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I mentioned in my last post that ribbed (knit 3, purl 1) socks are one of my favourite go-to sock projects. It is dead easy without being boring – an approach I instituted a couple of years ago when I realized I wanted to keep knitting socks but couldn’t manage the monotony of stockinette socks […]

A good old sock

At the tail end of 2009 I managed to cram in several finished objects in quick succession, so I suppose it is only fitting that the first finished objects of 2010 have been rather slow to reel in. I finished my Noro striped scarf and have been wearing it happily, but a week ago I […]

Did you know

Did you know, that sometimes, when you own a spinning wheel, you can actually go and use it? It’s true. And sometimes that spinning wheel will be kind enough with you that, should you stop spinning half-way through a skein, and neglect it for a few months entirely, the spinning wheel will NOT, actually, clomp […]


As it happens, I will not be a Knitting Olympian this year, but I am okay with that. Having finished off a pair of on-the-go socks, I have spent the last few days in that unusual state of knitting monogamy and it’s pretty great how much you can get done even with a couple of […]


My current project-in-progress is coming along, albeit a bit slower but definitely steadily. Portland (from ‘A Fine Fleece’ by Lisa Lloyd’) is definitely one of those gratifying cable knits that feels even better in your hands after you keep on knitting it. There is a sort of cabled-brain effect where you start to think about […]

Patterny goodness

There are various design related things afoot here at Knitting to Stay Sane; One of these is close to being hot off the presses (errr, hot off the needles?), and this is awesome but for the fact that it leads to a bit of project radio-silence when I can’t quite reveal it yet. Rest assured, […]

Next up

Here we are, folks, a straight-up no-fooling-around Work In Progress post. I’ve been having a bit of the knitting ennui this week, which I think comes from having 2 projects around the 75% done mark and needing something new to hold the interest. And I’ve been poring over my copy of A Fine Fleece and […]


Some weeks, you just need to start an intricately cabled pullover to take with you as commuter knitting in the morning. (Like you do.) Sadly, apparently, some weeks you also forget to bring your camera with you to photograph such a hardcore decision. Le sigh. (Pattern in question, incidentally, is ‘Portland’ from the book A […]