time for me, so I’m anticipating a bit of a learning curve. But I love Linus yarn, so at least I’ll enjoy beating my brains against a new skill. (I maybe be re-referring to PDXknitterati’s two colors in one had video turtorial.)

  42. In the car, whenever I’m going anywhere that takes longer than 10 minutes (and I’m not driving, obviously). I’m happy that it doesn’t get dark quite so early now, so I can knit in the car when we go out to my parents’ place after work.

  43. I always knit in the car when we are out on the weekends,since I don’t drive. Tokyo traffic can be horrible, especially on a holiday. Think 40 km back-up. Last weekends strawberry picking=half a sock 🙂

  44. I take my knitting with me to my daughter’s violin lesson. I always have a sock going for portability. I also knitted during my son’s lacrosse practice at an indoor facility. I get many looks but not many people actually ask what I’m doing.

  45. I knitted last at a restaurant.

  46. i knit in public once a weekend at the ice skating rink in the nearby town, while i wait, in the observation area, for my hubb to skate. he has been teaching himself. he thinks it will improve his X-country skiing. *insert eyerolling here* it keeps him entertained and we go shopping afterward. win, win! ‘->

  47. I, too, knit on the bus – even though it’s less than a 15 minute ride! I can still get a few rounds of a sock done. Some mornings I actually wish I had an hour commute to work (but never in the evening!). Kathy

  48. gingerknitting · ·

    During a pedicure (well, its summer here)!

  49. I knit at work on my lunch just about every day. I have also been known to knit in my car on days I forgot my lunch and hit a fast food joint 🙂 I also knit at my local Starbucks on Sunday evenings…they have a “Sit N Knit” gathering of about 8 ladies, along with a couple of younger girls. Too much fun! I have my grand-daughter hooked on knitting and she goes with me on Sunday.

  50. I knit in the car when my husband is driving, even if it’s just a short trip to the grocery store (not that we make many family trips to the grocery store…). I usually take knitting to the public library and other such places, but the kids don’t normally “allow” me to take it out…unless of course I forget my knitting. That’s when they play quietly in the corner for 15 minutes. Sigh.

  51. I like to knit socks at lunchtime and waiting rooms. But the best has to be at the dentist’s office, where there are always a lot of “ohh’s” and “ahh’s” and “that’s so pretty.”

  52. On the subway on the way to work. I have to time it right so that I don’t hit the rush hour peak, but it’s totally worth leaving a bit early to get to knit for 20 minutes. And it helps me keep my mind off of crazy stuff I see, like the guy on my train last Friday who was holding a fork full of sausages in one hand and a giant can of PBR in the other. At 8 am. Weird.

    Oh, and I’ve got a 2 hour train ride coming up tomorrow: hello sweater, it’s time to meet your maker. For real.

  53. I usually knit at my neighborhood coffee shop several times a week. However today I had a special treat. I was able to knit on the ferry coming back from a short holiday in Victoria. Very satisfying.

  54. Tuesday, during breaks in an in-service. If I could have knit during the entire morning, I’d have been much more focused. However, the administrators frown on knitting during professional meetings! So narrow minded.

  55. Last night at knit nite. But I bollixed it up, so the very last knitting I’ve done was in bed, ripping out 12 rounds of 120 sts, and then picking it all back up again. Poot.

  56. This morning I knit for several hours in a hospital waiting room. My husband was having a simple surgical procedure after enduring months of cancer surgery and treatment, thankfully successful! I am so thankful that I love to knit. I have finished many more things in the last 7 months than I normally would have. Also, a good diversion to occupy the mind so that active imaginations don’t go wild!
    After hours and hours of waiting and watching, I come home and get to read wonderful knitting blogs! Thanks.

  57. Tonight I joined 6 other knitters and a “watcher” for a night of knitting. Several of us from work meet once a month to knit, taking turns in our homes. We eat, knit, talk, and laugh a very lot. It is 11 degrees and we all ventured out.

  58. I knit in the hospital following some minor surgery that required an overnight stay. It was a no-brainer scarf, but I was on on morphine!

  59. I’m a bus sock knitter as well, I also go to my mum’s house to knit quite often.

  60. On the train to work. At the moment, I don’t seem to be doing a lot of knitting at home. I manage to knit on the train, and then I also take the bus to work. I knit at work in my lunch break too.

  61. elizabeth · ·

    any where on the train we now have four of us that have met on the traia nd sit and knit together in the morning at night we lal leav at differnt times and I knit on the traina dn bus 2Hour plus trip each time I left one mad sock on the bus one night next day the male driver was holding it for me when I got on he had it on the dash all day said he got lots of comments but he knew who it belonged to. I have knit on trains and planes and boats the hosiptasl the last 12 months dr waiting rooms sports games lunch time at work even under the counter at work, most people know i knit and ask what I am making even the drunk people on the train tonight wanted to know if i would give them to them, the best i saw was a lady tatting loved that on the train

  62. At work, when all my toddlers are asleep (I work at a daycare) I knit in the naproom–in the dark with lullabies playing in the background. And of course, there’s lunchtime (which isn’t always for lunch) and waiting rooms (at doctor’s or dentist’s office).

    Sadly my commute is 5 min, so I usually walk. Now if I could find a way to knit while walking, I’d be golden.

  63. Abi F (Lavababy) · ·

    I knit on the metro to work. I daren’t start another small project cos they keep getting in the way of my 3 large WIPs. So I’ve been trying to finish the body of my thermal. It’s not too huge but still must look rather odd!

  64. Last night while watching Fringe. My current “at home” project that has most of my attention is Lady Eleanor. However, I can not leave the house without something to knit. If I Don’t have to go out, I knit on my lunch break. Currently it squares for my MIL’s Lizard Ridge blanket.

  65. Omigosh I knit just about everywhere. Believe it or not, I always squeeze in some knitting on the commute home in areas that get really bad, congested traffic. I knit during red lights–terrible, I know, but I need my needle fix!

  66. I regularly (and most recently) knit in the car while others drive. Pretty much any project is fair game, if it’s family or close friend’s car. Most recently, it’s been a cardigan.

  67. atomicfunk07 · ·

    I knit two gusset rounds on a sock in the few minutes before my math class started.

  68. I knit at work. I used to work in a call center as tech support and I would ALWAYS have something I was working on, either origami or crochet or knitting. Now I work at home, call center work, and I knit during that, too. People would always stop and see whatever I was working on at the time, and I used to do two-bit projects like a quick hat for people. It only got difficult when I did a huge afghan, it was a pain to take it in and out, but it was so worth it, there’s nothing else that you can really do except play cards and we were usually not allowed to do that!

  69. Every Sunday night at Starbucks while my daughter is at one dance class, and every other Tuesday while she’s at the other. There’s a carpool for Tuesday so I only have to drive every other week.

    I usually try to have a travel project in my purse – currently it’s a scarf in Rowan cashmere that was supposed to be a Christmas present for my mother. But it wasn’t done and she decided she’d rather have a longer scarf in a chenille, which only took me an evening and a morning, so now the cashmere is for me. I think it will be a neckwarmer that buttons, because it’s spendy yarn and a slow pattern to knit.

  70. At my local coffee shop-I had taken my granddaughter for a treat. While she played in the playroom, I started doing the heel flap for the socks I’m making for her mom.

  71. a restaurant while out to dinner with my husband.

  72. I knit at my parents’s place earlier today while meeting my cousin’s little boy, not even three months old. I was actually knitting my first pair of socks, baby ones, and soooo cute! I figured that now that I have knit sweaters, skrits, dresses, trousers, hats, shawls, mittens, wrist warmers and everything else one can possibly knit but socks, I figured it was time to try out knitting socks.

    Before knitting at my parents’s place I knit last knit while having a movie night at a friends’ place and, before that, yesterday at a meeting with the hiring committee at my university.

    I’ve just finished weaving in the ends on the pair of socks and I can’t wait to cast on a new pair =)

    Happy knitting!

  73. I knit a few rounds of a sock last night while waiting to be seated at a restaurant. I think I entertained a lot of others while I was at it

  74. JennaKate · ·

    I knit in 12-step group meetings. I go to a few each week, and having my hands occupied helps me focus and be present. Of course, now people refer to me as The Knitter. Not that I mind! 🙂

    I also knit through my master’s and bachelor’s degrees in class every day, and through 3 years working the night shift in a rural detox center in NW Minnesota.

  75. Gorgeous colors on this sock!

  76. Yesterday, I knit at a restaurant while awaiting my food, then at a comedy sports club waiting for the show to start. I regularly knit at work on break, waiting in the carpool line to pick up my younger son from school, twice a month at a parent support group, PTO meetings, any professional office waiting room, in the car on family trips (my husband drives). Twice, I’ve taken my teenage son snowboarding and knit for 6 hours in the lodge. I bought a larger purse last year so that I could keep a sock-in-progress with me at all times for impromptu waits (though right now I have a podster glove in that spot 🙂

  77. It drives my normally accepting and supportive husband crazy when I knit at the pub. I don’t see a problem with it as long as I knit more than I drink or I end up unknitting the next day.

  78. Katherine · ·

    Yesterday, sitting in my Mom’s hospital room (ICU), watching her sleep (peacefully for the first time in days — I couldn’t bear to wake her).

    My mother taught me to knit mittens when I was 7 years old –frustrated that I kept losing the ones that she knit for me. The first pair were fluourescent orange and bright purple…lol (left over from a sweater that she made for me). I’ve knit with varying degrees of intensity ever since. Knitting, and all of the wonderful lessons that come with it, was one of the many fine gifts she has given me. So…knitting there, with her, seemed a true and heartfelt tribute and…even a bit like a prayer/meditation just for her.



  79. radmeister · ·

    I always have knitting to keep me occupied. I knit at dance lessons, rugby games, soccer practice, starbucks, hall duty and now I am teaching some of my students to knit at lunchtime. I love my knowknits bag that hooks onto my belt and keep my current sock project in it. If I didn’t knit I’d be waaay too cranky!

  80. At my weekly knitting/spinning group, in Lise’s SUNNY, warm living room, overlooking the hills of New Hampshire with a great cup of coffee.

  81. Before I retired, I used to have a small knitting project with me everyday and would knit at lunch time. Now, apart from the home knitting, I go to a knit-chat-and-drink-tea night at my oldest sister’s house each week. We meet, three sisters and a one niece, and spend a couple of hours knitting and catching up on family news. There are usually other family members dropping by to just drink tea and chat and to check out our knitting, hoping some of the projects will be coming their way 😉


  82. Last time I knit outside my home was the week before last, at work (during breaks). I worked on a hat. I usually carry knitting to the doctor’s office, or anywhere else I think I might be waiting a while. Haven’t yet acquired the skill of knitting in the grocery store checkout line.

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