While the internet is all a-flutter over the iPad this week (which, seriously, Apple? The iPad? Hire a few women and see if your naming skills improve, there), I am just as a-flutter over a new gadget which cost me a darned sight less and will be no less cool from a knitting perspective.

One of my favourite knitting tools I already own is a digital kitchen scale. It is fantastic. I use it as often as I use my ball-winder and swift. (Seen below, to the left, with wee little leftover Lorna’s Laces balls for comparison/decoration.) It helps me tell how much yarn I have left in a ball, or if I want to split a skein exactly in half, I can do that by weighing it as I wind. I mean, I know I’m supposed to be using things like this in, well, the kitchen, but come ON. Priorities, people.

Competing Digital Scales.

But that’s not the real shining star, here. Last weekend when I was at the Purple Purl, the ladies there were talking about a new discovery that someone had brought in to knit night – and I didn’t even catch the name of the woman who made this discovery in the group, because I would totally love to give her credit here as I am really just jumping on her bandwagon – that revolutionizes the whole “knitting scale” to a whole new level.

Teeny tiny scale

What’s that to the right of the mama-sized scale? It’s a wee little baby-sized one. Yes, that’s right. An object with a footprint just slightly bigger than an Altoids tin that does all the same functions as the big not-at-all-portable scale. I had to have one, and I went right over to the Lee Valley Tools website and got one.

Teeny tiny scale for teeny tiny purposes.

This tiny little thing will measure your yarn or whatever, down to the fraction of a gram or ounce. Sign me up. (Those are my leftovers from the Tibetan Dreams stole, taking the demo in stride.)

Yes, this now lives in my handbag. Yes, I want to be that knitter who can pull a mini digital scale out of their handbag and not just a spare stitch marker or tape measure.

Move on, Apple, no iPad purchasing over here. This is my kind of gadgetry.

PS – I’m loving the comments on yesterday’s post. KIP stories are the best kind!

PPS – One more day until I add up the final tally for pattern sales that will go into a bit fat donation to Doctors Without Borders. Will be sure to report back on Sunday with the final number!


  1. Thanks for the heads up…I went and made my purchase just in time! Rendezvous is a beautiful accomplishment and you’re doing a good thing.
    BTW…Lee Valley, here I come!

  2. What a cute little scale!! Awesome!

  3. Scales are definitely on every knitters must have list. Essential! I am forever weighing bits of yarn, sometimes because I need to make sure I have enough for a project, usually just because I’m curious and something about it makes me feel like a scientist.

    I also love how you keep your leftover sock yarns in a dish, they look like candy and art at the same time. I have my leftovers in a very large vase on my mantle. Functional and pretty.

  4. Thanks for the scale Info — I need one of those!

    And wanting to knit your way through A Fine Fleece seems like a perfectly normal thing to want to do.

  5. I have that scale! It’s great, but warning: it eats batteries. If you’re not going to use it for a while, take the batteries out.

  6. That’s a great idea! I love looking through Lee Valley catalogues, but probably would never have thought to apply this gadget to knitting. Awesome!

  7. That is brilliant! I’m currently borrowing my dad’s digital scale and should really buy one of my own. I think I know which one I need 🙂

  8. Thanks for the link- I’ve been trying to find a reasonably priced scale that measures 0.1g in Canada!

  9. I don’t think I’ve ever used my kitchen scale in the kitchen! It’s all about the yarn. Your new one is very cute. I don’t think I can justify another one…yet.

  10. Yipes! I need to make my purchase, stat! Thanks for the reminder!

  11. Very cute and handy, especially when I am traveling and want to be able to squeeze more than one project from a skein of yarn! This will let me know how far I can stretch it!

  12. That is sooo cool!!!! (Lee Valley rocks! except they have stupid shipping policies… must go over and see if that has changed at all…… so much better when I could just go into the store on King)

  13. Ruth Martin · ·

    Just used the link to go to Lee Valley and order one – I too use a kitchen scale for yarn (actually I have another one in the kitchen for food so that I don’t get yarn fuzz in the baking!) but this little one will be a welcome addition. I wonder if the folks at Lee Valley will notice the sudden run on these little cuties? Also, thanks to Cyn (above) for the heads-up on the battery usage.

  14. Oooh, very tempting, especially as I have to replace my regular kitchen scale soon. Maybe I’ll get both at the same time.

    Thanks for the idea, Glenna!

  15. I have had this scale for about 6 months and it has saved my butt big time more than once. For one pair of socks I even weighed my needles as I wasn’t sure if I was going to have enough yarn.

    I could also make a better WAG(wild a$$ guess) after I weighed my yarn on a shawl as well. I didn’t want to get through an extra repeat and not have enough for the edge lace…this scale saved me.

    I love gadgets that work..

  16. Wow! I had been holding off on buying a scale because of storage issues. This one rocks! Thanks for the FYI!

  17. I’d love having a kitchen scale for weighing yarn AND baking… and what a cute, inexpensive option! I’ll have to keep tabs on it.

  18. That scale is pretty awesome. I got it for Christmas 2008 and have been loving it ever since. I really like the tare function since often I want to weigh things that are too big for the little scale.

  19. I too have that exact same scale and love it, love it, love it. Wish I’d know Cyn a year ago though before I went to use it in a panic and found the battery to be dead. Advise having a spare one on hand, and second her advice to take them out when not using it.

  20. OMG I love you! I hate you! I can’t just buy that cute little scale right now for a multitude of reasons. But Lee Valley Tools is like internet mecca in my house. Some of their wares we cannot live without: the microplane zester and rasp, the jar opener (NO kitchen should be without!), surgical nail brushes, ceramic safety cutter (GET ONE NOW!), book darts, vase brushes, Kolsch beer glasses, book holder, and the pocket screwdriver. And perusing their website, there seem to be a whole host of other things I can’t live without. ARGH!

  21. That scale is a must have!!! I have a secret passion for small things, small gadgets. I can’t wait to be that knitter too, that can pull this out of her bag…to the envy of all.

  22. I got that little scale for Christmas last year and love it! I can store it in my knitting bag and weigh anything.

    I have a big one too, but it’s just not the same. Size matters. 🙂

  23. Hmmmm. I got one of those for my husband for Christmas of 2008 as a stocking stuffer. He loves to cook, but I’ve yet to see him use it. I think his time is up. If I can find where it’s hiding, it’s moving into my knitting bag. Thank you for the heads-up. Good old Lee Valley Tools, I love shopping there!


  24. I’vr had a mini scale in my possession for about the last 3 years… actually the one i have now is the 2nd re-incarnation!! 🙂 Love my mini scale, although I don’t actually carry it around with me.. :p

  25. What a neat little scale!! {AGREEING} that Apple should have ran that name past a few women….

  26. What a coincidence! I was just telling my DH that the only knitter’s tool I was lacking was a good scale, and here you’ve found one that I might just have to have. He’s gotten a swift & a ball winder for me; maybe I can have him shop for one of these. I laughed out loud at the kind of knitter you want to be! Love having the tools handy.

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