Monthly Archives: January 2010

Looking back, looking forward

Knitting-wise, 2009 was a fairly expansive year for me. I didn’t do everything that I wanted to do (somehow I thought I would have produced more than 5 sweaters…pardon me while I polish my ambition), but I did do quite a bit. I delved into pattern sale publishing for the first time with the Viper […]

As it turns out

I am entering the New Year with one active project on the needles. (I am not counting that sock that I sort of started as a last-ditch gift effort because it only has two rows on it. That is not a WIP, it is a first draft.) This striped scarf is in two colours of […]

Give my regards to Broadway

It’s 9am, do you know where your holiday is? As I wait for my plane to board back to Toronto (with plenty of time, having arrived stupidly early), I face the cold harsh need to face reality beginning to sink in. The real world is for the birds. I’m going to knit away on my […]